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My gov social miquel estape- mwc18

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Presentació de Miquel Estapé a MWC 2018 - MyGov Social AOC

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My gov social miquel estape- mwc18

  1. 1. MyGov Social Citizen Centric service Miquel Estapé Open Government of Catalonia
  2. 2. The Challenges • Data is the new oil of the 21st century • Governments have a huge amount of citizen information but they are not taking advantage of it to provide better services. • New generations expectations are much higher than in the past • Some of the demands are to improve customization, proactivity, usability, trust and cross-government approach. • Public services are usually developed to meet the administration interests • Governments must use co-design methodologies putting citizens at the center when designing the services so that they fulfill the citizen needs and expectancies
  3. 3. Citizen Centric strategy Satisfaction surveys User ideas Online Challenges Co-design workshops Behavior analysis Data science
  4. 4. Ideal Government services • Simple • Cross-cutting • Customized • Proactive • Omni channel • Trustworthy • Focused on life events ···
  5. 5. What data do Governments hold about me ? What are the status of my procedures? What are Governments doing with my personal data ? What can Governments do for me? Citizen’s questions
  6. 6. MyGov challenge How might Governments provide a custom, proactive and trustworthy relationship to Citizens using their personal data?
  7. 7. Legal evaluation Data science analysis Research Co-design Prototype Validation with end users Process
  8. 8. The process Legal evaluation: • It is possible to conduct data science analysis according to GDPR, if we anonymize the personal data Data science analysis conclusions: • Little data: AOC holds a large amount of public records but only a small fraction of them is relevant to define citizen profiles • The area that AOC holds larger and most relevant data is “citizens with social needs”. They are our early adopters. • Mobile-first: citizen with social demands do not have a broadband internet connection and a PC at home, but most of them have a smartphone. So, we decided to make MyGov, a mobile-first solution. Research: • we conducted an extensive research in the public and the private sector, inspired by some solutions in the banking industry. Co-design activities: • An online open innovation challenge with public employees to manage collective creativity. • A design thinking workshop with public employees. • Several co-design workshops with citizens to define archetypes and identify their expectations by using design thinking techniques. We also identified the citizen journey using ethnographic methodologies; and co-created the main functionalities of the solution. Prototype: • we developed a minimum viable product to be tested by the users. Validation with end users: • we made new iterative versions of the prototype according to the feedback and validation of the end users.
  9. 9. Citizen profile: example (preliminary analysis)
  10. 10. Citizen profile: example (preliminary analysis)
  11. 11. Citizen profile: example (preliminary analysis)
  12. 12. Conclusions • Little data • Early adopters: Citizens with Social needs • MyGov Social Mobile First
  13. 13. MyGov Social Develop a solution that provides a customized, proactive and trustworthy relationship to citizens with social demands using their personal data and mobile first
  14. 14. Citizens don’t go to Government websites The Government sends to your mobile phone proactive custom recommendations
  15. 15. Citizens authenticates to access MyGov using a mobile 2FA mechanism
  16. 16. Citizens access the custom recommendations for them and at that time
  17. 17. Citizens can review the recommendations and submit the form
  18. 18. Citizens can have a quick look at all their activity with all Governments
  19. 19. Citizens can check their personal data in Governments registers
  20. 20. Citizens can review the status of all their procedures and all the queries done by Governments about their data
  21. 21. Benefits for Citizens •Empowerment and increased confidence •Increased satisfaction •Savings of time/costs •Less stress: they know all the entitled benefits
  22. 22. Benefits for Government • Better valuation by citizens • Services provided to citizens in need • Savings in time/costs • Increased satisfaction of public employees
  23. 23. Ultimate goal: Making Life Easy for Citizens
  24. 24. MyGov Social Citizen Centric service Miquel Estapé Open Government of Catalonia