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Online shopping-in-bangladesh-is-easier-with-payza

Payza is an international payment gateway system, that allows it's members to partake in e-commerce transactions, pay utility bills, send money peer to peer etc.

Payza's contribution to online shopping in Bangladesh is revolutionary. This document helps shed light on the exciting opportunities Payza brings to fore.

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Online shopping-in-bangladesh-is-easier-with-payza

  1. 1. BANGLADESH Making Online Shopping Easier in Bangladesh By Payza –Online Payment Processor
  2. 2. Content at a Glance E-commerce Situation in Bangladesh Making Online Shopping in Bangladesh Easier Payza Aims to Help All Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh Resources BANGLADESH The Payza Payment Platform
  3. 3. E-commerce Situation in Bangladesh E-Commerce Situation in Bangladesh BANGLADESH
  4. 4. Bangladesh is a country with more than 150 million inhabitants, making it the 8thmost populous country on the planet, ahead of Japan, Mexico and even Russia. The median age in Bangladesh is 23, meaning that over half of the country’s population is university age or younger. BANGLADESH E-Commerce Situation in Bangladesh
  5. 5. In 2009, less than 750,000 Bangladeshis had access to the internet; now that number is over 33 million, and itcontinues to grow rapidly. At Payza, we believe it’s about time Bangladesh’s e-commerce scene was brought up to the same level to the rest of the world. And we’re working to help do exactly that. BANGLADESH E-Commerce Situation in Bangladesh
  6. 6. Payza offers Bangladesh their first e-wallet and online payment processing service, allowing inhabitants to send and receive money online and to shop at some of their favorite e-commerce websites. Before Payza came to Bangladesh, there really wasn’t an easy way for shoppers to pay online and no easy was for merchants to accept payments, but that’s about to change. BANGLADESH E-Commerce Situation in Bangladesh
  7. 7. Send, Receive Money and Shop Online with Payza BANGLADESH E-Commerce Situation in Bangladesh BANGLADESH
  8. 8. With a Payza account, Bangladeshis can easily add money to their online balance and then use that money to shop in some on the most popular shopping websites in Bangladesh., and along with several other e- commerce leaders have all pledged to accept Payza payments on their sites. BANGLADESH E-Commerce Situation in Bangladesh
  9. 9. The idea behind the Payza local e- wallet system is to give everyone in Bangladesh a much easier way to use their money and to provide the final step in the true online shopping experience,” said Amar S. Magon, Chief Strategy Officer for Casada Technology Ltd., Payza’s main partner in Bangladesh. “ BANGLADESH E-Commerce Situation in Bangladesh
  10. 10. Making Online Shopping in Bangladesh Easier Making Online Shopping in Bangladesh Easier BANGLADESH
  11. 11. One exciting feature Payza plans to bring to Bangladesh are deposits and withdrawals that can be made right at the bank with the help of a teller. Bangladeshi Payza members with verified accountswill be able to go to their bank and instantly add Takas to their Payza online balances, and then use that money to shop online. BANGLADESH Making Online Shopping in Bangladesh Easier
  12. 12. With specific laws in Bangladesh that don’t allow for international purchases online, Payza’s services will mean a big boost for the local ecommerce scene. Many payment processing and e-wallet companies have stayed away from Bangladesh for this reason, but Payza sees an opportunity to provide a necessary boost for this increasingly tech-savvy nation. BANGLADESH Making Online Shopping in Bangladesh Easier
  13. 13. Not only will Payza make it easier for consumers to shop online, they’ll also make it much easier for smaller merchants to operate their own e- commerce sites. Even smaller merchants in Bangladesh will be able to accept secure online payments, which means they won’t need to depend on their delivery drivers or couriers to accept cash on delivery, a security concern for all parties involved. BANGLADESH Making Online Shopping in Bangladesh Easier
  14. 14. Payza Aims to Help All Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh BANGLADESH Payza Aims to help all Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh
  15. 15. We’re extremely happy to be partnered with the biggest and best online merchants in Bangladesh. At the same time, we are also looking to sign up smaller merchants and entrepreneurs that are just getting set up in e-commerce, whether they are shop owners or freelancers,” said Firoz Patel, EVP of Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Affairs. “ BANGLADESH Payza Aims to help all Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh
  16. 16. There is an e-commerce market in Bangladesh that is on the cusp of a major boom. There is a lot of freelance work and outsourcing work being done here, and these freelancers would highly benefit from the service we are offering,” says Patel. “In this new internet age, resourceful workers need an easy solution to accept online payments if they hope to take advantage of every opportunity. Without a tool like Payza, freelancers and self-employed professionals had no real way to accept lucrative work from countries in Europe, Asia and America. Thanks to Payza, Bangladeshis can look forward to playing a bigger role in an increasingly connected world.” “ BANGLADESH Payza Aims to help all Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh
  17. 17. BANGLADESH Resource
  18. 18. In terms of reach for online payment platforms, Payza certainly covers a lot of ground. We offer services in over 190 countries, much more than the majority of companies in our field. But just because Payza is a global company, that doesn’t mean we’re one-size-fits-all. Payza is constantly looking for ways to offer the right service for the right region, depending on the circumstances. In that regard, Payza plans for Bangladeshare a perfect example. BANGLADESH Resource
  19. 19. BANGLADESH Global Platform, Local Needs An Introduction to the Payza Online Payment Platform
  20. 20. Global Platform, Local Needs Payza is a leading global online payment platform specializing in the following service areas: E-Commerce Processing Corporate Disbursements Remittances BANGLADESH The Platform
  21. 21. Global Platform, Local Needs Payza’s mandate is to provide affordable and convenient online payment processing services to the global community: BANGLADESH Our Mandate
  22. 22. Global Platform, Local Needs Specifically for Businesses: Credit card processing E-commerce processing Corporate disbursements Fraud & risk management Invoice management Dispute resolution For Consumers and Businesses: Flexible deposit and withdrawal options Localized banking Wire transfers Multi-currency Prepaid cards Mobile payments BANGLADESH Services for Businesses and Individuals
  23. 23. Connect With Us BANGLADESH
  24. 24. Stay connected with Payza! Subscribe to the Payza blog or follow us on your favorite social networks for all the latest Payza news and updates: PayzaBlog: PayzaCommunity: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: LinkedIn: Vimeo: YouTube: BANGLADESH Connect with Payza
  25. 25. BANGLADESH Thank You