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Social media in companies
The online relationship
with the market
The new consumption relations

       After the breaking down of physical barriers fueled                                ...
Study methodology and sample

       “Social Media in Companies” survey carried out            followed by Rio de Janeiro...
Social media landscape in Brazil

                          With the increase in popularity among the very               ...
Feeling comfortable in this virtual environment,            that defines the success of any interaction that
The adoption of social media

        Companies that use or monitor on social media   The survey reveals that about 70% o...
Companies exploiting the social media

          The danger of a focus restricted to marketing                           ...
If we segregate the companies that actively use                             A new trend already active outside Brazil, mai...
The concern over the large quantity of companies                                  Noble purposes but low investment
business priority to them. The companies still don’t      Investments
see the social media as a potential way to efficienc...
The lack of support issue                                Very few are the companies that also have a
The new occupations brought by social media into the                          an array of companies offering from technolo...
Measurement and metrics                                                            the company, either by the perception o...
Without fully understanding the social media financial                                Lack of knowledge on social media ma...
Companies that watch the revolution
from afar

                                     Within the universe of companies that ...
Interest and investments                                                   Companies intending to invest in social media
Tips to enhanced social media strategy

        Based on the results of the visits paid by Deloitte              6. Assig...
The results of the survey show that Brazilian
companies sparsely use social media as a strategic
pillar to their business....
Deloitte provides services in audit, tax, risk management, corporate finance, consulting, outsourcing, human capital manag...
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Social Media in companies - full research report

Deloitte's research on social media usage by companies in Brazil. Released in May/2010.

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Social Media in companies - full research report

