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Guide To Competitive Recruiting of International Students

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This brochure provides a high level snapshot of the guidelines to some of the most important questions and concerns on the minds of hiring managers and HR departments.

International graduate students are widely recognized as talented individuals with extensive work experience in multi-national organizations, and in multi-lingual and team-based environments. Companies hiring international students have benefited from their divergent thinking on global issues, cross-cultural awareness of market dynamics, and the general ability to apply knowledge to ever-changing competitive situations in today’s business world.

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Guide To Competitive Recruiting of International Students

  2. 2. Visit us on the web at
  3. 3. This brochure provides a high level snapshot of the guidelines to some of the most important questionsand concerns on the minds of hiring managers and HR departments.The Weatherhead School of Management is proud of the rich diversity in its student population. We takepride in our ability to attract a motivated set of professionals representing a wide array ofcountries, cultures, and ethnicities into our graduate degree programs. In the past five years, ourinternational students have come from over 25 countries, bringing with them the rich perspectives, ex-periences, and expectations of the increasingly globalized world that we live in.International graduate students are widely recognized as talented individuals with extensive work expe-rience in multi-national organizations, and in multi-lingual and team-based environments. Companieshiring international students have benefited from their divergent thinking on global issues, cross-cultur-al awareness of market dynamics, and the general ability to apply knowledge to ever-changing competi-tive situations in today’s business world. Visit us on the web at
  4. 4. HIGH QUALITY, NO COST RECRUITING AT WEATHERHEADThe Career Management Office at Weatherhead is ready to help you find your ideal candidate, be it adomestic or an international student. We appreciate the concerns that employers have about hiringinternational students in particular. To that end, we endeavor to provide the following services to ourhighly-valued employers to make the process easier. CANDIDATE SELECTION Our class sizes allow us to get to personally know our students. We regularly help employers hand-pick students based on mutual interests, past experiences, organizational fit, and business needs. We can also develop a marketing plan to best promote your organization to our students. FLEXIBLE STAFFING Our international students are interested in a wide range of staff- ing options, including short-term projects, internships and full- time opportunities. WORK AUTHORIZATION PROCESS We work closely with the International Student Services office at Case to proactively advise our international students on questions regarding immigration, work authorization and em- ployment. We take care of most authorization processes so that employers benefit from a seamless process. Visit us on the web at
  5. 5. HIRING INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: THE BASICSMuch like domestic graduate students, international students attending the Weatherhead graduatedegree programs most frequently seek the following employment opportunities:• Internships: Full-time internships in the summer between the first and second years as well as part-time opportunities in the second year.• Full-Time Employment: Career opportunities that are available after graduation for students.POINTS TO NOTE• While in School: Upon completing one academic year (i.e. two full semesters) at Weatherhead, interna-tional students on F-1 visa are legally allowed to seek full or part-time internship opportunities as partof their Curricular Practical Training (CPT). A prospective employer DOES NOT have to do anything exceptprovide an offer letter to the student specifying the detailed terms of employment. It is the student’sresponsibility to obtain the CPT authorized from the university, a process that typically takes 2 businessdays.• After Graduation: Upon graduation, international students are legally permitted to pursue up to 12months of full-time employment in their field of education as part of their Optional Practical Training(OPT). Students typically apply with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in their lastsemester at Weatherhead and obtain the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) before or shortlyafter graduation. Once again, a prospective employer DOES NOT bear any responsibility but treat inter-national students on par with domestic students when hiring decisions are made. Visit us on the web at
  6. 6. HIRING INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK INTERNSHIPS FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT (On F-1 visa) (OPT with F-1 visa) (Company-sponsored H1-B visa)Timing/Duration Up to 40 hrs/week Up to 12 months after Initial term of three years, can after completing graduation be extended to six years two semesters or one full academic yearStudent Obligation Obtain CPT au- Apply for OPT with the US- Work with employer to provide thorization by the CIS in the final semester documents required for visa university upon sponsorship receiving an offerEmployer Obligation None beyond treating international applicants Willingness to diversify and re- as the employer would domestic applicants tain talent pool by folling some from a work-autorization standpoint very easy steps [1] towards H1-B visa sponsorhipCost to Employer NONE $2,200-$3,200[1] For more details on the steps involved in a typical H1-B sponsorship process, please visit the USCISwebsite or contact the Career Management Office at Weatherhead School of Management forinformation on area immigration-law professionals. BE OPEN TO HIRING THE BEST TALENT. TALK TO AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT AT LOCAL SCHOOLS. Visit us on the web at
