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Integration using web services

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Integration using web services

  1. 1. HR Automation System Integration UsingWeb-Services: Meaning, Advantages andApproachAn EmployWise™ White Paper Web Services are among the Introduction: Web Services most important emerging technologies in computer software and communication In today’s business landscape it’s imperative to be able to industries. The Web Services exchange information between business units, companies as well as countries. This not only makes us competitive but it technologies will redefine the also opens up avenues for a lot more business opportunities, way companies do business collaboration and innovation. and exchange information in twenty-first century. They will The real question is not if we need to communicate effectively enhance business efficiency or not, but the question really is the platform that the by enabling dynamic organizations use to communicate. Very candidly, some of the provisioning of resources from platforms of communication have become the barriers of business growth instead of enablers, as companies constantly a pool of distributed need to look after their upgrades and maintenance and let’s resources. not forget adding more IT staff to be able to do all this. Web service as a communication platform is a game changer. - International Journal of It has evolved as a practical, cost-effective solution for uniting information and distributed between critical applications that Web Services Research were previously a dream. 1 |
  2. 2. What are Web ServicesWeb Services are software elements designed to enable Software-to-Software exchange of informationusing internet.They are designed to be accessed by variety of applications that vary in complexity, from easy and fairlysimple operations like, checking your credit card statement online, to very complex business processeslike Client Relationship management application and/or Human Resource Automation services likeEmployWise™.Integration What is Software-as-a-Service or SaaS?Using web services, Software-as-a-Solution or SaaS solutionscan be easily integrated with any other currently runningsystems in the organizations creating seamless transition. It Software-as-a-Service or SaaS asturns out to be most efficient purely because it saves Hugh it’s called, is a software deliveryinvestments in terms of cost, time and HR professionals’ model in which the software andtime. For such integrations, clients or the organizations don’t associated data is centrally hostedneed help of their IT teams as well. It’s completely owned on the Cloud. Using this model,and executed by the SaaS service provider, for example EmployWise™ enables users to useEmployWise™ and access the information via aEmployWise™ renders service for complete Employee Life web browser. SaaS model reducesCycle automation services, which means now clients have client organization’s IT supportthe ability to opt for EmployWise™ at any stage they are in costs by outsourcing hardware andirrespective of which solutions/application they are currently software maintenance andrunning. support to EmployWise™.SaaS solutions instantly bring a lot of speed and accuracy inthe system that allows organizations to quickly move withtheir HR processes, without any disruption in service. It hasimmense value for the organization that is mid-sized as wellas large enterprises where any disruption in service ispotentially fatal. 2 |
  3. 3. Integration is Possible at Any Stage of Employee Life Cycle: •Employee Acquisition: where the HR is involved with Hiring planning and management, assessment and ob-boarding Acquire • Using web services Organization quickly can quickly equip their people with best-in-class automation services, for example, EmployWise™ Travel andEmpowerment Expense management and Leave and Attendance solutions • This is essentially any exercise that’s related to people reward and recognition initiative, benefits management and administration, payroll and compensation Reward management • Through Web Services integration is possible even while HR professionals are busy assessing and evaluating talent for/in their organization (for inititatives like leadership development program, HIPOs and Hi-flyers assessment, Assessment appraisals and also succession planning for critical and general roles • EmployWise™ which is SaaS based solution integrates with existing applications that caters to learning and development planning and Nurture management, system that automated feedback and coaching, mentoring etc • At the final stage of the Employee life Cycle, the SaaS solutions like EmploWise™ can add value instantly without any jerk in current services Transition 3 |
  4. 4. SecurityUsing EmployWise™ the integration with EmployWise is completely secure. EmployWise™ ensure datasecurity and data integrity at all times. There are multi layers of security that exist within the system andhence the organization’s data that gets managed by EmployWise™ has multi layered protection ensuringtotal security.When Does EmployWise™ Need to Integrate With Your Current SystemThere are many situations where EmployWise™ needs to integrate with a financial accountingapplication or an ERP like SAP™, Oracle™ or PeopleSoft™ to provide information or pass-on a transactionfor further processing.The general ledger in such systems usually contains “masters” with information regarding the corporatestructure as codes and unique account numbers to facilitate the tracking of revenues and Expenses.Even though EmployWise™ is a “codeless” system (as a system for people EmployWise™ believes inusing names rather than codes!), it has provision for codes on all key parameters to facilitate suchsynchronisation and mapping of its masters with those of the ERP.Where such ERPs are in use, all financial transactions need to be recorded in the accounting system. Anapplication like EmployWise™ that enables transactions like travel and business expense as well asemployee benefit claims using its ESS portal and workflow capabilities, needs to be able to provide thesetransaction to the ERP system.De-coding EmployWise Web Services:EmployWise™ has a library of REST-compliant Web services. These services manipulate XMLrepresentations of Web resources using a uniform set of "stateless" operations.REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is a style of software architecture for distributed systems such asthe World Wide Web. REST has emerged over the past few years as a predominant Web service designmodel. REST has increasingly displaced other design models such as SOAP and WSDL due to its simplerstyle.REST-style architectures consist of clients and servers. Clients initiate requests to servers (EmployWise™servers in this case); the servers process requests and return appropriate responses. Requests and 4 |
