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5 Ways To Get Maximum Bang out of a Small Social Media Buck

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Duncan Alney of Indianapolis Internet and Social Media Marketing firm Firebelly Marketing, presented "5 Ways To Get Maximum Bang out of a Small Social Media Buck" at the Indiana Cultural Tourism convention held at IUPUI in downtown Indianapolis.

5 Ways To Get Maximum Bang out of a Small Social Media Buck

  1. 5 Ways To Get Maximum Bang out of a Small Social Media Buck Ideas you can implement tomorrow at work Duncan Alney, Firebelly Marketing
  2. Planning is key Don’t drive straight in
  3. Listening is the first step It’s like being at a cocktail party
  4. Fish where the fish are biting Maximize your chances of success
  5. Use the right tools What’s the right mix for your group?
  6. Measure your success Justify your existence
  7. Best Practices
  8. Comcast
  9. Jet Blue
  10. Barack Obama
  11. Zappos
  12. Case Studies
  13. Case Study #1: Tahiti Tourism Board
  14. Tahiti Tourism Board stats $1.4 million annual budget (vs Hawaii’s $67 million) $140K allocated to social media agency services Gets same # of tourists a year that Hawaii gets in 12 days Target visitor has annual HHI of $150K and $1M in investable assets
  15. Tahiti Tourism Board objectives Keep awareness going Can’t compete on price; differentiate on messaging No longer cool to spend lavishly; communicate frugal investment
  16. Tahiti Tourism Board strategies Launch microsite Coincides with Invest In Your Love YouTube video contest Facebook Fan Page Travel writer and blogger outreach via Twitter
  17. Microsite
  18. YouTube channel
  19. Facebook fan page
  20. Twitter stream
  21. Case Study #2: J.C. Hart Apartment Communities
  22. J.C. Hart objectives Increase exposure and traffic to company site Increase J.C. Hart’s results in image and video searches Community-building to retain existing residents
  23. J.C. Hart strategies Replace paper community newsletters with blogs Flickr account with images optimized for search Establish a YouTube channel and launch a resident video contest for user-generated contest and testimonials
  24. J.C. Hart results Traffic to the website increased substantially Social media sites delivered qualified traffic and leads Property occupancy rates are ahead of industry average by 10-15% YouTube channel received over 10,000 views in 2 weeks
  25. Top 10 Website Traffic Sources
  26. Top video & image search results for “Indianapolis apartments”
  27. Video contest a hit with residents and is getting good publicity
  28. Case Study #3: Yats Restaurant
  29. Yats objectives Generate awareness and traffic to the website and restaurants Create more Yats restaurant results in the Google SERPs Awareness for Greenwood & Chicago store openings Increase the number of positive reviews online
  30. Yats strategies Extend community feel online and generate participation Presence on Myspace & Facebook to facilitate dialogue Make Joe Vuskovich more accessible to “fans” via a Facebook profile Use online friends to recruit from for a promo video to be posted on YouTube and shared on other social media profiles
  31. Yats results Vibrant online community with insight and energy Yats website receives over 7K visits a month Yats’ online menu receives over 5K visits a month 10K patrons eat at an Yats location every month
  32. Increased content and positive reviews in Google SERPs
  33. Community of over 5,000 members
  34. Hundreds of people volunteered to take part in Yats commercial
  35. Great turnout at launch of Greenwood & Chicago stores
  36. Case Study #4: Emergent Leadership Institutes
  37. Emergent Leadership Institutes objectives Use social media to engage Indianapolis’ young people to volunteer Use social media presence to refer people to our primary website
  38. Emergent Leadership Institutes strategies Promote specific volunteer opportunities via Facebook and Twitter Refer our social media audience to our website where they can find the information they need to get involved.
  39. Facebook group has 634 members
  40. Twitter has 353 followers
  41. After posting a photo of volunteers with Jack Johnson and “tagging” each of them on Facebook, the group grew by 150 people because all of their friends saw this picture.
  42. Q&A Session