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Application letter update 5 Desember 2016

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Application letter update 5 Desember 2016

  1. 1. Dion Anugrah Eka Dharmawan E-mail : Jl. Simo Magerejo 9 no 9 Surabaya 60181 (Telp: 081335138059 or 081553787854) Surabaya, December 5th 2016 To : The Personnel Manager Dear Sir, In reply to your job vacancies announcement, you urgently need a/an …………. . I would like to apply for that position which my experience that i have. I’m twenty four years old. I graduated from Surabaya State University in the faculty of Economy majoring at financial management. At present i work for PT. Nirwana Audio Visual Jaya Mandiri which engaged in the Family Karaoke and Restaurant as Account Payable Officer. I feel Satisfied with my work here, but i want to more challenges and blow up with your company progress. As to my previous job, i often dealt with a lot of financial cases to overcome. I’m accustomed to working under pressures and goals like prioritize where the bills what i must to do first. Concerning my computers and English skills, i can operate computers well and have good command of English. Furthermore, i have a lot of experience in bargaining cases and find out the cheaper prize from the supplier and also controlling the inventory of spareparts warehouse. I would be very happy if you give me a chance to have an interview. Yours sincerely, Dion Angurah Eka Dharmawan
  2. 2. Dion Anugrah Eka Dharmawan E-mail : Jl. Simo Magerejo 9 no 9 Surabaya 60181 (Telp: 081335138059 or 081553787854) C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E Name : Dion Anugrah Eka Dharmawan, S.E. Home address : Jl. Simo Magerejo9 no 9 Surabaya 60181 Place / Date of birth : Surabaya / June,29th1992 Phone : 081335138059 / 081553787854 Height : 170 cm Weight : 60 kg Email : Nationality : Indonesian Marital Status : Single F O R M A L E D U C A T I O N B A C K G R O U N D Elementary school at Kedung Doro V (1998-2004) Junior high school at SMPN 2 Surabaya(2004-2007) Senior high school at SMUN09 Surabaya(2007-2010), majoring a science The State University of Surabaya, Departemen of Economy (2010-2015) majoring at Financial Management with GPA 3.29/4.00 I N F O R M A L E D U C A T I O N B A C K G R O U N D Microsoft Excel, graduated in 2008 (Not Certified) at IP Skill Accounting, graduated in 2013 (Certified) at IP TOEFL graduated in 2012 (Certified) at IP Special Conversation Class Four graduated in 2010 (Certified) at IP English Six Tahun graduated in 2010 (Certified) at IP
  3. 3. Dion Anugrah Eka Dharmawan E-mail : Jl. Simo Magerejo 9 no 9 Surabaya 60181 (Telp: 081335138059 or 081553787854) ORGANIZATIONAL EXPERIENCES Permitted Committee (2008 – 2009 ) when C’fom event at Senior High School Islamic Committee (2009 – 2010) when Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitrievent at Senior High School Secretarial Committee (2011 – 2012) PKKMB event at The State University of Surabaya M O T T O Useful for many people and can be reliable Working trustworthy, honest, and responsibilities Work and doing the best, let GOD assess Always give a goodness although its so painfull W O R K E X P E R I E N C E S June, 17th 2013 – Agust, 17th2013 On Job Training at BPD Jatim Surabaya at RTGS Division. May, 5th2014 – August 2nd 2014 Accounting staff at PT. Matahari Cipta Sentosa, The subsidiary of PT. Matahati Sakti which is engaged on breeding and farming fish. The Capability Of Works Make a sure and examine about the completeness of invoice from supplier. Make a general Journals of the bills of suppliers at Ms. Excel, Read the bank reconciliation to make sure that the statements were same as the transaction that i do before. Posting the bills into a general ledgers at MS. Dynamic AX. August, 3rd2014 – December, 3rd 2015 Logistic Staff at PT. Matahari Sakti
  4. 4. Dion Anugrah Eka Dharmawan E-mail : Jl. Simo Magerejo 9 no 9 Surabaya 60181 (Telp: 081335138059 or 081553787854) The Capability Of Works Responsibility for providing a project material and spareparts of the whole departements. Doing the Purchase Order withdrawal by the numbers of purchase requisition and choose the lowest price deals from vendors. Receive and distribute an offer documents from contractor and vendor to negotiate the best prices. Controlling the Outstanding PR with reducing the number of item purchased material or refused PR which dont purchased. Checking the materials which bought have been right with the reservation or not. Make a payroll for the freelance worker. Look for a new vendor from the vendor partners or come from the exhibition. Except that, sometimes i doing itself to make PR from the inventory results by sistem or by the result of the daily spareparts warehouse or come from min, max and safety stock that i have done make it before to keep the availability of stock. Controlling spareparts by manual or by sistem (Ms. Dynamic AX) for looking the real condition of the materials. January, 25th2016 – Now Account Payable Officer (Inventory, equipment and assets) at PT. Nirwana Audio Visual Jaya Mandiri. The Capability Of Works Check and make sure between items and the quantity of bills from the supplier same as a Purchase Invoice. Make sure the obvious usefulness of equipment and assets which bought and make sure the completeness of financial administration files which im going process until paid. After that posting Purchase Invoice (inventory, equipment, assets and sometimes about the cost of outlet) which the finance outlet previously made into a general journal (orlandsoft). Making the receipt of incoming bills from the suppliers. Look for the difference between bank account and petty cash for the earned income from the use of vouchers, after i found it i make a purchase invoice and posting into journal from payment of head office into outlet.Receive a payment transaction which a finance outlet deposits into the bank and to be matched with bank accounts and than input into general journals. Receive a petty cash report from the outlet based on the daily transaction into general journals. Maintaining ages of debt the outlets which doing on sale each other with look up the account receivable ledger which paid yet. Make the receipt of bills which has been checked and journalized into payment division. Controlling a medicine and office stationery which needed all of departments at head office.
  5. 5. Dion Anugrah Eka Dharmawan E-mail : Jl. Simo Magerejo 9 no 9 Surabaya 60181 (Telp: 081335138059 or 081553787854) A N O T H E R I N F O R M A T I O N Knowing and undestanding about 5R : Brief, Neat, Clean, Treat, and Diligent. Knowing and understanding P2K3 ( Safety First) and ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Mangement). Attending Sugestion System, K3, ISO 9001:2008, and Agent Of Change (Total Quality) training. Knowing about civil, electricity, and mechanic material and also knowing working tools. Typing ten fingers skillfully, and knowing many materials suppliers and the contractor project. Can operate computer well, like MS. Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), Ms. Dynamic AX, Orlandsoft. Can drive a car. Knowing about The cycle of Financial Statements. *For supported documents included when the interview test called.