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What is Design?

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"What is design" from a holistic point of view. This slide show is a update from my first one "The changing role of design. It was presented on 16 Aug 2008 at The Fellowship of Inventors Workshop "Design for Life".

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What is Design?

  1. What is Design? Brian Ling ~ 16 Aug 2008
  2. What is Design? “Good design is good business” ~ Thomas J. Watson “What sells is a good design” ~ Stefano Giovannoni “Design is implicit and unifying” ~ Lee Green “73,900,000” ~ Hits on Google “Design is Dead!” ~ Philippe Starck
  3. Changing Role of Design “Design unifies everything we do” ~ Lee Green
  4. Changing Role of Design So…We are in the midst of a price war. Rule 1: You can’t beat WalMart on price or China on cost. Rule 2: See Rule 1. ~ Tom Peters, Auckland, 30 March 2005
  5. Changing Role of Design Falling prices of computer chips = falling prices of everything ~EuroRSCG Computers move faster than people. ~Image Source Intel Website