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WIH Resource Group Company Overview

WIH Resource Group is a global leader and provider of comprehensive waste management, recycling and business solutions, specializing in, among other services, waste management operational performance assessments, transportation / logistics, alternative fuel use, solid waste planning, waste and recycling market studies and environmental services. Based in Phoenix, the company serves municipalities, commercial / industrial and both private and public sector clients throughout North America.

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WIH Resource Group Company Overview

  1. 1. WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ Company Profile & Client Service Offerings This report is solely for the use of client personnel. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, or reproduced for distribution outside the client organization without prior written approval from WIH Resource Group, LLC. ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  2. 2. introduction With headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, WIH Resource Group provides clients with fully integrated solutions to solid waste, transportation and logistical challenges. We offer creative solutions to solve complex solid waste business challenges, transportation/logistical matters, recycling, composting and di d disposal challenges f l h ll for our clients who i l d li t h include: government municipalities, i d t i l t i i liti industrial companies, engineering firms, private garbage collection companies, commercial waste generators and environmental consulting firms. We can help our clients save time and money by providing them with a single source, fully integrated p y yp g g , y g solutions provider, with dedicated staff and solid waste professionals. We offer the following unique services to our clients: • Customer Oriented – We focus on each client’s specific needs before developing a solution. • Innovative – We solve client challenges using innovate and cost effective solutions solutions. • Experienced – We have over forty years combined experience in solid waste and logistical management; including Sustainability, Diversion, Business Improvement and Optimization. • Flexible – We adapt easily to changing needs and environment. • Solutions Driven – We are unique among our competitors in that we apply our “real world” experience to provide our clients with integrated optimal solutions to address their specific needs. WIH Resource Group also provides clients access to a large networks of service providers. We have many years experience in developing transportation, logistical and waste-by-rail solutions for clients, clients both small and large large. WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Senior Management Experience Our team has over forty years of combined management and project experience in environmental, solid waste, biosolids and transportation and logistics. Prior to joining WIH Resource Group, several members of our team spent over thirty years (combined) with Waste Management, a Fortune 500 Company and the largest provider of solid waste management services in North America in various senior le el ke management positions thro gho t the United States America, ario s senior-level key throughout States. Our experience includes the oversight of operations, maintenance, finance, human resources, business development, sales, safety and environmental compliance while maintaining responsibility for multi-million dollar publicly and privately held assets including: a variety of collection operations, Sub-title D and hazardous and Class II landfills, transfer stations, intermodal f iliti it d l facilities, recycling centers, b b k centers, material recovery f iliti li t buyback t t il facilities, vehicle and container maintenance hi l d ti it operations, call centers and payment processing operations. While with Waste Management (WMI), some of our team were responsible for all of the transportation of solid waste and recyclables for WMI's Western Group (9 Western States) for waste-by-rail, maritime (tug & barge) and long haul truck traffic as well as th t ll the transportation & l i ti f most all new commercial, private, and municipal solid waste contracts. W were t ti logistics for t ll il i t d i i l lid t t t We also responsible for the City of Seattle’s waste train operations and railroad operations and management interaction. We have many years experience in operating and managing solid waste recycling and solid waste collection companies, material recovery facilities (MRFs), transfer stations and landfills throughout the nation. Several members of our team oversaw various initiatives including the company’s collection vehicle routing program and their business improvement process for their transfer stations and MRFs along with various other safety and operational optimization initiatives MRFs, initiatives. WIH management team currently serves on a variety