  5. 5. responses are built around the transfer of representations of resources. The client begins sendingrequests when it is ready to make the transition to a new state. While one or more requests areoutstanding, the client is considered to be in transition. The representation of each application statecontains links that may be used the next time the client chooses to initiate a new state transition.REST facilitates the transaction between web servers by allowing loose coupling between differentservices. REST is less strongly typed than its counterpart, SOAP. The REST language is based on the useof nouns and verbs, and has an emphasis on readability.Unlike SOAP, REST does not require XML parsing and doesnt require a message header to and from aservice provider. This ultimately uses less bandwidth.About EmployWise™EmployWise™ is a multi-tenant SaaS or “cloud based” solution that provides integrated and totalemployee life-cycle management capabilities that help companies support employees through everyphase of their service with the company, from recruitment to separation. EmployWise™, enables humanresource departments to be more productive by streamlining and automating HR processes.EmployWise™ modules cover the entire employee lifecycle and customers can pick and choose todeploy them as needed.IBM Beacon AwardsEmployWise™ is the Winner of 2008 Beacon Award, under Software as a Service (SaaS) Innovation category; recognized as Outstanding IBM business partner in innovatively creating value for the clients. IBM Beacon Awards recognize IBM Business Partners for outstanding delivery of value to clients and innovative approaches to solving business issues. EmployWise™ contested with over 725 nominations from around the world and was judged by the leading industryjournalists, analysts, and IBM top executives.6 Reasons Why EmployWise™ Outruns Its CompetitorsEmployWise™ solutions are globally recognized, bought, executed and garnering returns with highdegree of client satisfaction:You wouldn’t need any other service provider after reading the points below, read on; 5 |
  6. 6. 1) From On-boarding to separation: EmployWise™ brings in-built process automation capabilities for the entire employee life cycle. It covers all the stages of an employee i.e., On boarding, Leave and Attendance, Travel and Expense, Compensation and Benefits, Performance Management, Learning and Development and Employee Separation. It of immense help to HR professionals of the organizations to navigate through the employee’s journey when they have one system that supports the areas that otherwise can easily be missed, for example, tight implementation of talent management initiatives is possible when the system is equipped to handle the data well and Self-service portal of EmployWise™ enhances the excitability of the initiative.2) No IT Expertise required from client: EmployWise™ does not expect any technological expertise within the client organization. This makes our services viable not only for small and medium enterprises who are still evolving but also to the large enterprises who have established IT departments but most certainly do not wish to see more servers in the office premises.3) User Experience: EmployWise™ puts in money where the mouth is. If you are on Self Service mode and usability is in question, you can be rest assured that your automation initiative is going to fail miserably sooner or later. EmployWise™ takes immense care of user experience and product usability while crafting the product or introducing any new features. This remains our core business focus ever since we started.4) World class implementation: The thought of implementation can bring panic to your IT department along with unnecessary workload to HR team. Traditionally implementation has caused hundreds of unproductive and stressful hours. With EmployWise™ implementation, team members of Customer Success step in to eliminate exactly that. The team not only takes the implementation stress off Client’s shoulders but also commits to do it at the much faster speed. At EmployWise™ execution of the project happens quickly and support services are extended even after the project is live and running.5) Client Satisfaction: EmployWise™ manages to wow customers with its support and innovation capabilities. We listen to our customers using users community and deliver exactly what they want after engaging them. The user experience and their feedback coupled with every evolving product are some of the reasons customers choose to stay with us and recommend others.6) Works well with other systems: The product that EmployWise™ offers works and integrates well with most other ERPs available in the market place. So in case you are using any service for part of your HR process automation need, you may still opt for EmployWise™, it not only synergizes well but it’s also hassle free. This makes it very easy for any organization at any stage to automate HR processes they want. Not only that you can expect this service to grow as your requirements grow in the organization. Scalability, hence, is not a problem with us. 6 |