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Bone disorders

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Bone disorders

  1. 1. BONE DISORDERS DEFINITION SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS PICTURES ARTHRITIS isa formof jointdisorderthat involves inflammationof one or more joints.There are over100 differentformsof arthritis.The mostcommon form, osteoarthritis(degenerativejoint disease),isaresultof traumato the joint,infectionof the joint, or age.Other arthritisformsare rheumatoidarthritis,psoriatic arthritis,andrelated autoimmune diseases.Septic arthritisiscausedby joint infection. Regardlessof the type of arthritis,the common symptomsforall arthritis disordersinclude variedlevels of pain,swelling,jointstiffness and sometimesaconstant ache aroundthe joint(s). Arthriticdisorderslikelupus and rheumatoidcanalsoaffect otherorgans inthe bodywith a varietyof symptoms. BONE CANCER isan uncommoncancer that beginsina bone.Bone cancer can begininany bone inthe body,butit mostcommonly affectsthe longbonesof the arms and legs. Several typesof bone that can affectbothchildrenand adults, may varybasedon the type of bone cancer,but painis the mostcommonlyexperienced symptom.Bone cancermost oftenoccursin the longbones of the body(armsand legs),so these are the most common sitesforpain.Keepinmind that not all bone tumorsare cancerous;some are benign. Bone painis more often relatedtoa benigncondition, like aninjury,thanitis to cancer.
  2. 2. BONE DISORDERS DEFINITION SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS PICTURES SPINA BIFIDA isa congenital malformationin whichthere issomethingwrong withthe bone inthe vertebral column,exposingthe spinal cord whichshouldbe protected withinthe vertebral column.Itis causedby the incomplete closing of the embryonicneural tube. Congenital malformationmeans a birthdefect. The central nervoussystem includesthe brain,nervesand spinal cord.The spinal cord consistsof nerve cellsandnerve bundlesthatconnecteverypart of the bodyto the brain If the openingoccursat the top of the spine,the patient'slegs are more likelytobe completelyparalyzed,and there will be otherproblems withmovementelsewhere in the body.If the openingsare in the middle orthe base of the spine,symptomstendtobe lesssevere. LEUKEMIA iscancer of the body'sblood- formingtissues,includingthe bone marrowand the lymphatic system. Many typesof leukemiaexist. Some formsof leukemiaare more commonin children.Other formsof leukemiaoccurmostly inadults. Leukemiausuallystartsinthe white bloodcells.Yourwhite bloodcellsare potentinfection fighters— theynormallygrow and divide inanorderlyway,as your bodyneedsthem.Butin people withleukemia,the bone marrow producesabnormal white bloodcells,whichdon't functionproperly Leukemiasymptomsvary, dependingonthe type of leukemia.Commonleukemia •Feveror chills •Persistentfatigue,weakness •Frequentorsevere infections •Losingweightwithouttrying •Swollenlymphnodes, enlargedliverorspleen •Easy bleedingorbruising •Recurrentnosebleeds •Tinyred spotsinyour skin (petechiae)