of committees and boards and are active in several professional associations, including the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), The US Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Rail Shippers (NARS), U.S. Composting Council, Arizona Recycling Coalition, the Washington Refuse and Recycling Association (WRRA) and the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL). We have worked with governmental agencies in the past to assist in transportation policy development for the Western U.S. WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Our Strategy Development Methodology WIH Resource Group, LLC is dedicated to providing client-specific solutions. We realize that each customer’s businesses needs and operations are unique. Knowing this, we are innovative and flexible in providing clients with the best integrated and customized strategies t meet their specific needs. W refuse to take a “cookie cutter” t i d t t i to t th i ifi d We f t tk “ ki tt ” approach to tackling client challenges. In developing business strategic solutions for clients, we focus on improving the following four critical areas: PEOPLE Processes People Client Specific PROCESSES TECHNOLOGY Strategic Solution Sol tion Technology Resources RESOURCES Focusing our efforts on these four areas has proven to yield the greatest improvement in productivity gain and cost savings, with the end result being a significantly improved bottom line for our clients. WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Services we Provide We have created a company that is virtually a “one stop” resource for providing client’s with environmental, solid waste business management and transportation/logistical solutions. This allows them the simplicity of only having to contact a single company to fulfill their needs, verses having to call a variety of individual “specialized” companies to satisfy various needs. A diversified resource consulting firm, our primary areas of expertise are in the following areas: Solid Waste Collection Vehicle Routing Waste Characterization Studies Sustainable Program Development Operational P f O ti l Performance Assessments (OPAs) f C ll ti C A t (OPA ) for Collection Companies, M t i l R i Material Recovery F iliti (MRF ) and Facilities (MRFs), d Transfer Stations and Transfer Trucking Fleets Biosolids Management Solid Waste Collection Rate Studies, Analysis & Recommendations Fleet Management - Maintenance cost analysis and payload logistics g y py g Disposal Site Optimization Studies/Analysis WastebyRail – track layout, intermodal facility layout, railroad negotiations, etc. Transfer Trucking Operations - equipment utilization, payload analysis, carrier contract management & negotiations Solid Waste Collection Cost of Service Analysis Solid W t Effi i S lid Waste Efficiency Studies St di Transportation and Disposal Feasibility Studies Logistical Analysis for Facility Sitings Waste Diversion (disposal cost avoidance) Landfill Alternative Technologies Specialized Expert Witness Testimony for all aspects of Solid Waste Management WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Additional Services In addition to providing logistical solutions, we have access to a wide range of services providers and railroad equipment, railcars, intermodal containers, container handling equipment and a wide assortment of other equipment available for leasing or outright purchase. Here are more d t il of th i t H details f the integrated services we can offer clients: td i ff li t Aerial Photography Railroad Track design and construction Waste Disposal Services Waste Transportation Services Environmental Compliance Equipment - lease or purchase Truck to Rail Transloading Barge to Truck & Rail Transloading Waste-by-rail & Disposal Solutions Strategic Business Reviews Transfer Station Optimization Transportation RFP Development and/or Operational Performance Response Assessments (OPAs) Green Waste Recovery & Composting Waste to Energy Solutions Recycling & Recovery Labor Productivity Analysis Third Party Carrier Management Routing GPS Tracking WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Our Strengths & Experience Experience Counts With our knowledge base and management experience in the “real world”, we are able to offer clients tangible and innovative solutions. Our hands on experience both in the solid waste and l i ti /t logistics/transportation i d t i make our services unmatched i our areas of expertise. t ti industries k i t h d in f ti Solid Waste Operational & Supplier & Productivity Network Logistics Improvement p Industries I d ti WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Strategic Business Planning – 3, 5 &10 Year , WIH Resource Group, LLC specializes in providing the following services for all our clients, whether private, public or municipal: Strategic Business Planning and/or Integrated Solid Waste Management Plans We work with key stakeholders to review existing Business and/or Solid Waste Management Plans and revamp, update or