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Media matters yr 12

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An introduction to Audience and Representation using the Super Bowl

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Media matters yr 12

  1. 1. Media MattersYear 12 Media 2012
  2. 2. Your diet?
  3. 3. Your Media Diet?
  4. 4. Your Media Diet• What did you watch, listen to, play, create, tweet, put in an FB update etc during the holidays?• What percentage of the day do you reckon you spent on different types of media ?• Was your media consumption different because it was the holidays? How?• What movies did you see and/or enjoy?• What did you watch regularly on TV?• What is YOUR opinion about how to achieve a balanced media diet ?
  5. 5. The MediaBy Dan Holten
  6. 6. Audience
  7. 7. The Super bowl• 111 million: last year’s average U.S. TV audience, the largest in U.S. TV history. It could hit 113 million viewers this year, according to an unscientific poll by Media Life• $4 million: price of the most-expensive advertisement according to Reuters• $3.5 million: for a 30-second ad, on average, up from $3 million last yearFrom Mashable.com Twitter: The highest Tweets per second #SuperBowl came atthe end of the game: 12,233 2nd highest was Madonnasperformance:10,245
  8. 8. Representation – the Chrysler Ad • Why did they choose Clint Eastwood to front this ad? • What representations of Americans can be seen in this ad? Give really specific examples of what you SEE and what you HEAR • Why were conservative Americans not happy with Clint doing this ad?Read an Article about this here