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Coolsculpting! ! 
Based on an interview with Dr. Mark Prysi and ABC7.CoolSculpting! ! 
CoolSculpting is a new breakthrough...
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Coolsculpting Cosmetic Surgery Technology

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Dr. Mark Prysi discusses Coolsculpting, a new Cosmetic Surgery Technology which allows for non-invasive, painless surgery.

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Coolsculpting Cosmetic Surgery Technology

  1. 1. Coolsculpting! ! Based on an interview with Dr. Mark Prysi and ABC7.CoolSculpting! ! CoolSculpting is a new breakthrough technology to remove stubborn fat deposits in the body non invasively. It was developed by Harvard scientists who found that by freezing fat, you could selectively destroy the fat cells, but leave all the other tissues undisturbed.! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This way you can find different areas of the body which are stubborn for this kind of fat to be removed, such as the abdomen, hips, and outer thighs, apply the suction device to freeze the fat, and you can do it all non invasively with no down time and no anesthesia.! ! Why CoolSculpting is so Popular! ! The main reason is that a lot of patients do not want to go through anesthesia or the surgery, or the expense of that. This way you can do it in the office with no downtime, there is no risk of anesthesia, and there is no invasiveness to it. You can actually go right back to work after an hour’s session, or workout the same day.! ! What areas of the Body is CoolSculpting used most?! ! The first two areas of the body CoolSculpting was used on were the abdomen and the love handle area. They just developed a new attachment where they can do the inner and outer thighs, and actually all the arms. A lot of women and men have excess fat in the arms, and just one treatment there will get rid of 25% of the fat in that area.! ! To get a hold of Dr. Mark Prysi, try contacting his office in Naples, Florida.