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AGU Sharing Science - Social Media Tips

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Part of an American Geophysical Union (AGU) Sharing Science webinar on May 8, 2019, with yours truly​ and Scripps doctoral student Tashiana Osborne sharing our science communication, science policy and social media outreach tips in advance of World Oceans Day. The webinar is also on at

AGU is one of the world's largest scientific societies with a membership of 60,000+. The AGU Sharing Science Program regularly runs webinars pertaining to science communication such as scicomm via storytelling, social media, multimedia, etc. Additionally, this year is AGU’s 100 year anniversary. As part of their centennial celebration, AGU is highlighting some national and international science days, among them World Oceans Day. In advance of World Oceans Day, AGU asked Dawn and Tashiana to describe to our scientific peers how we share our science as oceanographers, women in science, and effective science communicators.

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AGU Sharing Science - Social Media Tips

  1. 1. Sharing Science on World Oceans Day Olivia V Ambrogio, Shane M Hanlon – Sharing Science Kelly McCarthy - Centennial Dawn Wright - Environmental Systems Research Institute (aka Esri) Tashiana Osborne – Scripps Institution of Oceanography @AGU_SciCom m
  2. 2. Identify interested scientists Give them skills, support, and resources Give them opportunities to share their science with many audiences in many ways Social media AGU’s Sharing Science program
  3. 3. • Workshops, webinars • Online resources o@AGU_SciComm • Outreach opportunities • Hands-on support AGU’s Sharing Science program
  4. 4. AGU’s Sharing Science program Who are we? @Squidfan @EcologyOfShane @kmccarthy317
  5. 5. Our experts Who are we? @deepseadawn @TashianaOsborne
  6. 6. AGU Centennial
  7. 7. AGU Celebrates 100 years of advancing Earth and space science Centennial Mission: To Broaden and Deepen Engagement Within & Outside the Earth and space science community Celebrating Science via Monthly Themes & International Science Days #AGU10 0
  8. 8. Dawn Wright
  9. 9. Social Media Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, also Wakelet
  10. 10. Why and for Whom? Image courtesy of Liz Neeley + COMPASS Science Communication, Inc.
  11. 11. Why and for Whom?
  12. 12. Why and for Whom? Image courtesy of Liz Neeley + COMPASS Science Communication, Inc.
  13. 13. Why and for Whom?
  14. 14. Why and for Whom? Image courtesy of Liz Neeley + COMPASS Science Communication, Inc.
  15. 15. Why and for Whom?
  16. 16. Why and for Whom?
  17. 17. The Power of Storytelling Science Communication is a growing movement among researchers, educators.
  18. 18. Technology • URL shorteners • TweetDeck • Twitter Lists • Hashtags • Elevating an article or blog • Switching between media
  19. 19. Best Practice • Ready-made tweets • Sharing from email • Images • Know your audience • “Wash, rinse, REPEAT” • Live tweeting
  20. 20. Technology: URL shorteners
  21. 21. Technology: TweetDeck in Chrome browser
  22. 22. Technology: Twitter Lists in Chrome browser
  23. 23. Technology: Hashtags …
  24. 24. Technology: “Elevating” an article or blog
  25. 25. Technology: “Elevating” an article or blog
  26. 26. Technology: Switching between media
  27. 27. Best Practice: Ready-madeTweets
  28. 28. Best Practice: Sharing from email
  29. 29. Best Practice: “A Picture isWorth 280 Characters” – this URL will be live in July 2019
  30. 30. Best Practice: “A Picture isWorth 280 Characters”
  31. 31. Best Practice: “A Picture isWorth 280 Characters”
  32. 32. NRC (2011) Critical Infrastructure for Ocean Research and Societal Needs in 2030
  33. 33. Best Practice: KnowYour Audience
  34. 34. Best Practice: “Wash, Rinse, REPEAT”
  35. 35. Best Practice: LiveTweeting For more info … Dawn Wright Email: Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn: @deepseadawn