create new ones respective to current client-specific needs. Our focus is in creating 3, 5 and 10 year plans that support our clients long term vision and goals. Strategic Option and Opportunity Assessments We offer formalized methods and processes to assess both the economic and risk impact in critical options that our clients have been considering such as; disposal sites, long haul movements of wastes, privatization of landfills, transfer stations, collections, as well as other key services. Performance Audits Our annual performance audit services review the following critical impact areas to insure optimal performance and continued financial benefit for our clients: Financials, Operations, Routing, Fleet & Stationary Maintenance, Staff Skills Assessments, Safety, Environmental Compliance and other critical client-specific areas of concern. client- WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Operational Performance Assessment (OPA) We offer a range of waste management business solutions to commercial and industrial waste generators, collection companies, counties, cities and other municipalities looking to optimize their solid waste management programs and processes. We can tailor a specific business solution to fit both your budget and needs for collection, transfer stations and recycling facilities. We will evaluate your current operations, assess you needs, h l id tif goals i critical areas and lt t ti d help identify l in iti l d develop a plan to reach the new goals and assist in the implementation. Here is our abbreviated eight step process for developing a business strategy that works for your specific operations: OPA Eight Step Approach: Step One: Review Your Current Operations We study the way you currently manage your solid wastes operations, recyclables, utilization of resources and establish an in-depth understanding of your unique service needs. We’ll benchmark your current costs, productivity and begin to identify areas of opportunities. Step Two: P f S T Perform AAssessment We will work alongside you to define your business vision and goals. We'll also Identify available resources, information, skills and support available or needed to assist in reaching goals. Step Three: Identify Key Opportunities & Assess Benefits Applying ou knowledge o the latest technologies, transportation systems, d sposa a e a es, pp y g our o edge of e a es ec o og es, a spo a o sys e s, disposal alternatives, commodity prices, we'll locate areas of your operations in which we can make the most significant contributions. Step Four: Conduct an Analysis of Estimated Savings We also develop a financial impact statement, showing the estimated results of our proposed plan, and how much money you will save save. . WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Operational Performance Assessment (OPA) Step Five: Develop our Recommendations We develop a detailed series of recommendations for the most cost-effective improvements currently available. Step Six: Present Our New Business Strategy For Your Approval Working W ki as your partner, we develop a plan th t works b t f you. Y t d l l that k best for Your approval and b i l d buy-in is a key step in our consulting process and the success of the plan implementation. Step Seven: Implement the Plan We'll guide y and y g you your staff through the implementation p g p process and pprovide y with a you written plan for achieving the new goals of our jointly agreed upon strategy. Step Eight: 30, 60, 90 – Day Follow-up Reviews We provide follow-up reviews with critical staff at thirty day increments to insure the plan we mutually implemented is being properly adhered to and managed managed. WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  11. 11. OPA Critical Client Data Collection Categories The OPA is a very refined process that will provide a clear method for evaluating and assessing Clients’ current solid waste collection operations. The OPA identifies areas of opportunity and the process also allows for strong interaction and input from our Clients’ staff. The WIH Team implement the OPA and utilize it as a means to identify our Clients’ operational strengths and weaknesses and facilitate the development of a p p g p plan for maximizing their collection g operations efficiency. The OPA process is a unique service offering of WIH Resource Group. Here are the critical data collection categories: Category Data 1.Site Organizational Structure Staff Responsibilities & Workflow Skill Sets (Software utilized, routing methods, etc) utilized methods 2. Site Layout / Operations Area Yard, Parking Plan, Fueling Plan, Transfer Station, Office Layout, Driver Check In/Out, Meeting Area 3. Service Area Map Geographical Boundaries 4. Open vs. Franchise ( p (Market Conditions) ) Length of Current Contracts - g Competition – who are they, what do they do differently? 