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The Quality Assurance Checklist for Progressive Testing

  1. The Quality Assurance Checklist for Progressive Testing
  2. Contents 1. About Us 2. What is Quality Assurance? 3. What is Progressive Testing? 4. Need of QA Checklist • Unit Testing • Regression Testing • Performance Testing • Security Testing • Installation Testing 5. Benefits of QA 6. Testing Solutions 7. Why Cygnet?
  3. 2019 Presentation Template Design | Presented by Marketing Team USA GERMANY UK SOUTH AFRICA DUBAI INDIA AUSTRALIA Founded in 2000 1000+ Employees Worldwide 750+ Clients Worldwide Serving in 35 Countries 2000+ Enterprise-class solutions & products delivered 11 Locations from where we engage with global clients OUR VALUES Speed Integrity Entrepreneurial Spirit Teamwork Mutual Respect Trusteeship About Us
  4. What is Quality Assurance? Quality assurance (QA) is a strategic way of preventing mistakes and defects in developed products and avoiding problems when delivering products or services to customers. This defect prevention in quality assurance differs subtly from defect detection and rejection in quality control and has been referred to as a shift left since it focuses on quality earlier in the process*
  5. What is Progressive Testing? Progressive testing also known as incremental testing is used to test modules one after the other. When an application with a hierarchy such as parent-child module is being tested, the related modules would need to be tested first. This progressive approach testing method has three approaches: 1. Top-down Approach 2. Bottom-up Approach 3. Hybrid Approach
  6. Need of QA Checklist To ensure the implementation of processes, procedures and standards in context to verification of the developed software application To validate software development methods used for developing the software application To ensure quality control essential for long- term functionality and success of the software application
  7. QA Checklist An exhaustive QA process should include the following tests:  Unit  Regression  Performance  Security  Installation
  8. Unit Testing Analyzes the response time of minute parts of code syntax to ensure the functioning of the smallest components Checks memory leaks and removes bottlenecks in the memory profiling Checks coverage and redundancies to look for unrequired or obsolete code
  9. Regression Testing Checks the system to ensure any previous changes to code does not damage the functionality of the overall platform Tests to ensure all previous changes are still intact and respond as expected
  10. Performance Testing Includes load, volume, stress and soak validation Verifies the behaviour of dedicated transactions under expected workloads Pushes the system to different levels of usage and see how it responds
  11. Security Testing Ensures the system passes all application level of security standards Confirms only appropriate users are able to access certain parts of the system Checks the security of the backend data
  12. Installation Testing Ensures the system application can or cannot be installed on different devices under different conditions Checks normal and abnormal conditions for installations and custom installs
  13. Reduction in Operational and Maintenance Cost Boosts Customer Satisfaction Prevents Corporate Emergencies Brings in more profit Maintains great Customer experience Benefits of Quality Assurance
  15. At Cygnet, we implement agile and automated testing methods to optimize application performance Cygnet Capabilities Agile Testing We offer agile testing services considering your performance indicators and SLAs. We have the proprietary testing tool (TestingWhiz), Framework (Cygnet’s Selenium Solutions) and Accelerators to improve and stabilize your software applications ensuring reduced cost with accelerated delivery. At Cygnet, we take full responsibility of your testing cycle, enabling you to focus on your core areas for building better software products and enterprise applications. Automated Testing We provide test automation services leveraging expertise in some of the finest automation tools (both commercial and open-source tools) and frameworks. With our automation services, we ensure, you avail best quality software and accomplish your regression cycles on time and hence, we conduct initial POC (Proof of Concepts) and CBA (Cost-benefit Analysis) to determine the best automation approach and solution that meet your exact requirements.
  16. QA Facts at Cygnet 14+ YEARS 14+ years of successful QA Practice across multiple domains. 1000+ ENTERPRISE PROJECTS Successfully delivered projects for number of clients 125+ TEAM STRENGTH Experts across different technologies and tools 40+ CERTIFIED QA PROFESSIONALS ISTQB, Agile Testing, SCRUM Master, Software Testing with Visual Studio 52 68 80 100 127 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 QA Growth Over the Years
  17. Tools & Technologies Test Automation Tools Performance and Security Testing Tools Other Tools
  19. Test Solutions for Web and Mobile Gaming Application For a Switzerland Based Gaming Company CLIENT PROFILE Europe based privately held company offers innovative solutions that delivers knowledge and joy among quiz players. Since the client has targeted the global quiz community, they have been working with quiz promoters across five continents. They have successfully created an Online Gaming Platform for Quiz Players that allows large groups of people to play games offering Trivia Quiz and Virtual Coins to indicate growth and ranking. CYGNET SOLUTION  Cygnet offered an end-to-end testing for an existing web application and mobile extension. After understanding the complicated structure of the web application, QA Lead of Cygnet prepared a detailed test plan to test all the major functions and features to ensure smooth performance on mobile and website browser. Some of the major services include:  Extensive Regression Testing  Performance Testing  Testing each module’s functionality  Staging Environment Country Switzerland Domain Games
  21. Quality of the application in terms of performance, functionality and usability can be your key differentiators. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the developed application is backed by quality testing methodologies that minimize or eliminate the risk of app performance failure at critical business standpoint.
  22. 100% Agile More aligned, higher autonomy to deliver high quality enterprise applications Technology First Adaptable & Flexible in order to serve customers irrespective of their domain Partnering with you at each engagement level, right from ideation to UAT Rapid Productization The Cygnet Advantage People Quality Teams with strong understanding of ethos & culture, fully capable of mitigating risk Proven track record of meeting best-in-class quality standard with in-house testing product ‘Testing Whiz’ Progressive Testing Scalable Architecture Engineering for the future, today
  23. Cygnet Values Speed Entrepreneurial Spirit Integrity Team Work Trusteeship Mutual Respect
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