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7 ways to acheive sales success on the phone

As a Sales Person you/we spend a great deal of time on the phone. In this short presentation Ebsta share seven practical tips to help you get more out of your calls.

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7 ways to acheive sales success on the phone

  2. 2.     Your call is in real time. Using an agenda keeps things focused and will bring the conversation back on track should it go off course. HAVE AN AGENDA
  3. 3.     Pay attention and ensure you understand what the client is asking. Don’t waste time giving wrong information because you’ve not listened. LISTEN CLOSELY
  4. 4.         Prove to the customer that you’re paying attention by considering what to say before responding. PAUSE BEFORE RESPONDING
  5. 5.         WHAT ARE YOUR PRIORITIES? Get real answers, make appointments, check your contact understands and ensure they’re part of the conversation.
  6. 6.         Identify who influences or decides purchasing. Not everyone requires the same information, so change accordingly. KNOW THE CONTACTS ROLE
  7. 7.     ADAPT YOUR PITCH Everyone is unique. The best sales people listen carefully, adapt their pitch and explain how things specifically apply to the client.    
  8. 8.         DO YOU NEED ANYTHING EXPLAINED? Always know who’s against you, why you’re better than them and how you can explain this in a diplomatic way. Bad Mouthing, shows a lack of confidence in your own product.  
  9. 9.             GO GET ‘EM! With special thanks to:  
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