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Leveraging The Machine: The Future of People Data Is Now

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Big data is not only transforming the way we make decisions, but also the way that organizations recruit, manage and develop their people, driving engagement, innovation and productivity to new peaks.

Explore the future of cloud-based human capital management, and demonstrate how what you do today will influence and energize your company for decades to come.

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Leveraging The Machine: The Future of People Data Is Now

  1. 1. Frank Ricciardi Senior Vice President & General Manager, Asia-Pacific 3 May 2017 Leveraging The Machine: Big, Big (People) Data
  2. 2. A little bit about technology… 2
  3. 3. Work has Changed 3 WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN HOW
  4. 4. Talent Management is Changing 4 1995 PROCESS-CENTRIC 2005 INTEGRATED 2017 DATA-DRIVEN
  5. 5. 86% of CEOs expect tech to transform business over the next 5 years 39% believe HR is well-prepared2 Technology Advances Source: 2 PwC Advisory 2015 Cloud Computing (Multi-tenancy) Mobile & Consumerisation (iOS, HTML5) Big Data (Hadoop) 6
  6. 6. The Era of Big Data
  7. 7. Types of Data Analytics 7 What Will Happen? PREDICTIVE What Should I Do? PRESCRIPTIVE Why Did it Happen? DIAGNOSTIC What Happened? DESCRIPTIVE
  8. 8. What is Big Data? Our apps are collecting data all the time. Define Your Question. Use the data to unlock the answer. BIG DATA: The Basics How does it Work? Analysing all this data with machine learning platform.
  9. 9. Dark Data
  10. 10. And NOW it’s finally being used in HR… Predictive Analytics is Everywhere Financial Predicting: Mortgage risk Outcome: Default warning. Boosted profits $600 million Energy Predicting: Prioritise Upkeep Activity Outcome: Saved millions in lost revenue & repair costs Retail Predicting: Product Purchase Outcome: 29% Sales Increase 13
  11. 11. People Analytics Matters... 12 46% of CEOs say they have already implemented dedicated “people analytics” New Image Needed Source: PwC’s Trends in People Analytics 2015 86% of CEOs say that creating or improving “people analytics” is a strategic priority for the next 1-3 years
  12. 12. No longer look at the past and guess about the future. Predict it.
  13. 13. A little bit about Cornerstone… 15
  14. 14. CLIENTS 3,000 USERS 31M+ COUNTRIES 191 LANGUAGES 43 OFFICES 24 Our Global Reach Note: User and client count figures exclude Growth Edition and Cornerstone for Salesforce. San Francisco Mexico City Santa Monica Santa Monica Sao Paulo Madrid Paris London Amsterdam Stockholm Dusseldorf Munich Tel Aviv Bangalore Mumbai Hong Kong Tokyo Sydney Auckland Shanghai As of 3 May, 2017
  15. 15. Our Unified Cloud Platform 17 Recruiting Recruiting Onboarding Campus Recruiting Learning Performance HR LMS Connect Insights Collaborative Learning CyberU Enterprise EPM Succession Compensation View Insights Engage CHR Planning View Benchmark PRODUCTSSUITES Human Capital Management (HCM) Unified Talent Management (UTM) Additional Solutions Edge & Marketplace Cornerstone Enablement (CFS/EXE) Selection
  16. 16. 31M USERS | 191 COUNTRIES | PETABYTES OF DATA Cornerstone has “Massive Data” User  Position  Previous Position  Education  Skills  Certifications  Accomplishments  Languages  Organisation  Preferences Collaboration  Connections  Live Feed (Status)  Feedback  Actions  Snapshot  Teams  Discussions  Badges  Likes  Comments Talent  Transcript  Performance  Skills  Goals  Assessments  Development Plans  Succession  Compensation  Applicants  Applicant Status Organization  Industry  Business Unit  Department  Division  Region  Groups  Hierarchies  Cost Center  Grade  Location
  17. 17. 19
  18. 18. Cornerstone Analytics REPORT Cornerstone Reporting Standard & custom reports embedded with Cornerstone DISCOVER Cornerstone View Highly visual dashboards that can easily slice/ dice talent information PLAN Cornerstone Planning Big data solution for workforce planning PREDICT Cornerstone Insights Predictive analytics for managing talent decisions 7
  19. 19. How Cornerstone Big Data Works 21 A Single Unified System Data Across All Dimensions Talent Management Algorithms Based On 7+ Years of R&D Machine Learning Improves Over Time Predictive Model Take Action
  20. 20. Predicting the Future RECRUITING Making the best match of applicants to jobs and teams What factors lead to more engaged, high performing employees? With whom should people connect? ONBOARDING How can we ramp up new hires more effectively? CONNECT LEARNING How can I recommend the learning most fruitful for the employee? Which pay structures improve performance? PERFORMANCE How do I b the performance review process? How do I detect ineffective managers? COMPENSATION Which factors predict employees with high potential to succeed?SUCCESSION 22
  21. 21. Cornerstone Insights 23 Backed by data science, answer critical workforce questions about how to better develop and foster talent. Use Actionable Dashboards Optimise Talent Processes Simulate Scenarios Get Predictions & Recommendations
  22. 22. Some More Questions We Can Answer… 24 Compliance • Where do the highest risk levels reside & why? • What changes can I make to my content to ensure that employees complete their courses on time? Succession Planning • Which employees are ready for a new role? Career Mobility • What are possible career paths based on current role and career interests? Employee Growth • What is my employee’s potential for new roles & how can I best develop them? Learning & Development • What courses drive the most impactful development? • How can I effectively assign courses & optimise our catalog?
  23. 23. Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics Source(s): 1. Business Benefits DEEPER INSIGHTS DATA-DRIVEN SUGGESTIONS SMARTER DECISIONS COST SAVINGS 12
  24. 24. 26 Impact of Predictive Analytics Source: Bain & Company. 2.5x Healthier leadership pipelines 2x More likely to deliver high-impact recruiting 5xMore likely to have faster decision-making 30% Higher stock market returns than the S&P500
  25. 25. Cornerstone is Leading the Pack 27 Data Science Machine Learning World-Class Expertise Volume & Variety of Data Comprehensive TMS View Unparalleled Assets New Investments Visualization Unified System Data Center Computing Technology Dedicated Analytics Team Data Anonymization
  26. 26. • Continued advancement of “the machine” • Big data services deeply embedded within the suite at the point of need • Benchmarking solutions • Even more prescriptive and intelligent recommendations What’s Next?
  27. 27. Technology Architecture Trends 29 PLATFORM Unification PLATFORM Cloud PLATFORM Data
  28. 28. 31 Strategic H R Analytics =+ Unified Talent Management
  29. 29. Questions?