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Controlled assessment guidance and links

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Background and help around Slapton Sands

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Controlled assessment guidance and links

  1. 1. Controlled assessment Start Bay 2015
  2. 2. Get Started • Open a word document • Title it and save it as Geography controlled assessment. • Save this in your user area in a new folder, titled appropriately. • Complete the tasks on the following slides and using info in the student shared folder.
  3. 3. Part 1a: Writing the introduction –set the scene 1. Where Is the study to take place? Use maps and photographs to describe the location. You should cut and paste maps from the PowerPoint and also search for additional location information. Remember we are studying coastal management in Start Bay at 4 locations – these need to be on your map (Hallsands, Beesands, Torcross and Slapton Sands. 2. Why? Explain the reasons for choosing Start Bay. – its accessible to a investigate a range of different strategies, its definitely prone to flooding, its beautiful, its used by a number of different groups of people who may have conflicting views about its management.
  4. 4. Part 1b: Writing the introduction –set the scene 1. Describe historical examples of Coastal flooding – use three events: 1917, 1979, 2014. 2. What is the issue? Explain why Coastal flooding is an increasing issue – 3 reasons: Dredging of the Shingle (Historical) Frequency of storms increasing, Rising sea levels (Geography Futures). 3. Describe the coastal processes at work in Start bay – particularly explain the process of Longshore drift and Marine Transgression. Also the Processes of Erosion by the sea.
  5. 5. Part 1c – tell the Hallsands Story • /2006/11/03/lost_hallsands_feature.shtml • Read this article – how one of the villages in our study area has been washed away by the sea.
  6. 6. Part 2: Set up the investigation 1. Write the Hypothesis 2. Key Questions 3. What fieldwork will you carry out to get information to be able to answer these questions? 4. For each fieldwork technique – describe how it is done and explain what information it will provide – what are the advantages or disadvantages of the technique.
  7. 7. Start Bay and Coastal Flooding Video links
  8. 8. Start Bay featured in BBC Coast • yerg
  9. 9. Coastal Flooding Beesands 2014 Storm Footage • vdA Local reaction • vdA
  10. 10. Torcross • Storm footage • eRA • Local interview 4.30 mins • 2mP0Y
  11. 11. Slapton Sands • Bkyo The Road and the beach merge! • HaSc Westerly and easterly gales • 33mqIEoO4
  12. 12. The story of Old Hallsands Q4