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Care Home Marketing Strategy

A stripped down version of a pitch deck to help a care home company through branding, messaging and strategy support. This was an agency pitch situation.

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Care Home Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Care Home ProspectMarketing Support 2013
  2. 2. The Deck The following deck is a reduced version of therecent pitch to a care home provider in the UK.They are struggling with brand identity, confused brand messages and marketing strategy. The name of the prospect, budgets and sensitive information has been removed.
  3. 3. A brand is a person’s gut feeling about your organisation.Source: Marty Neumeier
  4. 4. What people feel about your brand
  5. 5. What we feel about your brand
  6. 6. The problemBy getting to know the brand through material public available, itis clear that there is a strong commitment to the values of theorganisation through staff and volunteers alike.Unfortunately, the digital and offline brand representation doesn’tdo the brand justice and leads to unclear messaging and a lack ofawareness with the different audiences.
  7. 7. The ChallengeCare Home Prospect
  8. 8. AwarenessBrand understandingFinancial pressuresOperational pressuresCreativityStrategy
  9. 9. The SolutionCare Home Prospect
  10. 10. DirectionBrandCreativityCampaigns
  11. 11. The StrategyCare Home Prospect
  12. 12. Sharing your Brand Being Accessible Exploiting Technology Year 1 Year 2 Year 3• Who you are • Now you know • Stay current• How you talk who you are, make • Influence the future• Many audiences it easy for people • Not gimmicks• Multiple channels to find out about • Reinforce brand you (internally and objectives externally) • Stay with strategy
  13. 13. Sharing Information Being Accessible Exploiting Technology Year 1 Year 2 Year 3• Key messaging• Brand refresh• Website• Key events to ‘PR’• Internal messaging support• Campaign planning• (Intranet)
  14. 14. Year One DeliverablesCare Home Prospect
  15. 15. Too many websites are bloated with irrelevant information.
  16. 16. Building relationshipsShowcasing successCampaign support
  17. 17. Volunteering
  18. 18. Creative Technology Downloadable forms FAQs Sign-up Register interest Content Planning Social Media GuidelinesChannels Understanding your audiences Social & behaviour data profiling
  19. 19. Sharing Information Being Accessible Exploiting Technology Year 1 Year 2 Year 3• Key messaging • Website phase 2 • Website / mobile• Brand refresh • Campaign version / apps• Website Execution • Campaign• Key events to ‘PR’ • Increased PR Execution• Internal messaging support • Video creation and support • Video planning seeding• Campaign planning • Intranet / staff login • PR support & • Social guidelines events• (Intranet) • Intranet / staff login • Social
  20. 20. Being Accessiblea. Website (Phase 2) – donations, volunteers, media friendly – Intranet / staff portal – Usability, accessibilityb. Campaign executionsc. Increased PR support – Awards / Event for staff and volunteersd. Video planninge. Social / community guidelines
  21. 21. Exploiting Technologya. Website developments – Mobile proposition, donation application, SMS / Bluetooth marketingb. Video creation and seedingc. PR support and eventsd. Portal usage and promotion to internal staffe. Campaign executionsf. Social activity – app development, increase networks, social- based campaigns
  22. 22. OutcomesCare Home Prospect
  23. 23. Clarity of brandEngagementDirectionAdvocatesSuccess
  24. 24. Questions? Thank you Emily Torjussen @ewilko @remarkablegroup