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10 historic steps in eu development

Caracal team presentation.

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10 historic steps in eu development

  1. 1. 10 historic steps in EU development Created by Caracal team, Romania
  2. 2. Treaty of Paris of 18 April 1951:• The European Coal and Steel Community is established by the six founding members (Belgium, the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands)
  3. 3. Treaty of Rome of 25 March 1957European Economic Community (EEC) based on a widercommon market covering a whole range of goods andservices. Customs duties between the six countries werecompletely abolished on 1 July 1968 and common policies,notably on trade and agriculture, were also put in place duringthe 1960s.
  4. 4. 1 Jan 1973: First Major Expansion - Britain,Denmark and Ireland join the EuropeanCommunity.
  5. 5. 1981 - Greek Expansion - Greece becomesthe 10th EU member.
  6. 6. 1986 - Iberian Expansion - Portugal and Spainjoin, adding the territory of Iberia to the EU.
  7. 7. The worldwide economic recession in the early1980s brought with it a wave of ‘euro-pessimism’.However, hope sprang anew in 1985 when theEuropean Commission, under its PresidentJacques Delors, published a White Paper settingout a timetable for completing the European singlemarket by 1 January 1993. This ambitious goalwas enshrined in the Single European Act, whichwas signed in February 1986 and came into forceon 1 July 1987.
  8. 8. 1995 - Second Major Expansion - Austria,Sweden and Finland join the European Union.
  9. 9. EU was on course for its most spectacularachievement yet, creating a single currency. Theeuro was introduced for financial (non-cash)transactions in 1999, while notes and coins wereissued three years later in the 12 countries of the euroarea (also commonly referred to as the euro zone).
  10. 10. 2004 - Third Major Expansion - Cyprus, CzechRepublic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania,Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia arebrought into the European Union; the largestsingle expansion of the EU to date.
  11. 11. 2007 - Beginning of Balkan Expansion -Bulgaria and Romania join the EU marking thefinal enlargement of the economic union todate.
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