  1. 1. Social media in companies The online relationship with the market
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. The new consumption relations After the breaking down of physical barriers fueled In this context, Deloitte has developed the “Social by the Internet worldwide, access to information Media in Companies” survey with the aim to has become much easier and faster. At the Web, determine the degree of maturity achieved by Brazilian connected customers have gained more bargain organizations as to the social media boom in the power and they play now the role of decision- world. makers that interfere in the reputation of suppliers, influencing and being influenced by other people Through this study, Deloitte’s efforts were aimed at navigating online in the internet. showing how social media can be used as a strategic business pillar while bringing consumers and suppliers At the same time, these media have opened near to each other. opportunities for companies to foster debates on their own products and services. And so, through Identifying the benefits of these online tools, the the aggregate of opinions on their brand from large survey also introduces the social media as a social groups, these companies can benefit from a type platform through which companies can use not only of collective intelligence which can surely bring as an advertising channel, but mainly as a way of innovation and differentiation to their products, getting closer to their consuming public. services and other elements of their business model. Index Study methodology and sample. ....................................................................................................4 Social media landscape in Brazil ......................................................................................................5 The adoption of social media ...........................................................................................................7 Companies exploiting social media................................................................................................8 Companies that watch the revolution from afar .................................................................... 16 Tips to enhanced social media strategy..................................................................................... 18 Social media in companies 3
  4. 4. Study methodology and sample “Social Media in Companies” survey carried out followed by Rio de Janeiro (7%), and Minas Gerais by Deloitte aimed at portraying the new ways of (6%). Multinational companies represent 16% of the interaction between companies and their public, participating companies and the remaining 84% are provides a panorama on the use of these tools in the domestic companies. country, and was developed through the application of an online questionnaire on the Deloitte website A little over 50% of the participants are small sized ( from February to March 2010. companies, while medium and large companies Deloitte has also visited ten companies for qualitative represent 26% and 22% respectively, in the sample. interviews: Accor Hospitality, Azul, Boehringer The measurement criteria concerning the size of the Ingelheim, Bradesco, Editora Globo, IBM, Natura, participating companies in this survey was the same Nokia, Roche, and Tecnisa. employed by Deloitte in its internal classification. The survey approached companies of various The companies in the services industry represent segments and economic sizes, an aggregate of 302 33% of the sample, followed by retail, consumer companies operating in the country. São Paulo was goods and transport (20%), technology, media and the state with the majority of respondents (63%), telecommunications (17%). Surveyed companies revenue* Distribution by respondent company segments (%) (%) 5 3 5 22 6 33 11 52 9 17 17 20 Above R$ 500 million Services From R$ 201 million to R$ 500 million Retail, consumer goods and transport From R$ 51 million to R$ 200 million Technology, media and telecommunications From R$ 5 million to R$ 50 million Manufacture Health *R$ 1 = US$ 0.55 (june 2010) Financial services Real estate Energy and natural resources 4
  5. 5. Social media landscape in Brazil With the increase in popularity among the very In this context, the tools promoting social relationship consumers in recent years, social media have and online dialogue among users make these new become a relevant strategic tool to companies of all customers a lot more demanding at the time they, are sizes and economic industries. Customers’ patterns to procure a product. have changed when the Internet broke down the geographic barrier and brought speed to the access On social media, the reputation of a company is to information, making it easier to find companies and beyond the control of its management. Through products on the Web, and consequently, increasing communities, blogs, sites such as Orkut, applications the prospects of online transactions. such as Twitter, and other channels, the reputation starts to be defined by the actions of people, customers and other online influencers. The graphic below shows an example of this loss of control by the companies over the generation of information and dissemination process. The flow of information in the new media 3 2 Contents Online user post comments and the Comments on independent blogs aggregator readers vote the best postings on the article Blog 1 4 Article describes Article the new products Email, SMS and MMS Readers send links to friends via email or text messages 5 Blogs, videos The article becomes the topic of the day in blogs and social and “video-responses” generated by users are the networks most viewed worldwide. Positions such as “I love/ hate” are present in hundreds of fan links News, media and portals 6 News portals and mass media select “most popular stories” Social media in companies 5
  6. 6. Feeling comfortable in this virtual environment, that defines the success of any interaction that this neo-customer wishes to perform the maximum companies may have with their consumers when number of online activities possible, from making considering the social media as a strategic new friends to shopping, since on the Web the business pillar. shopping and consume experience can go in a much differentiated and social way. On the Internet, other In order to enhance the use of social media, consumers can express their preferences in favor of companies need to establish their own brand suppliers and products, which tends to influence spokespeople, who will talk to the market and see a potential buyer at the time of purchase. Further that value is passed on to their businesses. The still, consumers do identify themselves with virtual companies need, after all, to “humanize” themselves strangers coming to trust, and it is this identification through the social media. Uses new channels for online communication The challenge – complexity of the new Takes on online Seeks support opinions from social consumer to connect with friends and his/her peers strangers • Internet connects consumers and encourages relevant changes in the consumer behavior • Social platforms create a new and complex paradigm to connect individuals The new social consumer • Interactions between consumers and brands Reads and Tends to start at an early stage and see no end creates rankings, buy more online blogs etc. rather than offline • Social relationships with consumers cover more than simply reacting to the demand and/ or manufacturing customized products and services Expects better Is willing to experience offer feedback online rather on products and than offline services 6
