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GSX Exchange Online Monitoring for Office 365 - Presented by Atidan

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GSX Exchange Online Monitoring for Office 365 - Presented by Atidan

  1. 1. GSX Monitor & Analyzer GSX Solutions© 2014
  2. 2. About GSX Solutions • Founded in 1996 • Offices in Switzerland, France, UK, USA & China • More than 600 customers worldwide • Leader on Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Domino and BlackBerry Monitoring & Reporting • Strategic Partnerships with Microsoft, IBM and BlackBerry GSX Solutions Inc. GSX Solutions© 2014 600 customers in 40 countries
  3. 3. Certifications and Recognitions GSX Solutions© 2014
  4. 4. Example Customers GSX Solutions© 2014
  5. 5. GSX For Microsoft Unified Communications GSX Solutions© 2014 Microsoft Exchange & Exchange Online Microsoft SharePoint Lync Full integration with enterprise management tools Automatic reports and SLA Tracking Collect services availability and server statistics End-to-end tests Agentless Alert by profile if thresholds are exceeded
  6. 6. GSX for Microsoft Exchange Online GSX Solutions© 2014 Fully Integrated with SCOM, HP, Etc… On-premise, Hybrid and Cloud Support Services Availability and Server Statistics Support for Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 & Exchange Online Full Auto-discovery of your Exchange Organization Discover and manage multiple organizations at multiple locations Simulate the end-user through scenarios with powerful synthetic transactions Manage the overall capacity of your Exchange Infrastructure Identify underutilized servers and load-balancing issues among servers and pinpoint bottlenecks in your organization Advanced Synthetic Transactions
  7. 7. GSX for Exchange Online-User Scenarios GSX Solutions© 2014 7 True End User Experience from multiple locations: GSX is one of your users! Detect Performance Issues from end-user locations before they complain: Reduce support calls and TCO Mail Routing tests to ensure email delivery from any location to: • Any site • External email services • Roundtrip tests Collect and alert on end user performance indicators: • Centralize GSX Alerts in your SCOM dashboard Site 1 - Station 1 Site 2 - Station 2
  8. 8. GSX for Exchange Online-Synthetic Transactions Mail Routing Open Mailbox Create a Meeting Create a Task Create an Email Search Item Download Attachment Resolve User Custom Scenarios Mix and match any of these to mimic a real user!
  9. 9. GSX for Exchange Online-User Scenarios Mail Routing • Exchange on premise to Exchange Online • Exchange on premise to Exchange on premise • Exchange om premise Round trip to external service • Exchange one way to External service • External service one way to Exchange on premise GSX Solutions© 2014 Open Mailbox • Connect to the Exchange organization • Authenticate as a user • Display the name of the Mailbox • Count the number of items in that inbox • Discover and count all folder into that inbox • Check the number of unread item in this inbox Create a Meeting • Create an appointment locally with all its characteristics • Invite attendees • Upload an attachment • Save the meeting into the mailbox • Send the meeting to all recipient Custom Scenarios – Manipulation of Exchange Objects • Open a mailbox • Create item with attachment • Search this item in Mailbox • Download the attachment of the searched Item • >> Is Exchange able to manipulate and use items that it creates? Custom Scenarios – Real User Simulation • Open a mailbox • Resolve user in order to then: • Create a meeting with this user • Search for mails linked to the meeting • Create email to warn the attendee for the meeting • Create email to notify the attendee of an upcoming meeting • Create a meeting with them • >> What is the performance for a basic “9am” set of actions? GSX constantly checks and reports on that! Example of What’s Really Inside the End user Scenarios How to Link Them? Others Scenarios: Create a task – Create Folder - Create Email - Download Attachment - Search Item - Resolve user
  10. 10. GSX For Migrations to Exchange Online Readiness Assessment GSX automatically discovers the Exchange on premise environment GSX collects statistics about the usage of the mailboxes (size, quota, location, logon, etc.) GSX measures the performance of the service of the internal Exchange infrastructure GSX evaluates the load of each server (number of connection, mail flow etc) GSX measures the level of services delivered to the end users (through the end user’s scenarios) GSX Solutions© 2014 Pre Migration Checks to Exchange 2013 or Exchange Online Create 2 monitored test mailboxes, one in the current environment, one in the future environment Compare with GSX the service delivered to these test mailboxes from your critical locations Identify your bottlenecks automatically Checks the ability of your current Infrastructure to work with the new one by running complex scenarios that involve both environments, for example: Creation of a meeting with these two test mailboxes involved Symmetric resolving user between the current and the new Exchange environment Mail routing between both environments Constantly check the performance of your Executive VIP Mailboxes Track the performance of each location in the Cloud
  11. 11. GSX Analyzer-Custom Reporting GSX Solutions© 2014 One Reporting Tool For All of Your Exchange Locations Compare instantly the performance of your scenarios in every location Detect in seconds the bottlenecks in your environment Access per profile for instant Self-Service Reports Automatic PDF reports for management, service line, customers Trend and forecast any system, usage & infrastructure statistics
  12. 12. GSX for Exchange Benefits Providereal insight on the quality of service delivered to your end users to ensure End User Satisfactionand user adoption Identify the Exchange Infrastructure / Online network and internet Issues that impact the service delivered to your users Secureyour migration to any environment by testing the environment before you start migrations from any critical location Decrease migration & support Costsby proactively identifying any performance problems at any site and location that is essential to you GSX Solutions© 2014 12
  13. 13. Free Trial Available – 30 days Full features Unlimited users GSX Solutions© 2014 GSX Monitor & Analyzer–Trial GSX Solutions HQ USA Boston, MA 877-894-0961