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Dolibarr information for developers - Christmas devcamp in Valence

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Presentation with information for Dolibarr developers done during Christmas devcamp 2016 in Valence. Tricks and tips for dolibarr developers.

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Dolibarr information for developers - Christmas devcamp in Valence

  1. 1. DevCamp - Valence 2016 Laurent Destailleur – Project leader 2016-12 Dolibarr ERP CRM Information for developers
  2. 2. GitHub - Meaning of version / issue tags Version tags x.y.z => x=major, y=minor, z=fixes => y should be often 0 Issue labels on GitHub PR to merge PR need tester feedbacks PR not qualified PR postponed PR to fix or conflict to solve
  3. 3. Demo of a release process Create the filelist.xml file. Build packages. Check ChangeLog was completed. Create Git tag. Send packages on official storage ( Send packages to sourceforge mirrors Announcement is still published manually
  4. 4. Mysql “strict mode” is mandatory during development Use of skeleton => New repository to build a module (need to be updated but should replace skeleton directory in the future) PHP Units Do not rely on non stable or hidden features (non official and experimental). They might be removed at any time, no announcement, no support and no migration provided -> to ask a hidden feature to be moved as stable, open a “Feature Request” Remind of best practice - for developers
  5. 5. Review your screenshot with 5.0 (not for new features but for new look): 50% of new visitors go to see screenshots. They make their opinion on this. Do not build your business plan on selling modules or source code Remind of best practice - for business
  6. 6. Create a demo with real data with the script Use <div class="div-table-responsive"> <table> … </table> </div> Filter on __DAY__, __MONTH__, __YEAR__ on url. Repair corrupted data with /install/repair.php Use &logtohtml=1 on URL. Use new properties into your module descriptor $this->descriptionlong = "A very long description. Can be a full HTML content"; $this->editor_name = 'Editor name'; $this->editor_url = '' Things that should be more known
  7. 7. The new REST APIs No more SOAP services will be added Let’s have a live demo of the REST API explorer...