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The Mobile Web for PR Pros

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Mobile Web for public relations professionals - given to the Public Relations Association of Mississippi (PRAM).

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  • Very interesting slide! Would love to see a more up to date presentation. Here is a relevant post about mobile web and communications
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The Mobile Web for PR Pros

  1. 1. Public Relations Association of Mississippi November 10, 2008 In the Palm of Your Hand: How Communicators are making a Splash on the Mobile Web Ed Schipul //
  2. 2. What do cell phones have to do Obama with politics?
  3. 3. Let’s talk about... • What is Mobile Web? • How to utilize the Mobile Web today! • Who is using Mobile Web? • Bonus round: Mobile Web tools/toys On-the-go tools for on-the-go communication
  4. 4. The Communicator’s toolset: Where things are going
  5. 5. Anthropology of Cell Phones
  6. 6. Mobile!
  7. 7. Technology is great, but it’s all about PEOPLE
  8. 8. Brain candy from Tomi Ahonen research So why do you care? • 30% Internet users access ONLY through Mobile (over 850 million) • 92,000 text messages sent EVERY SECOND • 2.8 trillion text messages sent in 2007 • SMS = $100 billion/year industry •
  9. 9. 2.7 Billion Mobile Phones
  10. 10. Slide thanks to Houston Chronicle’s David Herrold:
  11. 11. Slide thanks to Houston Chronicle’s David Herrold:
  12. 12. But what is the Mobile Web?
  13. 13. Not just the coolest new handheld Not just iPhones or text messaging Not just PC Web on your cell phone
  14. 14. Mobile Web = New way of communicating • Create new value • Grow Community • Interactive campaigns • Reach those on-the-go
  15. 15. Content vs. Context
  16. 16. 2.7 Billion Mobile Phones Where you are really really matters
  17. 17. Slide thanks to Houston Chronicle’s David Herrold:
  18. 18. What else do folks do while driving? Trapster - a Mobile
  19. 19. How to give your visitors a Mobile experience
  20. 20. Providing the Mobile experience 1. Do NOTHING!
  21. 21. Providing the Mobile experience 2. Simplify, simplify, simplify Reduce your images and styling
  22. 22. Providing the Mobile experience 3. Use handheld stylesheets
  23. 23. Providing the Mobile experience 4. Create a separate Mobile Web site
  24. 24. Who is using Mobile Web?
  25. 25. Obama announces his running mate and customizes cell phone wallpaper Getting the VP word out to 2.9 million people
  26. 26. Congressman Culberson streams LIVE from his cell (35,000 views!!)
  27. 27. Let’s review... • Mobile Web = Mobile Humans • Context and immediacy is everything • Start with fresh Mobile content • Keep it simple, keep it fun Mobile Web connects Humans to info they want
  28. 28. Thanks for being here! Ed Schipul Blog: Flickr: Twitter: Slideshare:
  29. 29. Mobile tools for Mobile Communicators
  30. 30. Lots of toys... But what do you really need?
  31. 31. Puts the full Web on your phone
  32. 32. Search for free Google products for your phone model. Mobile: Web:
  33. 33. Mobile: Web:
  34. 34. Mobile: Web:
  35. 35. Mobile: Web: 1. Access messages 2. Update status 3. Use FB like a phone book 4. Upload photos and videos