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  1. 1. Malaysia
  2. 2. Malaysia is a country is Southeast Asia that is home to the world’s tallest building – the Petronas towers. It has a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society and has established itself as an educational hub – attracting students from around the world.
  3. 3. More than 25 million people live in Malaysia and about 60% of them are Muslims as the country’s official religion is Islam. Others are Buddhist, Hindus and about 9% are Christians.
  4. 4. Every Nation has three churches in Malaysia and one of them, Eaglepoint Covenant Fellowhsip Puchong, is being led by Pastor Timothy Loh and his family.
  5. 5. Prayer Points • Pray for church growth and for excellence, grace and favor for Pastor Timothy and his family and for all other leaders and members of our churches in Malaysia. • Pray for opportunities to reach the marketplace and for greater passion to reach out and serve the community. • Pray for churches to break out of a cultural mindset and make disciples, plant churches and send missionaries; pray for the church to play an effective role in issues affecting the community. • Pray for a revival in every sphere of society and for God to raise government leaders that will allow the Gospel to be freely preached to everyone. • Pray for smooth transactions for the new church building plan in Puchong.