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Degreed 2016 Learning Content Landscape

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Corporate learning professionals have access to more learning content than ever before. Degreed has cataloged over 250,000 online learning courses and 3 million informal learning activities from more than 1200 sources. Everything from live, virtual and eLearning courses to videos, MOOCs, articles, books, podcasts, webinars, conferences, online communities, apps and more.

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Degreed 2016 Learning Content Landscape

  1. 1. LEARNING LANDSCAPELearning content has evolved. There are now more choices than ever before to get the right learning to the right people at the right time. LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT IT APPLICATIONS CUSTOMER SERVICE COMPLIANCE AND ETHICS FINANCE AND BANKING TYPES OF CONTENT TECHNOLOGY (PROGRAMING/DEVELOPMENT) BUSINESS/ PROFESSIONAL SKILLS SOFT SKILLS (COMMUNICATION) SALES AND MARKETING DESIGN HUMAN RESOURCES/ LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT Online courses Video courses Bootcamps Podcasts Videos Open courseware MOOCs Ebooks Articles/Guides Short Courses Screencasts Audio books 2016