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Kooorcha Marma Ppt

The slide explains the anatomical relationship of Koorcha marma and its manipulation.

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Kooorcha Marma Ppt

  1. 1. कूर्च मर्म - The tendon predominant रुजाकर variety of मर्म <br />Word meaning of the above marma :<br />kurca [ kûrká ] m. n. bunch of grass; n. beard; -ka, m. bunch; brush; beard; -tâ, f. bearded ness; -la, a. bearded.The koorchamarma resembles the brush in the ventral aspect of the leg hence the name Koorcha.<br />
  2. 2. Numbers Classification & Measurement of the koorchamarma:<br />
  3. 3. Method of palpation of Koorcha Marma:<br />In the upper limb: <br />Through an imaginary vertical plane originating above the Kshipramarmadirected towards the radius bone, start palpating from the Ksipramarma moving towards the radius bone. Approximately at around 2 to 3 cms from the area of Kshiprathe highest point of tenderness of the Koorcha can be felt or observed.<br />
  4. 4. Method of palpation of Koorcha Marma:<br />In the lower limbs:<br />Draw an imaginary line above from the centre point of the kshipra directed towards the Tibia. At one point somewhere around 2-3 cms away from the Ksipra and 1-2 cms below the thepoint of intersection of the first and second proximal meta tarsals, the highest point of tenderness of the Koorchamarma could be felt or observed. <br />
  5. 5. Anatomical structures related to above Marma:<br /><ul><li>Tendons of Extensor digitorumlongus( It is this structure which gives a shape of koorchaor brush-like structure in the foot, most probably to have been attributed in the nomenclature of the Koorchamarma);
  6. 6. Tibial Artery;
  7. 7. Interrosseous ligaments;
  8. 8. Branches of deep Fibular nerve etc.,</li></li></ul><li>Name of some of the diseases in which the Koorcha is tenderful:<br />
  9. 9. SarojaPancha Karma & Varma chikitsa centre<br />15/7, Thiruvalluvar Koil Street, Mylapore,Chennai.<br /><br />SarveJanahSukhinohBhavanthuh<br />