  7. 7. The adoption of social media Companies that use or monitor on social media The survey reveals that about 70% of the Brazilian (%) companies have already stepped into this new trend and use and/or are monitoring on what’s 30 going on online. Despite the large number of organizations that use social media, their majority still don’t fully achieve all promised benefits, don’t understand the risks, or could not yet fully implement social media to the whole company, which would demand a change of culture and habits to those actors-to-be professionals in the relationship 70 activity with the market. These factors cause these companies to lose competitive advantage as the ones that have spearheaded the adoption towards Yes these practices are to enjoy the benefits associated No with image, reputation, and customer satisfaction beforehand. Companies that use or monitor on social media by segment (%) Among the participating sectors, the manufacture industry is the fourth biggest in number of 4 3 4 companies already using or monitoring the social 5 media. This data is contrary to the perception by a 38 portion of the market that social media apply only 7 to companies having a close relationship with end-users, such as services, telecommunications, and retail organizations. This evidences a certain maturity of the Brazilian market concerning the knowledge of what social media can provide to the 19 various types of businesses. 20 The report on this survey is split in two parts: Services Retail, consumer goods and transport the first details the insights of companies already Technology, media and telecommunications involved in social media initiatives, including an Manufacture understanding of what they do and how they Health Financial services perform and measure their actions. The second Real estate part presents the perception of companies that as Energy and natural resources yet neither use nor monitor these tools. Social media in companies 7
  8. 8. Companies exploiting the social media The danger of a focus restricted to marketing The result, however, shows that social media Pursuant to this survey, the most popular tool among are seen as much as a medium than as a social the companies using the social media are the social platform. The survey shows that companies still networks (81%) followed by Twitter (79%); however, care little about opportunity capture (46%), client due to the increasing drive Twitter in gaining in Brazil, support (43%), and innovation through collective it is expected it to soon overtake the social networks. intelligence (17%). The corporate blog is also a very popular tool as indicated by 70% of the companies plugged on the This sharing is very close to surveys on the use of social media. Wiki and social bookmarking are less these media in other countries, which shows that used by companies. Brazil is following in the steps of more established countries as the United States, Canada, Australia, These companies revealed that they use social media United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands, for marketing actions and products and services in the use and penetration of social media in the advertising (83%) and for monitoring on brand or companies market (71%). The popularity of marketing actions appears to be natural, particularly because the social Other actions mentioned by the respondents media are deemed to be a channel of communication are: news launching, dialogue and exchange of that reaches thousands of people at a low cost. experiences, investor relations, customer relationship. Additionally, the Marketing is the department having the highest opening to testing new ways of communication. Most used tools by companies using social media (%) Social networks (Facebook, Orkut, internal social networks etc) 81 Microblogs (Twitter, Yammer etc) 79 Blog 70 Discussion forums 43 Photo and video sharing 42 Wiki 27 Social bookmarking 16 0 70 Multiple answers questions 8
  9. 9. If we segregate the companies that actively use A new trend already active outside Brazil, mainly in social media but do not monitor on the Web, we the United States and Europe, is the migration or see that 29% of them fit the case. This is strong equalization of the use of social media focused on evidence that companies may have adopted the social customer relationship. As the concept of Customer media by following in the trend, without worrying Relationship Management (CRM) is already known about the information coming from the market. This to the companies, it is expected their use of these monitoring does not apply only to brand but also to social tools to this end to gain strength in 2010. the sector where the company operates or the sectors Ed Thompson, VP of the Gartner Group, stated influencing the performance of the company within a that “more than 80% of the increase in the use given productive chain. The first recommendation to of social media by companies in 2010 are directly organizations starting in the field of social media is for associated with relationship initiatives.” A term that them to take on the monitoring on the Web in order gains strength to describe this type of social media to be able to design a more accurate strategy of use approach is the “Social CRM”. Thereby, one can followed by an assessment of customers already using expect sales, customer relationship and internal these tools, and subsequently assessing the existing cooperation to be the next steps to be taken by benefits resulting from their picking a more proactive companies on social media. standing in the use of such tools. This monitoring should continue even after the aforementioned steps, particularly when facing the need to measure the performance of such actions. Most explored initiatives by companies using social media (%) Marketing actions and advertising products or services 83 Brand or market monitoring 71 Sales or opportunity raising 46 Support to customers, suppliers or business partners 43 Knowledge management 40 Talent identification for employment 25 Internal integration or team support 23 Development of products or innovation through cooperation 17 Others 9 0 70 Multiple answers questions Social media in companies 9
