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Running an interesting project

This is used in a private presentation to a startup team in Taipei. I share some of my experience managing teams in various scales with different company cultures.

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Running an interesting project

  1. 1. Running an successful project interesting Danny Lin
  2. 2. a little bit about meDanny ‣ managing director, asia pacific @ plurk ‣ coo @ an online game company ‣ lead product manager, taiwan & hong kong @ google ‣ head of communication, product group @ yahoo
  3. 3. what is “interesting”? interesting [in-ter-uh-sting, -truh-sting, -tuh-res-ting] adjective engaging or exciting and holding the attention or curiosity. ask yourself 2 questions: ➡ do you feel excited about your project? ➡ will you be willing to work at midnight just for resolving a problem?By Biscarotte
  4. 4. Guess? Let’s guess which is which in the next 3 slides: Which one is google, yahoo or plurk?by
  5. 5. Enter into the commander mode. Every move is well-planned, conservatively moved.Commander addresses Sailors and Marinesaboard USS Boxer during an all-hands call. the Yahoo Official U.S. Navy Imagery
  6. 6. A strong team lead to brief the plan and strong team collaboratively complete it.the Google Official U.S. Navy Imagery A Chief briefs a group of Sailors.
  7. 7. One work on it, the others watch it and learn from it. Everyone seek their own achievement in their very own way. Sailors check the bonding on a force generator. ...and the Plurk Official U.S. Navy Imagery
  8. 8. “the good, the bad, the ugly” Get your hands dirty, do whatever you need to move it forward!by Official U.S. Navy Imagery
  9. 9. communication!by Cappellmeister
  10. 10. by Martin Deutsch by the change, for the change, of the change the world is changing every second.
  11. 11. everything can be perfectly planned. but most of time they can’t be well-executed... ...without your nycstreets
  12. 12. wanna share your thought? by aphotoshooter