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Singularity-Proof Yourself

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Presented at FITC Toronto 2018
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Presented by Sage Franch, Trendy Techie

Will your job exist in the future? How will your skills fit into the landscape of artificial intelligence and quantum computing? This talk will explore the path from today to the singularity and how you can continue to be an active participant in the tech workforce of tomorrow. We will look at some of the top emerging careers in technology and the skills that will be demanded in tomorrow’s job market. Learn how blockchain, AI, mixed reality, and quantum computing will transform the tech sector, and how you can prepare to be a part of building this future.

To look critically at emerging trends in technology and explore ways developers can prepare for careers of the future

Target Audience
Developers and innovators who want to be part of shaping the future

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn
How blockchain, artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and quantum computing will transform the tech sector
Which emerging jobs will become the new normal
How to prepare yourself for the next tech job market
Which skills and languages will be most hireable in the next decade
How to stay relevant in a world with intelligent machines

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Singularity-Proof Yourself

  1. 1. SINGULARITY-PROOF YOURSELF Sage Franch @theTrendyTechie
  2. 2. 2029 2030s 2045 – Turing Test – Connected Neocortex – Superintelligence Ray Kurzweil Futurist
  3. 3. 2029 2030s 2045 – Turing Test – Connected Neocortex – Superintelligence 11 years 12-21 years 27 years
  4. 4. DOOM && GLOOM
  5. 5. “Goodbye, anthill.” “An immortal dictator from which we can never escape" “We’re summoning the demon.”
  6. 6. Does machine SUPERINTELLIGENCE equal human OBSOLESCENCE?
  7. 7. For now, we are in control
  8. 8. “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.”
  9. 9. AI will take over incrementally 1. Mundane/repetitive basic tasks
  10. 10. 1. Mundane/repetitive basic tasks 2. Physically difficult/strenuous/intricate tasks
  11. 11. Media by Grendelkhan.
  12. 12. da Vinci Surgery
  13. 13. 1. Mundane/repetitive basic tasks 2. Physically difficult/strenuous/intricate tasks 3. Data-driven decisions about us and our world
  14. 14. MIT Technology Review
  15. 15. Welcome our AI overlords 1. Mundane/repetitive basic tasks 2. Physically difficult/strenuous/intricate tasks 3. Data-driven decisions about us and our world 4. Everything else
  16. 16. So what’s left for us?
  17. 17. THEN: What can machines do that we can’t? NOW: What can we do that machines can’t?
  18. 18. What’s the human niche? What’s the human niche?
  19. 19. “as intelligent” != “intelligent in the same ways”
  20. 20. DOOM && GLOOM
  21. 21. Utopian Singularity
  22. 22. Harmonious, peaceful coexistence
  23. 23. Anger, Jealousy, Greed are human flaws
  24. 24. AI could save us from ourselves
  25. 25. Singularity minus one day
  26. 26. Three classes of top-tier Beings
  27. 27. Operate and optimize our world(s)
  28. 28. Jobs that use big data + compassion
  29. 29. Preserving creativity and compassion
  30. 30. 2030s
  31. 31. Art by Martin420 Connecting and Assimilating Discover the impact of human-machine fusion Big advancements Majority of the world online in virtuality
  32. 32. 2030s Emerging Careers • AI Assimilator • AI Navigator • Bioenhancement Counsellor • Memory Digitizer • Digital Identity Designer • Digital Avatar Publicist • Virtual Sherpa • Compassion Coach • Recentralization Specialist
  33. 33. 2020s
  34. 34. All careers are tech careers!
  36. 36. Emerging Careers 2020 More Technical • Blockchain developer • Virtual architect • Portal coordinator • Quantum programmer • Blockchain & quantum dev tool developers • AI developer • Haptic engineer Less Technical • Decentralization strategist • Cryptography advisors • World designer • Conversation designer • Hologram sculptor • Cyber ethicist • Bias detective
  37. 37. Skills to Learn Now More Code • Decentralization tech • Ethereum, Quorum, IOTA, Hyperledger • Quantum programming • Q# • V/A/MR dev • Unity, C#, Unreal, WebVR • AI, ML, DL Less Code • Assessing (de)centralization • Designing for immersion • Designing for conversation & storytelling • Ethical analysis • Identifying and removing bias
  38. 38. #1 important skill of the future: adaptability
  39. 39. 65% of today’s preschool kids will have careers that don’t exist yet Those careers will require fundamentally different skills
  40. 40. We can no longer afford to be temporary learners
  41. 41. involve yourself
  42. 42. Ethics Regulation Availability Diverse perspectives
  43. 43. We’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.
  44. 44. Sophia, Hanson Robotics Ltd., speaking at the AI for GOOD Global Summit, ITU, Geneva, Switzerland
  45. 45. Be ethical Be involved Be human
  46. 46. Sage Franch @theTrendyTechie THANK YOU
  47. 47. SINGULARITY- PROOF YOURSELF Sage Franch @theTrendyTechie