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How to Create a Social Media strategy

What to post, when to post, which social media to use and how to put it all together - all explained in one simple slideshow

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How to Create a Social Media strategy

  1. 1. How to Create a Social Media Strategy By Debbie O’Connor –
  2. 2. It Starts with a Website…… Here people can buy what you sell But how will they find you ? And how will they know if they want to buy what you have?
  3. 3. So you need Social Media
  4. 4. So what Does Social Media Do for you?  Tells People you exist  Allows people to get to know you  Allows people to like and trust you  Shows off your products and expertise without selling  And finally brings them to your website – hopefully warmed up to buy
  5. 5. What Else?  Keep in contact with Customers after they have bought  Offer support  Ask for feedback and testimonials  Monitor what people are saying about you good and bad  Keep an eye on your competition  Make contacts: Suppliers, service providers and people who might refer you to their friends
  6. 6. So Where to Begin? Absolute Number One thing – Get Google Analytics on your website Without that you will not know which of the next steps is working for you
  7. 7. There is no Right Answer  You have to play around and experiment  Find the type of social media that you enjoy using  Find the content that appeals to your ideal market  Mix it up and keep tweaking it
  8. 8. So go out and play…. Main Social Media Channels to Experiment with  Twitter  Facebook  Google Plus  Linkedin
  9. 9. Other Channels to Consider:  Pinterest  You Tube  Slideshare  Instagram
  10. 10. To form a Strategy for your business  Take each Social Media Channel in turn  Get a How to Guide and focus on learning to use that channel exclusively for a week or two  Post every day and experiment with different types of content  Evaluate – how do you feel about using it and what results has it had?  Decide if you want to keep it and how it will fit in with the other channels you are using  Move on to the next one
  11. 11. Putting it all Together  Devising a schedule  – what to post /when and where?  Social Media dashboards  Automation  Managing your time
  12. 12. What to post  Make them think  Make them Laugh  Make them know you, trust you and like you  Display your expertise  Engage them in conversation
  13. 13. Use Multiple Types & Forms of Content to Keep Your Audience's Interest • Images • Text • eBooks • Articles • Infographics • Memes • Videos • Competitions
  14. 14. Provide a Blurb of What's to Come When Promoting Content • When you share any content on social media, always provide a little blurb to help pique interest and make your audience curious. • You might say something like "Pay special attention to tip number 2" in your promotions. • Ask them "What's your favorite tip? Come back and share in the comments."
  15. 15. Ask Your Fans What They Want  Send out a survey, answer questions, and more to find out what your connections what.  The more you give them what they want, the more they're likely to engage with you in social media.
  16. 16. Update Your About Pages & Social Media Profiles  Start updating your “About” pages on your websites, and all your social media profiles.  Your About pages, Contact pages and Social Media profiles are great places to cross promote.  Develop a Brand Image, which goes across all of your Social Media Channels and your website
  17. 17. When to post  Go to your Facebook page – select See Insights, then Posts 
  18. 18. Social Media Dashboards  Hootsuite  Tweetdeck  Sprout Social  Crowdbooster
  19. 19. Hootsuite
  20. 20. Keep Conversing With Your Audience  Apps on your smartphone enable you to speak with your audience at all times.  Post from different locations; it shows that you're a busy person who cares about your audience.  Use apps to schedule weekend updates.
  21. 21. Scheduling Apps  Hootsuite  Buffer  Post Planner  Within Facebook
  22. 22. Post Planner
  24. 24. Share Unique High Quality Content  Sharing relevant content often is one of the surest ways to get more followers.  Post blogs and articles on your webpage and link to them  If your content is unique, and high quality, your followers will share it too.
  25. 25. Share Your Connections' High Quality Content  Share other people's content that is relevant to your audience.  You share only content that is relevant to your audience.  Share content from business owners not in direct competition with you, but who sell products and services to the same audience.
  26. 26. Ask Your Partners, Current Customers, Vendors, Friends & Associates to Follow You  Ask them to follow you on all the other places you consistently share information.  Create a special invite in an email newsletter that you send to each member of your audience, as well as to connections that might not be customers but who may know potential customers.
  27. 27. Set Up Share Buttons, Badges, and More on Your Website  Set up buttons, badges, and links that makes it easy for your audience to connect with you.  Place all the ways to contact you including your social media places on your contact page.  Multiple places help your audience connect with you easier.
  28. 28. Use Your Signature Lines and Bios  Include links to all your social media accounts in each email that you send out.  Use your signature line to connect with people, including social media networks that allow it.  Put links to your social media in any newsletter, direct mail, business cards, and other marketing collateral you can.
  29. 29. Link To Your Social Media • Link to your social media through webinar thank you pages, whitepapers, eBooks, guides, blogs. • Cross-promote social media accounts by promoting your Facebook on Twitter, your Twitter on Facebook, and so forth. • Make it super easy for your audience to find you, connect with you and engage with you.
  30. 30. Don't Forget Your Calls To Action  Always include a call to action (CTA).  What do you want people to do? Tell them  "Like" me, "Follow" me, "Answer" me, “Visit my site”  Include the CTA in all your emails, thank you pages, blog posts, eBooks, eReports, and more.
  31. 31. Encourage Fans and Followers to Invite Others  Ask your current fans to invite others,  Ask your customers to make videos or memes about what they love about your product or service and share it, as well as tag you.
  32. 32. Engage With Others  On every social media account it is imperative that you engage directly with those who speak to you and to actively respond to questions and provide answers to those who ask.  In addition, it's important to comment on and interact with people on their own social media accounts too.
  33. 33. If you want to know more  Check out my ebook: Mum’s the Boss guide to Social Media Management  One to One Social Media Consultation over Skype  Establish what you are doing now  Provide tips as to where you could improve  Train you in areas where you are not confident Contact me: