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Techjuice's Famous False Story - True entrepreneurship and child labour

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Recently write an article over "Mir Mohammad Ali khan" where it try to defame him, but proper and timely reply from him, make techjuice to delete the article instead justifying and do sorry over this irresponsibility.

I'm sharing the entire article which is deleted from their website.

Reply from Mir Mohammad Ali khan

"The boy who is the MOCHI is 21 years of age, the two boys sitting in the picture are 9 and 11, they are not the entrepreneurs. They go to school in KPK and are his brothers, they are here during their holidays to spend time with the older brother. One is learning Motorcycle mechanics at a shop and the other, just helping his brother out. They are spending their VACATIONS in Lahore. The one who was forced to come and support his family is the one who is way above legal age. The two young boys will be leaving back to school; soon. You see this is the problem with us Pakistanis, we jump to conclusion within seconds. You could have inboxed me and i would have given you the address of this place, perhaps you could have interviewed them by going there and showed the resilience of the older brother who works so hard and puts his two younger brothers through school...But why would you do that ? Because that would take an EFFORT and it is easier to EXPLOIT the word child labour in an article to get some readership. Wake Up Pakistan. Wake the hell up and remember A PICTURE DOES NOT TELL A THOUSAND WORDS"

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