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How To Turn Negativity On Search and Social Into Success

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Join Likeable Local CEO, Dave Kerpen, and BrandYourself CEO, Patrick Ambron, in order to learn:
-How to handle negative search results online.
-How to approach negative social comments.
-How to turn negative feelings online into positive ones.

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How To Turn Negativity On Search and Social Into Success

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  4. 4. NEGATIVE RESULTS ONLINE COME IN MANY FORMS @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
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  23. 23. But what if you find a negative comment or search result online? “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” -Charles R. Swindoll @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  24. 24. Option 1: Delete It? Deleting a comment = Tearing up a comment card @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  25. 25. Do – Not – Delete Rule Unless a comment is obscene, profane, or bigoted, or it contains someone’s personal and private information, it should never be deleted from a social network site or blog. @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  26. 26. United Breaks Guitars @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  27. 27. Option 2: Ignore it? • Ignoring negative comments sends out the message that your customer’s opinion doesn’t matter • Is that the impression you want to make on potential clients? No response is a response! @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  28. 28. The Solution @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  29. 29. Respond Quickly! 1. Respond Publicly 2. Resolve Privately @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  30. 30. The 4 Most Important Words in Social: I’m Sorry & Thank You @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  31. 31. @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  32. 32. Turn Complainers Into Supporters @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  33. 33. Listen, Apologize, Solve, Thank. @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  34. 34. Consider Responding With Surprise and Delight You could be surprised with the kind of response you get! @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  35. 35. Prioritizing for Online Influence @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  36. 36. Complaints are Unavoidable • Think about turning your customer care into an asset! • Avoiding the problem won’t make it go away. • Turn an inevitable negative into a positive! @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  37. 37. Incentivize for Positive Feedback On Social @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  38. 38. Incentivize for Positive Feedback On Social @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar
  40. 40. Likeable Hub Will Help You:
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  42. 42. Thank You/Questions + Grand Prize CONTACT: Dave Kerpen Patrick Ambron TWITTER @davekerpen @PatrickAmbron EMAIL PHONE 212-359-4347 646-863-8226 Check your email RIGHT after the webinar with details to redeem special offers! @DaveKerpen @PatrickAmbron #LikeableWebinar