  10. 10. The concern over the large quantity of companies Noble purposes but low investment using the social media with no strategic arrangement Subsequently to the company’s strong focus on but just to follow in the trend, confirms itself if we marketing actions and advertising of products and compare with the statement made by 35% of the services, the raise in brand reputation and outspread organizations that their use of the social media is word of mouth marketing are the two business goals due to the press coverage as well as to the very most pursued by organizations using social media social media broadcast on the subject. The search for (85% and 82% respectively). benefits in connection with the social media is the primary factor that has led the companies to use the The cost reduction in transactions through customer social media in their businesses (54%). relationship is among the least business goals pursued by the companies. To place a page on the Facebook Leading factors for companies to use or monitor on social media (%) or open a Twitter account costs nothing and takes the time of navigating on the Internet for just a Pursuit of one or more promised benefits 54 few minutes. To host a blog or an exclusive social Press and social media coverage 35 network on owned servers are also low cost deals when comparing to other IT initiatives taken by any Complaints against the company made by customers on the social media 8 company. Cost doesn’t seem to be a major barrier to the companies’ entry on the social media, therefore Use by the competition 4 it is difficult to understand why its reduction is not a 0 70 Multiple answers questions Business goals for use of social media (%) Increase brand reputation 85 Generate word of mouth marketing 82 Create competitive advantage 59 Increase customers fidelity 57 Increase sales 55 Innovate business model 53 Bring in ideas from outside the company 50 Improve relationship with business partners 43 Enhance the success of new products 41 Improve the quality of support to customers 38 Improve public relations productivity 36 Decrease customers’ prospecting cost 25 Prepare the company for crisis management 22 Decrease marketing survey costs 19 Decrease client’s support costs 12 Other 6 0Multiple answers questions 70 10
  11. 11. business priority to them. The companies still don’t Investments see the social media as a potential way to efficiency When the talk goes on social media investment, the gains in processes, considering the low cost of word great majority of companies are still keeping it at to mouth recommendations made by customers, in little. Nearly 80% of companies invest up to R$50,000 addition to their spontaneous help when offering per year in social media, while a very small portion support or answering to queries from other customers (6%) state their investment to go over R$200,000/ online. year. A deeper analysis, taking into consideration only companies with revenues over R$ 200 million/ In addition to the purposes stated in the first graphic year and using social media, about 58 % invest below below, some companies have indicated as goals: the R$50,000/year threshold. This shows that social benchmarking with other companies, networking media are still not receiving significant investment and and exchange of experiences, an added-on it should take a while for these tools to displace the communication channel, visibility enhancement, and traditional media. brand protection. However, this scenario may change before long. Concerning competitive vision, the companies Nearly 60% of the companies surveyed stated their acknowledged being aware of their competitors’ intention to increase the invested value in the next 12 actions, and 92% of them can state whether or not months, which reveals an increase current towards the their competitors are using social media. About 85% use of social media by the organizations. of the companies already visualize their competitors’ actions through the social media in their businesses. Companies that visualize or have visualized their Companies’ annual investment on social Investment trend on social media in competitors’ social media action (%) media (%) the next 12 months (%) 2 6 13 4 10 36 57 7 85 80 Yes Up to R$ 50,000 Increase No From R$ 51,000 to R$ 100,000 Decrease Don’t know From R$ 101,000 to R$ 200,000 Maintain Above R$ 200,000 Social media in companies 11
  12. 12. The lack of support issue Very few are the companies that also have a How do Brazilian companies apply social media to department in charge of the actions, only 26%. their organizations? Who performs the task? What are Picturing a realistic scenario where any interaction the barriers and how are they measured? with the consumer on social media, even considering marketing campaigns, may generate claims, queries, Most of the company’s actions on social media doubts, and other situations requiring a more are connected to marketing campaigns, therefore specialized treatment by a department different it is not surprising to realize that in 75% of the from the one generating the initiatives, it is believed organizations initiatives are led by the Marketing that the result of this engagement would not department. The other departments hold a much fulfill the expectations of customers involved in or lower participation. What adversely surprises though, contemplated by the company’s messages. To be on is the lack of engagement from both Management the social media has a much broader significance for and the Communications department in leading the a consumer than the mere presence of the brand; to social media actions. Management and Chairmanship, the consumer it means the front door into a more expected to be the first sponsors as well as the great humanized and holistic service. The engagement drivers in the change of culture in these modern of another department is critical to enable the times, are still minority. IT is the second department companies to address all interactions with their more engaged in the social media actions, although customers. with only 16 % share, which is a very low percentage when considering IT importance for the realization for carrying out the initiatives. Department in charge of social media actions(%) Number of departments in charge of social media actions (%) Marketing 73 26 Information Technology (IT) 16 Sales 13 Public Relations 12 Research and Development 6 Communication 6 Management 5 74 Others 9 Only one department in charge More than one department in charge Multiple answers questions 0 70 12
