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WE DO HR, SO YOU DON’T HAVE TOHR Audit                                                                                No m...
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HR Audit

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Information sheet on our HR Audit service offered to businesses of all sizes from 1 - 10,000 employees.

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HR Audit

  1. 1. WE DO HR, SO YOU DON’T HAVE TOHR Audit No matter how large or small your Human Resources (HR) is an extensive area of the business business, legislation means that there are intrinsic risks for every which impacts on finance, sales and operations, marketing and business that has a workforce. As IT. No area of your business operates in isolation and as such a business manager, your role is getting your HR right can improve all areas of the business, to understand the risks and take practical steps to reduce them. including your bottom line. Our approach to the audit means that whereGet it Right appropriate, employees of all levels and across allAt DOHR we review your current policies, areas of the business may be interviewed and theprocedures and practices and compare these to views of management are tested on the ground.legislation, best practice and industry standards. This powerful technique cross references policy andWe identify your risks, prioritise them and strategy with practice. Sometimes the necessaryprovide you with practical solutions to reduce policies and processes are in place but lost inor remove them. All solutions are based on a translation. Our audit will identify these issues.thorough understanding of your business andour comprehensive and objective methodology. Go Green and Secure Your Business The HR Audit can be taken as a stand-alone product Interview / Group Workshops delivered for you to implement recommendations or as theInvestigation Data Research first step in ongoing consultancy and support as DOHR works to achieve compliance and your ongoing business Automated Tool success. Our findings are simple to understand and use a Analysis Interpretation of Investigation traffic light approach: There is a significant risk to your business Traffic Lights Report which needs to be fixed now Report Prioritises Actions Required There are HR changes you should make in the next 6 – 18 months to improve the performanceof your business You are doing really well with this aspect andWorking to Your Needs unless the business goes through significant change or there is new legislation, you don’t Our HR audit is scalable to fit your company’s need to look at this for the next 2 years needs whether you have five employees Your comprehensive audit will review all aspects of or five hundred. The exact methods used your HR from recruitment and selection through to vary according to your culture, structure policies for absence and performance management, and size. DOHR audit provides companies pay and benefits data, administration of employees, with an objective critique of what actually training opportunities, organisational structure and happens with people management issues succession planning. within the business. If you have an HR If you would like more information, please team, we can work with them to improve contact DOHR on 01923 504100 or at your current practices.