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Fashion for 2011: Zara Woman Look book Spring Summer

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Fashion for 2011: Zara Woman Look book Spring Summer

  1. 1. The Spring Summer fashion for 2011 Zara look book features comfort and sophisticated stylewith a sleek edge. Expect to find a minimal fashion look with well defined shapes and cuts withaccents of vibrant colors. If you’re interested in a clean almost preppy style, look no further.Take a look below…Liking the red bubble pleated skirt from the high rise waist to the exaggerated hem. This piecelooks simple, but when designing simplicity details are everything. The goal is to achieve a cleanand classy look without trying too hard. The red skirt and the exaggerated v-neck top with bellsleeves are perfect examples of simple pieces designed to perfection with a subtle flare. Thechocolate blazer (right) is another staple item jazzed up with a sharp color and shiny satin liningunderneath. Blazers with rolled up sleeves are in fashion and so this blazer takes the simpledetail to another level. The solid blazer over the a playful stripped top gives this look a crisp andpreppy personality.
  2. 2. This season is all about colors in full bloom. Above we get a snazzy tailored ankle pants withside pockets and a collarless top sporting hidden buttons and cuffed sleeves. In recent fashiontrends designers have been moving away from the including the collar on fashion tops for amore futuristic look. To the right we see electric blue cuffed shorts paired with an easy blackopen front blazer with rolled up sleeves.Next we see Zara’s modern take on the three quarter sleeve shirt. Once again we see an electricblue exaggerated stripe down the middle of the loose fitting cream colored top. To the right wesee the recurring collarless top. This time oversized pullover top with raised pockets and hiddenbuttons halfway down the front of the shirt.
  3. 3. Zara has managed to make simple pieces interesting with exaggerated detailing. Fashionistas theworld over can’t help but enjoy the cleverness of this line, recognize and appreciate the skills.Zara is simply interesting. Take a bow! What do you think about the look book? To find morepreppy blazers on sale for $49.99 , go shopping online at