  13. 13. The new occupations brought by social media into the an array of companies offering from technology companies, as social media strategists and community solutions to full functionality of actions to support managers, are still rare in Brazil. Respondent such companies. The results point out that 62% of the companies that already have full time professionals companies use or have used third party services in aid in their payroll represent 55%, however, the great of social media projects, while 3% of them manage majority of them are not ranked high in terms or their affairs internally, combining all activities from leadership or management. A large portion (45%), conception to execution. Comparing the companies’ neither employs any full time professional nor use degree of satisfaction between internal teams temporary staff in the company. and third party services, it seems that the external help service, in accordance with the respondents, Quality of teams has offered regular to good quality and almost all If the companies can’t yet rely on large dedicated options were satisfactory, although none has reached teams, there can be already found in the market significant levels of excellence. Number of professionals fully dedicated to social Team in charge of social media actions media (%) (%) 38 45 47 51 4 15 1 to 5 people Internal team More than 5 people Third party None/Part-time Both Company’s degree of satisfaction on services rendered by the team performing social media initiatives (%) Publicity Advertising agency 5 14 38 36 8 Marketing agency 15 35 35 15 Public Relations or Communication agencies 6 28 46 19 Web development company 1 32 52 15 Management consultants 5 11 35 43 5 Internal team 1 4 32 45 18 Very bad Bad Regular Good Excellent Social media in companies 13
  14. 14. Measurement and metrics the company, either by the perception of the brand or To follow on the results of what the social media do, the satisfaction of its customers, or more importantly, great part of the companies, about 71%, monitor by the return on investment. The brand equity indicators, on the number of users and visitors, while 63 % return on investment and net promoter scores are monitor on the number of pages viewed, and 50% the least used by the companies (24%, 18% and 6%, the visit frequency. However, it is in the group of respectively) to measure the results on social media. least used options that is found an important piece of information for optimization of the use of social On the Web, almost everything performed is media by the companies. thoroughly traceable and measurable, although the challenge of translating qualitative and quantitative Any activity or process employed by a company use results into financial quantitative numbers still exist. indicators that are regularly linked to and grouped up This can be achieved through correlation and analysis with the performance of other processes in order to of the before and after the social media, crossing off fill in an indicator for the area or department, which effects of seasonality and market movements. Yet, the in turn is passed on to the shareholder or the owner. task is hard and the company needs planning in order The business of an organization is usually managed by to structure the aspects to be measured before the these numbers, which can be translated into value to starting of any actions. Social media initiatives measurement types (%) Number of users, active users, visitors, or frequent visitors 71 Pages viewed 63 Frequency of visits 59 Site navigation time 52 Users growth rate 49 Number of email or messages senders 48 Posting frequency 45 Citations or links in other sites 41 Increase in number of searches to your company 40 Number of useful ideas or comments 32 Number of people recommending your company 32 Positive versus negative mentions rate 26 Brand equity 24 Traffic change along time 20 Return on investment 18 RSS users recurrence 9 Net promoter score 6 Other forms 2 0Multiple answers questions 70 14
  15. 15. Without fully understanding the social media financial Lack of knowledge on social media management impact on the results of the companies, it is hard to comes in the third place with 31% of the surveyed justify the sustainability of a social media initiative. companies. Twelve percent of the companies state to This may be the reason why so many express have met no obstacles, taking from their successful campaigns are abandoned at the peak of the initiatives. relationship with the customers. In this context, the inclusion of companies on the social networks can Lack of time stated by most of the respondents also be hindered, as no entrepreneur will invest in demands a reevaluation of the need to recruit a something relatively new, in constant mutation, and professional, a dedicated team or third party services unknown to the management. A well written business to take care of social media initiatives. case is the key to reverse this situation. Other obstacles appointed by the companies are: Obstacles to success culture, bureaucracy, lack of a comprehensive strategy, Lack of time and mobilization are the main obstacles IT security issues, and customers lacking social media met by the companies in the performance of their profile, team’s synergy, contents deficiency, and return social media strategies, 49% and 38% respectively. on investment. Main obstacles hindering social media success (%) Lack of time to manage social media or communities 49 Difficulty in getting people to participate 38 Lack of knowledge on social media management 31 Difficulty in making people to keep on using and connecting 25 Difficulty to attract users 24 Difficulty to find properly qualified people to manage the initiatives 24 Fund raising to continue investing in advancements 23 Management unwillingness to share information 21 Lack of commitment from the company’s high management 14 Not applicable 12 Difficulty to get people to fulfill the profile 10 Others 6 0Multiple answers questions 70 Social media in companies 15
  16. 16. Companies that watch the revolution from afar Within the universe of companies that are yet to but the difficulty in having a case study at hand is still use or monitor the social media, 53% state that the a challenge to be overcome. difficulty to measure and monitor on the benefits is the main barrier to their starting to use these The following was mentioned by the companies as tools. Lack of knowledge on the subject and lack of further barriers: Lack of funds for the implementation adequacy to the culture of the company follow suit of the tools and concern over their turn into a channel with 45% and 42% respectively. for complaints. Absence of approval from higher level management Barriers still exist that hinder the decision of some and low benefit appeal are not included in the list companies towards using the social media, however, of the main barriers. This may evidence that the 64% consider this new communication format companies’ leadership are interested or entertain the of importance to their business, and only 4% of social media as a potential communication channel the companies state that the social media play no important role in business. Primary barriers hindering the use of social media (%) Degree of importance given to social media (%) Difficulty in measuring and monitoring benefits 53 4 16 45 18 Lack of knowledge on the subject Lack of adequacy to the company’s culture 42 Concerns over security 32 14 Lack of approval from higher managemen 16 Non attractive benefits 11 Don’t know 2 48 Very important Others 17 Important 0 Multiple answers questions Little important 70 Indifferent Not important at all 16
