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Montreal Scaled Agile Meetup SAFe vs DAD

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SAFe vs DAD meetup

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Montreal Scaled Agile Meetup SAFe vs DAD

  1. 1. La partie de l'image avec l'ID de relation rId2 n'a pas été trouvée dans le fichier. SAFe vs DAD Montreal Scaled Agile Framework Meetup September 13th 2016
  2. 2. What is DAD? Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) is a set of strategies that support the full spectrum of delivery approaches, from waterfall to iterative, agile, and lean. It draws upon the full range of methodologies and practices that have evolved over the past 40 years. 2 XP AM Scrum SAFe Others UP Kanban Lean AD
  3. 3. What is SAFe? The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is a freely revealed knowledge base of proven, integrated patterns for enterprise-scale Lean-Agile development. It is scalable and modular, allowing each organization to apply it in a way that provides better business outcomes and happier, more engaged employees. 3
  4. 4. What is the difference? DAD SAFe Overall Approach Descriptive Prescriptive Basis Process Decision Framework Process Framework Orientation Solution-oriented Value-oriented – Lean Agile Main focus Project (now Solution) Product (now Solution) Scalability Strategy selection Specific approach to scaling Process Customization Very Extensive Limited… but… Levels / scope • Tech practices • Team • Project (and Solution) • Portfolio • Team practices • Program (Product) • Solution • Portfolio 4
  5. 5. SAFe Big Picture 5
  6. 6. 6 SAFe House of Lean
  7. 7. SAFe Immutable Principles 7
  8. 8. DA - Big Picture 8
  9. 9. DAD Basic 9
  10. 10. Goals of DAD 10
  11. 11. Goals of DAD 11
  12. 12. Inception / Explore Initial Scope 12
  13. 13. "We are often asked about the relationship between DAD and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). SAFe is an instance of a set of process decisions made for a specific approach to scaling. SAFe is prescriptive in many ways. For example it requires the use of multiple teams working in parallel as release trains with common cadences with regard to when their iterations start and end. It can in practice be quite difficult for a group of teams to be able to reliably deliver a given set of features on a common date. DAD suggests that the use of common cadences is a process choice, but does not prescribe it as the only reasonable strategy. And while multiple teams working in parallel may make sense, we have seen other patterns such as one large team, or a medium sized core team with several sub-teams work successfully." – Scott W. Ambler and Mark Lines Founders of Disciplined Agile Delivery 13 DAD on SAFe
  14. 14. "Though (DAD) flexibility may be appreciated by those with a good understanding of agile, it might not provide enough guidance for those who are transitioning from traditional models. Marketplace adoption for DAD is slow compared with SAFe. And though DAD and SAFe are more complementary than competitive, due to the lack of specific guidance, experienced coaches and consultants are more likely needed to successfully implement DAD." – Yvette Francino 14 SAFe and DAD
  15. 15. LEARNING PATH 15
  16. 16. Interest Proven Knowledge + Proven Experience + Giveback Disciplined Agile Certification in a Nutshell 16© Disciplined Agile Consortium
  17. 17. SAFe Certifications 17 For... Who Want So that... SAFe Agilist (SA) For executives, managers and Agile change agents responsible for leading a Lean/Agile change initiative in a large software enterprise Who want proven knowledge in applying the Scaled Agile Framework, lean, and product development flow principles in their enterprise context So that they can lead the adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe Practitioner (SP) For software developers, testers, project managers, product managers, and other practitioners involved in software development Who want to learn how to apply Scrum+ (Scrum, Lean, and XP inspired practices) in an enterprise context So that they can prepare for the adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework at the team and program levels SAFe Advance Scrum Master (SASM) For Scrum Masters, team leads, facilitators, managers, Agile coaches, and process champions To aim to advance their expertise and practical ability in enabling and facilitating Agile/Scrum teams in the enterprise environment They can offer a systems view of the Scrum Master role in the enterprise and provide integrated practices for facilitating teams in larger Agile programs.
  18. 18. SAFe Certifications 18 For... Who Want So that... SAFe Product Manager / Product Owner (SPMPO) For Product Owners, Product Managers, Business Owners, Product Line Leads, Program Managers, Business Analysts Who want to understand how to best work together to deliver continuous value within a lean/agile software enterprise So that they can better enable product development flow, enable scrum team delivery, and help foster the adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework within their enterprise SAFe Program Consultant (SPC4) For internal agile change agents and external consultants Who want proven knowledge in agile programs, program portfolio management, agile architecture, and leadership So that they can train leaders and teams, act as a certifying agent for SA, PMPO, SASM and SP, and launch Agile Release Trains as part of an enterprise Lean/Agile change initiative. SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT4) Scaled Agile established the SPCT program to provide a means of recognizing individuals who demonstrate superior knowledge, competency, and in-depth field experience in adopting Agile across an enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework®. SPCTs are the only ones authorized to train aspiring SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs). SPCTs become the leading change agents and leaders in an organization’s Lean-Agile transformation and implementation.
  19. 19. Extracts from Agility to manage Complexity 19
  20. 20. #SAFeDT 20 Enterprise Agility Focus on Product complexity Focus on Product and Team complexity Enterprise Agility includes enteprise concerns like Portfolio management, Governance, Enterprise Architecture and Team Alignment.
  21. 21. #SAFeDT 21 Enterprise Agility challenges n How to keep team agility in a large structure? n Which enterprise agility framework should we adopt? n How to change the development process and framework while respecting organizational culture? Scrum relies on self-commitment, self-organization, and emergence rather than authoritarian measures. —Ken Schwaber
  22. 22. #SAFeDT 22 Agile @ Scale Offering
  23. 23. #SAFeDT Put brutally SAFe seemed to be PRINCE II camouflaged in Agile language. SCRUM as an approach was emasculated in a small box to the bottom right of a hugely overcomplicated linear model. (…) SAFe is not only a betrayal of the promise offered by AGILE but is a massive retrograde step giving the managerial class an excuse to avoid any significant change. [A Body of knowledge] is an highly static non- adaptive approach. Dave Snowden (Cynefin) 23 SAFe I saw a Release Planning session with 20some teams and almost 200 people, and realized how SAFe is Scrum, just expanded to the program level. I became aware that Scrum itself scales beautifully. Lyssa Adkins (Coaching Agile Teams) SAFe gives us some good ideas for how to deal with [enterprise] complexities where few existed before. I am using some elements of SAFe with a client right now but not all since some of the techniques would not work well, which is consistent with a “pragmatic agile” approach. Mark Lines (DAD) The boys from RUP (Rational Unified Process) are back. Building on the profound failure of RUP, they are now pushing the Scaled Agile Framework (e) as a simple, one-size fits all approach to the agile organization. Ken Schwaber (Scrum) Quoting Martin Fowler
  24. 24. #SAFeDT Respect of Culture, roles and traditional responsibilities • « Start where you are; go where you want » • Less radical than « fractal agile » • Allows real change of habits Instills industry best practices • Lean / Agile / Scrum / XP / Kanban • Devops & Agile Testing • Agile Budgeting • Value Stream coordination • Cost of Delay • Principles of Product Development Flow Gives you the help you need • PO, SM, PPM trainings • SP, SA, SPC, SPCT Certifications • Tools : Rally, Blue-Agility, JIRA, Microsoft • Real success stories on SAFe transformation 24 Why SAFe? 2016
  25. 25. THANKS! © 2017 Digital Tango