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Galagalimart - A New Approach to Ecommerce Solutions!

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Galagalimart is an ecommerce solutions company in Thane, India providing services such as ecommerce website design, virtual shopping carts, payment gateway integration, ecommerce software, Internet marketing, etc.

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Galagalimart - A New Approach to Ecommerce Solutions!

  1. 1. ‘E- Commerce consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer network…’
  2. 2. Benefits of E-commerce
  3. 3. The Elements of Commerce  A product  A place to sell the product - in e-commerce, a website displays the products and acts as the place  A way to accept orders - usually an online form of some sort  A way to accept money - usually a merchant account handling credit card payments. This requires a secure ordering page and a connection to a bank. Or you may use more traditional billing techniques either online or through the mail  A fulfillment facility to ship products to customers (often outsource-able). In the case of software and information, however, fulfillment can occur over the Web through a file download mechanism  A way to accept returns  A way to handle warranty claims if necessary  A way to provide customer service (often through email, on-line forms, on-line knowledge bases and FAQs, etc.)
  4. 4. E-commerce makes your life easy  The things that are easy about e-commerce, especially for small businesses and individuals, include:  Creating the web site  Taking the orders  Accepting payment
  5. 5. What we serve  Specific E-Commerce Site Design and Development  Content Management  Backend Support  Complete Analysis and research  Maintenance Service
  6. 6. We Provide You  E-Commerce Solutions Services, E-Commerce Web Services, E-Commerce Internet Services and Solutions  Web designing  PHP development  SEO  Content writing  E- commerce development
  7. 7. Start off with B2B business model, and eventually venture into B2C  Manufacturers - looking to create a product portfolio online and showcase their products but don’t have a platform  E Commerce start-ups - start selling online  Existing Ecommerce websites - Enhance your website for your target audience
  8. 8. We Are There For You  Showcase your products in the most effective manner  Create a brand identity with your products online  SEO pre-integrated solution to assist marketing your products on search engines automatically  Wide array of payment gateway options for integration  Effective backend reports to help you analyze sales trends and user trends  Optional customized module development to comprehend your unique online business model
  9. 9. Let Your Product Get Global Exposure  There is a huge global market to explore by giving your product a unique identity with our E- website platform  Alternatively, we can create an exclusive E –Commerce website for you. The choice is yours!!