  17. 17. Interest and investments Companies intending to invest in social media Marketing is confirmed as the most interesting type (%) of action by the companies’ views, even among those 14 that are still to use the social media. About 84% of the companies stated their interest in this type of use. Other interests mentioned by the respondents include identification of business partnerships and encouragement to more frequent use of products. 51 The majority of respondents also deem necessary to think over this idea of getting into the virtual world 35 or that the use of social media by the companies needs to gain maturity in Brazil. About 51% of the companies state their intention to invest in social No, do not intend to media within the next 3 years. Approximately 35% Yes, next year Yes, in the next 3 years intend to invest as soon as in the next 12 months, and 14% do not plan to invest in social media. Most interest-rising social media (%) Marketing actions and advertising products or services 84 Brand or market monitoring 68 Support to customers, suppliers or business partners 59 Sales or opportunity raising 53 Knowledge management 33 Development of products or innovation through cooperation 31 Talent identification for employment 30 Internal integration or team support 27 Others 2 0Multiple answers questions 70 Social media in companies 17
  18. 18. Tips to enhanced social media strategy Based on the results of the visits paid by Deloitte 6. Assign roles and responsibilities to both the team to ten companies that already use or that have had in charge and other departments that may have successful return from the use of social media, it was their processes impacted. created a list of 10 tips to help strategies in this field to be successful to your business too: 7. Establish policies and guidelines on social media using clear and simplified language. The best 1. Gather backing from your company’s high practices offer guidelines manuals and promote management to enable a seamless cultural workshops to educate both the professionals transformation in the various areas of the directly involved in the subject and those less organization. involved. 2. Gather internal disseminators that can tip off other 8. Make assessments on the impacts social media areas of the company on the benefits the social may bring to the company’s processes, whether media do to business. these processes are focused on customers or are internal support processes. Also identify the risks 3. Start implementing social media step by step. First, the social media offer to the business and draw up the online monitoring followed by an internal pilot plans for their mitigation. project of the participation in online conversation, and eventually the launching of your own initiatives 9. Find the best means to mobilize your public, on the Web. aiming at encouraging their participation on social media. To award prizes is a good thing, but most 4. Define the core goal of this strategy and break it of the times the transparent dialogue can have the down to smaller goals determined in accordance same effect. with the profile of the customer and the social media to be used. Understand where your 10. Understand the language to be used in the consumers are and determine what interaction communication with the market. Conversations format can mostly benefit the company in terms must be human, show emotions, and be of support to customers, sales promotion, idea praiseworthy to and supportive on your clients. capture, and other processes. This exercise helps to define the metrics to a close follow up of the activities. 5. Have flexible corporate governance, that is, an internally accepted leader that can grow in the extent of new demands. Also assess the need to have more than one leader for this initiative, allocated in accordance with the product lines and types of social media performed. 18
  19. 19. The results of the survey show that Brazilian companies sparsely use social media as a strategic pillar to their business. Social media in companies 19
  20. 20. Deloitte provides services in audit, tax, risk management, corporate finance, consulting, outsourcing, human capital management and actuarial consulting to clients spanning multiple industries. With a global network of member firms in 140 countries, Deloitte brings world class capabilities and deep local expertise to help clients succeed the best performance, wherever they operate. Deloitte’s 169,000 professionals are committed to becoming the standard of excellence and they are unified by a collaborative culture that fosters integrity, outstanding value to markets and clients, commitment to each other, and strength from diversity. They enjoy an environment of continuous learning, challenging experiences, and enriching career opportunities. Deloitte’s professionals are dedicated to strengthening corporate responsibility, building public trust, and making a positive impact in their communities. Deloitte has been in Brazil since 1911. Nowadays, the Firm is one of the marketing leaders and its more than 3,500 professionals are recognized by integrity, competence and capability to turn their knowledges out in the best solutions for their clients. Deloitte’s operations cover throughout the Brazilian territory, with offices in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Campinas, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Joinville, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Salvador. Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, a Swiss Verein, and its network of member firms, each of which is a legally separate and independent entity. Please see for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and its member firms. In order to find out more information, contact (phone 55-11-5186-6686). © 2010 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. Todos os direitos reservados.

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Deloitte's research on social media usage by companies in Brazil. Released in May/2010.


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