5. Labor Relations Restrictions – Pay Structure, contract expiration, union vs. non union 6. Disposal Options – Waste Streams Landfills and Transfer Stations (who owns them) Location relative to Depot Average Gate Wait Times (different times of day, year) day 7. Route Data How often used, updated by whom? Have the routes been re-routed? When? How many times? 8. Communication Phones or Radios? GPS? Driver Meetings – How Often? Material Covered? Site St ff M ti Sit Staff Meeting – H How Oft ? Material Reviewed Often? M t i l R i d WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  12. 12. OPA Results & Client Outcomes Past Results: Our past results have yielded between 5 and 20% improvements in the areas of productivity and profitability, profitability depending on the line of business, senior management support and the ability to business positively influence staff and driver behavior. As we all know, breaking old habits and changing some parts of a company’s culture can be difficult. We do not use a “cookie-cutter” approach but will work together with you and your key stakeholders (staff) to provide specifically tailored solutions in the areas that most concern you and that we identify as areas of greatest opportunity for increasing profits and cutting costs. The OPA process will bring tremendous benefits to your solid waste operations and management team. Client Outcomes: Through WIH Resource Group’s OPA, your business will..... Pinpoint where you are currently losing money. Identify critical areas for improvement in your operations. Identify the primary drivers of operational and vendors' costs. Access technology that vendors may not have made available to improve operations. Evaluate costs versus benefits for technology upgrades. Identify cost recovery and recycling alternatives alternatives. Establish new operational and productivity goals. Empower and hold Drivers and Supervisory Staff. Recognize when the time is right to negotiate your contracts. Better understand your local competition (the market) and be positioned to seize new opportunities. WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  13. 13. Transfer Station/MRF & Landfill Optimization Much like our general Operational Performance Assessment (OPA), we also offer clients comprehensive business reviews specifically designed for their transfer stations, material recovery facilities and landfills. Here is the list of the key areas we review and analyze to develop a plan to best ti i the li t’ facility d b t optimize th client’s f ilit and operations. ti Financial Review – Current P&Ls verses budget and forecasts Facility/Site Layout & Traffic Flow Studies Overall Current Facility Operational Performance Headcount & Responsibility Review Equipment Review – Type, Size, Utilization and Use Evaluation Transportation Analysis – Equipment type/Costing Study Environmental Compliance – Reporting and Permit Compliance Inbound W t Streams – (t Ib d Waste St (tons per hour and days of week) h dd f k) Waste Diversion/Recovery Opportunities Commodity Pricing (revenue from sales of recovered materials) Waste Disposal Costs Labor Productivity Review abo oduc y ee Outcomes for Client: Develop Facility Recommendations Develop Goal Setting for Individuals (to ensure accountability) WIH will assist in Implementing mutually agreed upon Recommendations/Goals WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Composting & Biosolids Management We offer a network of resources available for providing clients with composting solutions for green waste and biosolids from existing waste streams. Solutions from very basic Market Analysis Studies to all inclusive facility planning, design and operations. We also provide clients with end user markets and identify l kt d id tif local, regional or national end customers, d l i l ti ld t depending on th i geographic di their hi location. Here are a few of the highlights of our service offerings: Compost Market Analysis – Economic Analysis & Feasibility Studies Waste Stream Analysis – Determination of organics and feedstock quantities from Municipal Solid Waste streams Compost Facility design for green waste planning & operations Sales & Marketing Compost Solutions – linking clients with end use markets/customers Existing Facility Process Assessment/Recommendations Transportation Solutions – Rail truck or barge, as needed Rail, barge Odor Remediation Compliance Biosolids land application or landfill integration for creation of biomass power WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  15. 15. C&D Recovery/Disposal Diversion We offer a host of services related to the recovery of C&D (construction & demolition debris). Common C&D materials include lumber, drywall, metals, masonry (brick, concrete, etc.), carpet, plastic, pipe, rocks, dirt, paper, cardboard, or green waste related to land development. Of these, metals are the most commonly recycled material while lumber makes up the majority of debris that still goes to a landfill. Recovery benefits of these materials yields both disposal cost avoidance and can generate revenue from the sale of the recovered material. Here are a few of the service offerings in our C&D Best Practices: PRODUCT MANUFACTURING SOURCING Identification Pulp and Paper Source Separation Fiber Composition Panel board Sampling and Testing Other Fiber Composite Supplier Relationships Pressed Fuel Products PROCESSING DIRECT END-USE APPLICATIONS Site Storage Material Handling Mulch & Landscaping Size Reduction Soil Amendments Screening & Contamination Removal Compost Bulking Agent p gg Finger Screens Direct Land Application Safety and Training Biofuels Combustion Quality Control Client Relationships Miscellaneous Facility Design WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  16. 