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FEAR: The Other F Word

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This was presented at SXSW V2V on Wednesday, July 16.

The speakers include: Adam Marelli (Adam Marelli Photo - Instructor for Leica Akademie), Helen Todd (Sociality Squared - Co-Founder & CEO), Jey Van-Sharp (MyÜberLife - Business Strategist & Market Analyst) and Jim Hopkinson (Hopkinson Creative Media - President)


“Doubt Kills More Dreams than Failure Ever Will” -Instagram image

Failure, rejection, ridicule, disappointment and the unknown are all powerful fears that can keep us in our comfort zones and hold us back from our reaching our creative potential. Fear can prevent us from thinking up ideas and also hold us back from sharing ideas.

Today the stage is more public than ever before with 24/7 connectivity to the web; the audience is louder and more critical; and our social currency more profoundly tied to our online extensions and credibility. Once you put your idea out there will it be accepted, criticized, or worst yet, not heard at all?

The panel that explored creativity at the inaugural SXSW V2V is going further this year to address fear as part of the creative process – how it can hold us back and propel us forward. The panelists from the fields of tech, fashion and art are diving into fear and creativity so the audience will leave more fearless in their own creative endeavors.

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FEAR: The Other F Word

  1. 1. #otherFword   #SXSWV2V   Do one thing every day that scares you. -Eleanor Roosevelt
  2. 2. #SXSWV2V  
  3. 3. FEAR #otherFword   #SXSWV2V  
  4. 4. What  Scares  You  The  Most?   1. Star3ng  something  new   2. Pivo3ng  your  business  or  career   3. Not  making  enough  money   4. Failure   5. Being  cri3cized   #otherFword   #SXSWV2V  
  5. 5. #otherFword   #SXSWV2V  
  6. 6. Hello! Helen Todd Adam Marelli Jim Hopkinson Jey Van- Sharp @helenstravels @adammarelli @hopkinsonreport @JeyofMyUberLife @sociality2 (Instagram) @salarytutor @MyUberLife #otherFword   #SXSWV2V  
  7. 7. #otherFword   #SXSWV2V  
  8. 8. #otherFword   #SXSWV2V  
  9. 9. #otherFword   #SXSWV2V   starting & changing
  10. 10. #otherFword   #SXSWV2V   falling & loud noise
  11. 11. 1.  Poverty     2.  Cri>cism     3.  Ill  Health     4.  Loss  of  Love     5.  Old  Age     6.  Death   #otherFword   #SXSWV2V  
  12. 12. 1.  Poverty     2.  Cri>cism   3.  Death   #otherFword   #SXSWV2V  
  13. 13. 1.  Poverty     – Symptoms   •  Indecision   •  Doubt   •  Indifference   •  Worry   •  Over-­‐cau>on   •  Procras>na>on   #otherFword   #SXSWV2V  
  14. 14. 2.  Cri>cism     – Symptoms   •  Self-­‐consciousness   •  Lack  of  poise   •  Personality   •  Inferiority  complex   •  Extravagance   •  Lack  of  ini>a>ve   •  Lack  of  ambi>on   #otherFword   #SXSWV2V  
  15. 15. #otherFword   #SXSWV2V   •  Decide.     –  Decide  what  you  want;  the  rest  is  execu3on.   •  Trick  your  mind.     –  It’s  about  mindset  and  perspec3ve.   •  Embrace:  Lean  against  your  fear.   •  Death:  Think  about  the  worse  case  scenario.   •  Create  Systems.     –  Use  them  to  evaluate  fears  and  to  evaluate  the  risk.   •  Develop  Perseverance.     –  Think  long-­‐term  and  the  bigger  picture.   •  Create  Mastermind  Group.     –  Surround  yourself  with  “Posi3ve”  people.  
  16. 16. #otherFword   #SXSWV2V   •  Find  A  Mentor/Master  Appren>ce.   –  Have  someone  bigger  than  you.   •  Master  Your  Own  Silence.   –  Get  comfortable  with  being  alone.  Find  yourself.   •  Implement  Healthy  Habits.     –  Exercise  and  take  care  of  your  body.   •  Redefine  Value  For  Yourself.     –  Money  is  not  who  are  you  (money  is  also  something)   •  Follow  Your  Passion.     –  Do  what  you  love  believe  in  it  and  the  money  will  follow.  
  17. 17. The  way  to  deal  with  fear  of  death  is  to  have  a   defini3ve  purpose  and  burning  desire.  Find  your   chief  aim.  If  you  focus  on  it,  then  you’ll  be  too   busy  living  to  fear.   #otherFword   #SXSWV2V  
  18. 18. thank you!please rate us on the V2V mobile app #otherFword   #SXSWV2V  
  19. 19. Fight  your  fears  and  you'll  be  in   baZle  forever.   Face  your  fears  and  you'll  be  free   forever.     -­‐Lucas  Jonkman   #otherFword   #SXSWV2V