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Dolibarr - what's new in 10.0 - devcamp lyon 2019

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What's new in Dolibarr v10

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Dolibarr - what's new in 10.0 - devcamp lyon 2019

  1. 1. DevCamp Lyon 2019 - France Laurent Destailleur – Project leader 2019 Dolibarr ERP CRM What’s new in 10.0
  2. 2. - New features reported by ChangeLog: 138 (including 40 for developers) Note: 94 for 9.0, 160 for 8.0, 239 for 7.0, 119 for 6.0, 102 for 5.0, 103 for 4.0, 131 for 3.9, 110 for 3.8, 76 for 3.7 Summary
  3. 3. Just few things were introduced in the Look And Feel v10 compared to v9 : ○ Use Font Awesome 5 for most picto. ○ Nicer popup on the user login name. ○ Use a background color when editing an object line. ○ A line selected for bulk/mass actions has another background color. ○ Few fixes for a better responsive experience. Look and feel v10
  4. 4. ● Can enter the amount of an expense report line with or without Tax. ● Can link each line of expense report to a different file with a preview on each file in the expense report. New features
  5. 5. ● Each project has now an option “To bill”. If set, you can generate invoices from the timesheets, in one or several times. New features
  6. 6. ● Better support for Intra EEC and Export sales in the double party accounting module. ● Enhancement of Stripe payment mode integration ● Attached document on bank account are now visible in automatic ECM. ● More information immediately available in the tooltip of the link of an object (For example: Notes, Size/Weight for products, Accounting account for third parties, VAT details). ● Prepare Stripe module for the new european rules on 3D Secure v2. ● A lot of other minor enhancements in all modules… (see New features
  7. 7. ● Removed a lot of deprecated code. ● More and more REST APIs. ● More and more hooks. ● A better philosophy for the Module builder: Now only the minimum of files are generated, the others are generated only if you need them… ● Introduce a config parameter $dolibarr_main_instance_unique_id, unique for each installation. ● Add a script 'purge-data.php' to purge data older than a defined creation date New features for developers
  8. 8. ● As usual, automatic migration from any old version is provided. ● Still compatible with any PHP version >= 5.5 (PHP 5.4 no more supported) Compatibility
  9. 9. New or still experimental modules ● Module “BOM” => Can define nomenclatures to build products (for future Factory Module, with v10, this module will work but is useless alone) ● Module “Privacy Data” (GDPR requirement, features to auto delete data after expiration delay) => Need feedback ● Module “Reception” => Can record reception of product in stock using a similar process than shipments. New modules
  10. 10. Stable : ● Module “DebugBar” (A tool for developers) ● Module “Email Collector” (Scan your mailbox to auto-create lead / tickets / third party or just email events - Can attach automatically emails to correct object when email is an answer of ...) ● Module “TakePOS” (A touch screen POS) ● Module “Ticket” (To follow your customer feedbacks for example) New modules
  11. 11. ● Read server log directly into your browser New module “DebugBar”
  12. 12. ● Add Filter criterias to choose which email are qualified. ● Add 1 or several actions on qualified emails (load third party, create third party, create project/opportunity, create a ticket). ● Can move processed email into another directory, so each email is processed once. New module “Email Collector”
  13. 13. ● Can follow ticket. ● Provide a public interface for customers/partners to create/follow tickets. New module “Ticket”
  14. 14. ● Old module POS was renamed into “SimplePOS”. ● Can take payment of several types. ● Compatible with a Touch screen. ● Can manage a Bar / Restaurant. ● Can manage several Terminals. ● Can print ticket on most hardware printers with the “TakePOS connector”. Another POS module “TakePOS”
  15. 15. For a complete list of all changes: Full ChangeLog