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What Is a Payment Gateway SolutIon?

Learn how payment gateway solutions and why acquirers need them to compete in today's business climate here.

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What Is a Payment Gateway SolutIon?

  1. 1.  Given the amount of competition out there, today’s merchants must be able to offer its customers as many payment options as possible to meet their needs.  Payment gateway solutions enable acquiring banks to provide real-time payment processing to merchants all round the world.
  2. 2.  Acquirers who are looking for payment gateway solutions should look for a payment processor that offers batch and virtual terminal solutions in real time as well as multi-currency options. It should also comply with the latest security and risk mitigation regulations.
  3. 3.  Always look for a payment gateway solution that is PCI-compliant. This provides acquirers and merchants true flexibility and control. PCI- compliant payment gateway solutions allow them to pre-authorize, authorize only, capture, and reverse and refund transactions, creating the ultimate scalable solution.
  4. 4.  Real-time automated processing  Tokenization  Virtual and batch processing  Repeat and subscription billing  3-D secure  Around the clock technical support