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Brochure Pirus Pac

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PiusPac Brochure

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Brochure Pirus Pac

  1. 1. Pirus PacProductivityInformation TechnologyResourcesUser FriendlySecurePirusPac is a user-friendlyloan mediation tool that isuniquely effective in filepreparation, document fulfillment,valuation reporting, and securedata storage/sharing. PirusPacwas designed to easily guideborrowers and mediators alikethrough the mediation process,ensuring a fully completedcustomer package and timelyresolution. The Pirus Company, Inc. The Pirus C o m p a n y, I n c . PO Box 181407 Coronado, CA 92178 800 717 9667 voice 888 423 7782 fax
  2. 2. Technology at work for the homeowner CONNECT ING THE HOMEOWNE R T O THE LENDER/SERVICER T HROUGH TECHNOLOGY The PirusPac provides the homeowner an The PirusPac is fully secure and reduces the costs of ASS ESSPRO inexpensive and secure web based site to package sending documents through the mail or express their own HAMP file with a Fannie Mae approved services. The PirusPac virtually eliminates the lost Automated Valuation Models (AVM) Condition Values property valuation. Once the homeowner has entered document rationale for not moving forward toward a REO Adjustment from Market their information and faxed in their documents, the prompt resolution. With each interested party viewing Property Transfer History Area Price Trends package is ready to be viewed and/or forwarded the same set of data, the focus can be on the Neighborhood Price Range electronically to the appropriate lender/servicer for an mediation process. The PirusPac has decision Recent Foreclosure Sales in the Area Notices of Default in the Area efficient assessment and timely disposition. To assist models that assist the parties in evaluating various Trustee Sales in the Area those homeowners who may need help, the PirusPac courses of action. The PirusPac auto-populates the can be viewed by an independent mediator or other forms required for a loan resolution or new loan professional to ensure that all the information is application. With its vaulting capabilities, even the submitted and available for the lender to review. original loan documents can be available for review.PIRUSPAC FEATURES the solution for END THE SE ARCH FOR DOCUMENTS SB94 COMPLIANT UPDATED HAMP FORMS your loan review needs BE GIN THE RE SOLUT ION PROCESS INCLUDING 4506EZ Ho w Piru sPac Wo rks SE CURITY MISM0 & SAS 70 SECURITY MEDIA TION P ROCES S MANAGE MENT The PirusPac is fully MISMO and PirusPac can be utilized to quickly and efficiently SAS 70 Compliant ASSURES COMPLETION OF FULL assist distressed home owners in default or immanent Management of the Mediation Process is significantly Access is user name and password default. Access to PirusPac is through a user and enhanced when each interested party is viewing the protected SUBMISSION PACKAGES password protected portal that is unique for each same set of financial information and documentation. Only authorized viewers can ALL REQUIRED FORMS AND property. The distress homeowner is provided with a Coupled with the AssessPro valuation module, the Pirus- access the individual loan coupon to establish a PirusPac account for their documents and financial information LETTERS AUTO POPULATED Pac provides a centralized individual property. EASY TO FOLLOW STEP-BY-STEP storage and viewing package that eliminates The PirusPac program guides the homeowner through INSTRUCTIONS lost documents, reduces the data gathering process, either through direct data documents in transit time, E-MAIL, FAX AND VAULTING. entry or fax-to-scan uploading of documents. and allows for both the homeowner and the MEDIA TION S OLUT IONS Once the homeowner s property and financial PirusPac provides the Mediator with the essential Lender/Servicer to load the information is completed, the files are electronically tools and processes to assist in reaching a timely documents necessary for a available to the lender/servicer for review. This avoids successful mediation. resolution. With PirusPac, the mediator, the loss documents or inefficiencies resulting from parties homeowner and the lender/servicer ALL see the reviewing dated information. Both the homeowner and same documents, valuations and financial status. the lender/servicer are reviewing the same information Improved efficiency and quality of documentation to simultaneously. support the mediation process. WE HAVE INCORP ORATED THOUSANDS OF LOAN REV IE W CHA LLENGES INT O ONE COMP REHENSIVE LOA N RESOLUT ION TOOL DESI GNED TO FOCUS INDIV IDUA L ATTE NTI ON ON A NATI ONA L PROB LEM