16. Fleet Management – Vehicle Routing WIH Resource Group is partnered with nationwide software firms specializing in custom and “off the shelf” routing software for customer specific needs. Whether the business is solid g p waste collection vehicles, off road landfill equipment (yellow iron), or over the road Class 8 tractor trailer semis, we and our partners can offer both routing solutions and GPS (global position satellite) technology to reduce operating costs and better manage a client’s fleet of equipment. The Routing software offer clients automated route scheduling systems that optimizes routes based on the following: Customer Locations and Types Volume and Time Requirements Road Network Distances Vehicle Costs and Capacities Customer Time Windows Work Time Parameters Dispatch Parameters WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  17. 17. Fleet Management – GPS Tracking Through our network of GPS providers, we can develop client-specific custom GPS software solutions and install the necessary hardware to utilize GPS data to update actual arrival and departure times at customer locations and keep track of planned versus actual route mileage, hours, etc. Thi creates a h d ff way of storing and updating route d t so th t th h t This t hands-off fti d d ti t data that the information can be made available to appropriate management and supervisory staff in the company via the internet. Below is a sample screenshot of the vehicle’s actual route taken via GPS. A wide range of management reports can be tailored specifically for individual customer needs needs. WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  18. 18. Waste by Rail When confronted with a solid waste challenge, WIH Resource Group can help find a creative, innovative, practical transportation and disposal solution. Across the United States and in Canada, WIH offers extensive experience in Waste-by-rail offers to cities, counties, states, companies, manufacturers and others dealing with everything from landfill closures to toxic waste spills. t ill Here are a few benefits that shipping waste by rail offers: Minimizing risk and cost-efficiencies are two of the biggest benefits of shipping waste g gg pp g by rail. WIH Resource Group is uniquely positioned to help clients who need to properly dispose of contaminated soils or other wastes via rail. Using gondola rail cars from or near a hazardous or non hazardous waste cleanup site streamlines the process minimizing the risk factor to the environment with direct transfer of th waste t th l dfill f di t f f the t to the landfill for disposal i a d di t d i d t i l waste cell l in dedicated industrial t ll (DIWC). Rail is one of the safest methods of transportation. When you are shipping rail to rail, there is no chance of cross-contamination. There are also economic advantages of shipping bulk material by rail that can translate into significant cost savings for the client. WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  19. 19. Waste by Rail Process Management Whether your site is served by rail or not, WIH Resource Group offers complete custom transportation and disposal solutions for virtually all waste types for clients generating the waste waste, environmental remediation firms, PRPs (Possible Responsible Parties), other shippers and handlers of both hazardous and non hazardous wastes. We’ll manage the entire process by working with the railroads, securing the needed rail cars and intermodal containers (if needed), arrange for the cars or containers to be loaded and secure a rail served landfill for disposal of the waste. Railroad Relationships: WIH Resource Group management has several years of solid relations with all the Class One Railroads in North America. We also work with several of the short line railroads within the United States. Our clients benefit from these long term relations. WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  20. 