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#WomenWTF - Half the talent & half the opportunity

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Why marketers should market to women intelligently and hire intelligent women (Hint: It's just good business). Presented to Ad Club of New Orleans and Ad Club of Lafayette

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#WomenWTF - Half the talent & half the opportunity

  1. 1. WOMEN women #wtf
  2. 2. bon jour, i’m @farrahbostic I run...
  3. 3. the bad We’re paid about 80 cents on the dollar for the same work. We’re fewer than 5% of CEOs and corporate boards. We’re fewer than 5% of agency creative directors.
  4. 4. We get ‘mommy tracked’. So we leave - not for home, but for other work. Some of us leave before we’re forced to... We’re not ‘leaning in’...
  5. 5. What women want? The same things men want. what we’re struggling with? the same stuff. Pew Research “Modern Parenthood”, March 14, 2013
  6. 6. the truth is, the modern corporate environment sucks for both men & women but it’s women who will have to change it
  7. 7. Why? Because we possess half of the available talent, and more than half of the college degrees. Because we make 1/2 the purchases and influence the others, in every category. Because we control half of the wealth, and start most of the businesses.
  8. 8. and yet Women are more successful and stable entrepreneurs... but VCs don’t invest in us. Women foster better results as executives & directors... but too few of us are promoted through ranks.
  9. 9. but especially Women work, earn money, create economic growth, and control household and commercial purchasing... But marketers and politicians treat us as a single type:
  10. 10. The busy mom on the go.
  11. 11. Weber Shandwick & KRC Research Digital Women Influencers Study 2013 We’ve seen these stats. A lot.
  12. 12. women & marketing #WTF
  13. 13. via: women laughing alone with salad #WTF
  14. 14. via: women struggling to drink water #WTF
  15. 15. everywhere you go... #WTF
  16. 16. #WTF
  17. 17. #WTF
  18. 18. #wtf
  19. 19. tech brands #WTF
  20. 20. seriously, microsoft? “The campaign shows off products like the OneNote and Windows and touts features like touchscreens and affordability. But the crucial thing here is wedding bands, bridesmaids dresses, and moms providing laptops for their kids. Don't lose sight of that.”
  21. 21. take smartphone brands (please*) * With apologies for Henny Youngman
  22. 22. mobile is 1/2 women 44% of all US women own Smartphones. (Pew 2012) 54% of moms in the US own smartphones. (Nielsen 2012) 55% of US women aged 15-24 own Smartphones, leading the world in adoption. (Nielsen 2010) Half of tablet owners are women. (Flurry 2012)
  23. 23. and yet, exhibit a: #WTF 2005’s SGH-E530 “specifically for the modern Arab woman.” Apps: fragrance/aromatherapy guide, calorie counter, shopping list, menstrual-cycle calendar, biorhythm alarm 2008‘s Allure S LadyPhone. Apps: fragrance consultant, calorie counter, and shopping list, SOS message/Fake Call Came with a clutch with space for makeup, credit cards & the phone 2010 Galaxy S Femme. A pink Galaxy S, with a complete AVEDA traveling kit including creams and cosmetics, a travel kit voucher, and a 4GB microSD card including an AVEDA app to advise women on skin and haircare
  24. 24. oh, and not for nothing, but...
  25. 25. people of color also use smartphones!
  26. 26. why???
  27. 27. "[Y]ou must remember that arbitrary power is like most other things which are very hard, very liable to be broken; and, notwithstanding all your wise laws and maxims, we have it in our power, not only to free ourselves, but to subdue our masters, and without violence, throw both your natural and legal authority at our feet."
  28. 28. listen up.
  29. 29. women are not... A ‘segment’. An ‘issue’. An ‘initiative’ or ‘program’. we’re not what you think. women are... A diverse group. Half your customers & your talent pool. In control of 80% of spending.
  30. 30. some brands get it. most of the time.
  31. 31. “Look at me, study me and understand me. Then, and only then, can you make my running shoes. Don’t give me a small, pink version of a man’s running shoes. “I’m not a small, pink version of a man.”
  32. 32. then, ‘pink it & shrink it’
  33. 33. now, kick ass
  34. 34. getty images
  35. 35. ge "My mom? She makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. My mom makes airplane engines that can talk. My mom makes hospitals you can hold in your hand. My mom can print amazing things right from her computer. My mom makes trains that are friends with trees."
  36. 36. goldieblox “Disrupting the pink aisle”
  37. 37. everpurse
  38. 38. So what’s the big idea? Simple. Treating women with respect isn’t just a moral issue. Nor is it simply a legal problem.
  39. 39. It’s a business decision.
  40. 40. we might not be your ‘target’, but we’re definitely your customer.
  41. 41. “If a board doesn’t look at all like the market being served, then something (Big) is (Badly) wrong.” Tom Peters
  42. 42. it’s simple, really. Hire women, and see business results. Create good products for women, and see business results. Market to women intelligently, and see business results.
  43. 43. how do we market ‘intelligently’? Accept that women are your customers. Understand the context. Fight the urge to ‘pink it & shrink it’. Don’t assume gender matters. Know that women also like humor (and sex). Play to your (and womens’) strengths.
  44. 44. ladiez ftw