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Better living through connected objects

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Talk given at Future Decoded on November 11th 2016 in London

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Better living through connected objects

  1. 1. Better living through chemistry jogging coffee design cake cats data connected things @iotwatch
  2. 2. About me Product & Interaction designer First UK distributor of the Arduino tinkerlondon Partner riglondon Consultant designswarm Founder of connected lamps Good Night Lamp Organiser of 4 year old London IOT Meetup
  3. 3. I design everyday products that take advantage of new technologies
  4. 4. We’ve run out of ideas
  5. 5. We need new stories. What we want from the internet of things should reflect what we want for our future. It’s not about what we can imagine now but placing bets on a better, more exciting future. With connectivity & the web as part of our lives.
  6. 6. What does success look like?
  7. 7. From clicktivism to activism with physical objects.
  8. 8. Air quality egg
  9. 9. Japan Geiger Maps
  10. 10. Oxford Flood Network
  11. 11. From large, slow, closed systems to faster, open, cheaper systems.
  12. 12. Bridging the technological gaps.
  13. 13. Good Night Lamp
  14. 14. Living with climate change.
  15. 15. Free idea: street lighting that changes color based on the level of pollution and during the day synchs to my travel app.
  16. 16. Knowing where your food comes from, really.
  17. 17. They offer farmers the ability to share the origin of their food crops and the number of workers involved with the general public.
  18. 18. Giving people choice and information.
  19. 19. Product labelling for the future now
  20. 20. Reduce violence in the world.
  21. 21. Improve care & end of life .
  22. 22. What stands in the way of this vision for the future now?
  23. 23. •  Short term investment strategies. •  Lack of public funds going directly to startups. •  Impatient founders. •  Software stories
  24. 24. But mostly ourselves.
  25. 25. We have to face the music and dance.
  26. 26. Thanks. Go out and make something. @iotwatch