20. LMSS – Logistical Management Service Solutions Our Logistical Management Service Solutions (LMSS), offer clients solutions to both day to day challenges and longer term, larger issues, ones that are not as easily remedied. We review critical areas such as planning, transportation optimization, equipment utilization, vehicle routing, solution execution, interdepartmental communications, solution implementation and other more specific solutions such as onboard communications, GPS and dynamic routing software. Here are the primary critical areas that we add value in supporting client specific needs: Customer Service/Communications Customer Ordering Methods and Management Customer Shipment Planning Vehicle Routing (Route Optimization) Fleet A Fl t & Asset Management tM t Third Party Carrier Management Strategy Assessment and/or Development Dedicated Fleet Assessment GPS Integration Fleet Maintenance Dynamic Routing Solutions (software) Fleet/Equipment Utilization WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  21. 21. LMSS - Transportation Optimization Component To Outsource or Not? As part of our transportation and logistics services we have developed an analytical tool for determining what fair market rates are in the local market for third party motor carriers This allows carriers. us to evaluate options for our clients and determine whether the most cost effective means for transfer trucking is to outsource it or maintain an in-house, proprietary fleet of trucks and trailers. Our cost model takes into account the following critical cost items: Capital for Tractors (and depreciation) Capital for trailers (and depreciation) Driver Labor Costs (hourly and benefits) Union verse Non Union Drivers (pros and cons) Automotive and General Liability Insurance Fuel C t F l Costs Maintenance Costs Tire costs (trucks and trailers) Worker's Compensation (State specific) Management Overhead required to oversee Drivers, Maintenance Department & Fleet g q p State Highway Use Taxes/Other Assessed Fees WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  22. 22. Specialized Expert Witness Services In response to growing requests and inquiries from clients for expert witnesses in the fields of solid waste management, recycling and MRF operations, environmental law and multimodal transportation, WIH offers expert witness services for clients in both the private and public sectors. WIH’s experienced staff will provide specialized expertise as expert witnesses f l i d t ff ill id i li d ti t it for lawsuits, arbitrations and it bit ti d litigation for clients in the areas of environmental compliance, recycling services, solid waste management and transportation operational related matters. These specialized service offerings will provide new and existing clients specialized expert witness p g p g p p services and include these additional areas of interest: Solid waste management industry best practices and performance standards Recycling Programs and Processes – both in collection and processing Transfer station and landfill operations Expert witness services related to solid waste collection vehicles Solid waster transfer trucking as well as general trucking General case and contracts review Document and deposition review Facility (site) inspections (as requested) Expert witness deposition and testimony Providing these specialized services allows our clients to tap into our team’s knowledge base and “real world” experience from our decades of having worked for some of the largest private companies real world and Fortune 500 solid waste management firms in North America. WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  23. 23. Equipment Sales & Leasing In addition to providing solid waste management and logistical solutions, we have access to a wide range of service providers that lease and sell railroad equipment, railcars, intermodal containers, container handling equipment, trucks, trailers, trailer tippers, wood grinders, waste shredders, reducers and a wide assortment of other equipment available for leasing or outright purchase. As we are partnered and work with a host of equipment manufacturers, suppliers and leasing companies, we can offer some of the most attractive integrated equipment packages for all your waste handling and transportation needs. Here are more details of the integrated services we can offer clients: WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  24. 24. Insurance Coverage WIH Resource Group, LLC carries a General Business Policy to offer contracted clients protection and a piece of mind relative to our business and consulting services. If required by clients, we can have them named as Additional Insured and Loss Payee subject to the terms and conditions of our policy. Here is our coverage and limits of insurance: Coverage: Limits of Insurance: General Business Liability $2,000,000.00 Products-Completed Operations ( p p (PCO) ) $4,000,000.00 General Aggregate (Other than PCO) $4,000,000.00 Other limits and exclusions apply. We are pleased to provide our evidence of insurance to our clients. WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  25. 25. Business Opportunities Let us know what we can do for you. WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.
  26. 26. Contact information WIH Resource Groupp 34975 N. North Valley Parkway, Suite 152 Phoenix, AZ 85086 Phone: 480-241-9994 Email: Website: WIH Resource Group Environmental & Logistical Solutions™ ©2008 WIH Resource Group, LLC . All rights reserved.