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Health and ilness berg

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Health and ilness berg

  1. 1.  Your health is a mental, social and physical well being. Ilnesses are health problems that affect your body organs. Health professionals and services can help us to stay healthy: There are two types of General Practitioner (GP)is who treats everyday ilnesses. ilnesses : A Medical Specialist is who treats specific ilnesses for example , a dermatologist. People usually go to Hospital if they have a medical emergency. NON INFECTIOUS INFECTOUS DISEASESare DISEASES: are not caused ilnesses caused by by mocroorganisms like microorganisms obesity and malnutrition. like measles and flu.Ilnesses usually have symptomps.A doctor studies these symptomps and makes a diagnosis.
  2. 2.  Bacteria , viruses, protozoans and fungi are microorganisms. Some of them are not harmful to humans but others yes. Bacteria like tuberculosis, tetanus, we can treat them with antibiotics. Viruses are harmful to mumans , flu, measles rubella and AIDS. We can trear them with antiviral medicines. Protozoans can cause serious infections like malaria or cholera. Fungi causes diseases of the skin, hair and nails. Athletes toot , we By personal can treat them with antifungal medicines. contact,droplet contact, contact HOW ARE with contaminated INFECTIOUS object, animal DISEASES carriers or TRANSMITED: consumption of contaminated food or water.
  3. 3. To stay healthy, we need to keep lifestyle habits to prevent non infectious diseases. Eat a balanced diet Sleep 8 – 10 hours every night Accept and respect yourself and express your feelings appropriately And Accept and respect people