  7. 7. EMPLOYER FAQsQ. Are international students permitted to work in the U.S.?A. Yes. International students are legally permitted to pursue internship and full-time employmentopportunities in the U.S. after completing two semesters and/or 1 full academic year at Weatherhead.Q. Is there extra paperwork that employers have to file to hire international students?A. No. The students are required to obtain authorization from the university (for internships) and fromthe USCIS (for full-time employment post graduation). Employers DO NOT have to complete any extrapaperwork. Employers will need to process paperwork at the time of H1-B sponsorship.Q. What are CPT and OPT?A. CPT (Curricular Practical Training) and OPT (Optional Practical Training), are legal employmentclassifications that students can use to pursue employment opportunities while in school and aftergraduation, respectively.Q. When and why do students need visa sponsorship?A. Upon graduation, international students remain on F-1 visa and can be employed full-time for up to12 months of Optional Practical Training (OPT). To retain the talent beyond this period, it becomes theemployer’s responsibility to sponsor a work visa. Most often, this entails a relatively simple process ofsponsoring a H1-B visa for the employee. The visa remains valid for an initial period of 3 years and canbe extended once for another 3-year period.Q. How cumbersome can the H1-B process be?A. Contrary to popular belief, the H1-B visa sponsorship process is typically a smooth, cost-effectiveprocess. The employer does not bear the onus of proof of having recruited citizens and permanentresidents first. Moreover, the cost of filing the sponsorship is typically under $5,000, including the feesfor legal counsel.Q. Are international students really able to communicate effectively and fit into American work culture?A. At Weatherhead, we are extremely cognizant of the need to admit international students with strongcommunication skills in English. Note that in addition to the GMAT; most international students have toscore well on a standardized English language test, typically the TOEFL. The Career Management Officeat Weatherhead also provides orientations and workshops for their development andassimilation. Furthermore, in today’s global business environment, people all across the world are wellaware of American and other international work cultures and are able to fit into multi-cultural andmulti-ethnic business teams. Visit us on the web at
  8. 8. OTHER MYTHS ABOUT HIRING INTERNATIONAL STUDENTSH1-B is a time-intensive process H1-B is a non-competitive visa classification, i.e. employers DO NOT need to actively recruit U.S. citizens before filing petitions on behalf of international employees.It’s a costly process Initial CPT and OPT authorizations require ZERO additional costs from employers; H1-B sponsorship applications cost less than $5,000.Limited availability of visas There are 65,000 new H1-B visas available every year, plus an additional 20,000 for students with U.S. graduate degrees.Extensive legal expertise required Counsel is advised for the application process only to efficiently and diligently prepare necessary documents and submit them to the USCIS. Students typically undertake some of the process themselves. Visit us on the web at
  9. 9. USEFUL LINKS FOR EMPLOYERSFind an immigration attorney in your area www.aila.orgU. S Citizenship and Immigration Services www.uscis.govU. S Immigration Guide for Employers Labor Certification www.foreignlaborcert.doleta.govU S Department of Labor www.dol.govH-1 B FAQ Career Management Office EMPLOYERS OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS FROMWEATHERHEAD SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Alcoa American Express American Greetings Attevo Bank of America Bayer Bio Enterprise Cleveland ClinicCliffs Natural Resources Colgate Palmolive Dealer Tire Deloitte Consulting Diebold Eaton Corporation Emerson Electric Goodyear Tire & Rubber Huntington Bank Invacare Corporation Keithley Instruments, Inc. Key Corp. McKinsey & Co Network Technologies, Parker Hannifin Rockwell Automation Inc. Sherwin Williams University Hospitals of Wedge Partners Cleveland To learn more, contact the Career Management Office at the Weatherhead School of Management: Meenakshi Sharma // Director // 216.368.2095 // meenakshi.sharma@case.eduInformation contained in this guide should be used for informational purposes only and is NOT meant to be a substitute for professional legal advice. Visit us on the web at
  10. 10. NOTES
  11. 11. NOTES
  12. 12. ABOUT GLOBAL CLEVELANDGlobal Cleveland is an organization focused on regional economic development through actively attracting newcomers, andwelcoming and connecting them economically and socially to the many opportunities throughout Greater Cleveland.Over the next decade, Global Cleveland’s goal is to attract 100,000 newcomers to the region. Increasing both domestic andinternational migration will support economic development as newcomers bridge the skills gap and fill jobs, start companiesand add to the educational attainment of the region. The skills, connections and diversity brought by newcomers are assetsto the region and contribute to the broader community’s prosperity, as newcomers have during Cleveland’s past.Global Cleveland has the support of a wide cross section of business, civic and cultural leaders on its board of directors andadvisory committee, including Mayor Frank Jackson and County Executive Edward FitzGerald. The initiative has raised morethan $1 million in funding from Huntington Bank, Forest City Enterprises, The Cleveland Foundation, Jewish Federation ofCleveland, The Maltz Foundation and The George Gund Foundation.Global Cleveland200 Public Square, Suite 150Cleveland, OH 264-9352ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL ENTREPRENEURS (TiE)The International Entrepreneurs (TiE) Ohio is an organization of entrepreneurs who connect, network, and mentor globally tocreate the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.TiE Ohio is the 50th chapter of the global TiE network. Founded in Silicon Valley by immigrant tech entrepreneurs, TiE has 57chapters around the globe. TiE is now the world’s largest organization for fostering entrepreneurship; its members includesome of the world’s most well-known entrepreneurs. TiE Ohio is poised to fulfill a critical niche in Northeast Ohio’s businessdevelopment landscape by focusing specifically on immigrant and minority entrepreneurs within the region, and byencouraging other such entrepreneurs to consider NEO as a place to launch their new businesses. TiE Ohio highlights thecontributions of foreign-born entrepreneurs to the local economy through the TiE International Entrepreneurship Awards andprovides focused support to entrepreneurs through mentoring, networking, and a global business venture competition.ABOUT WEATHERHEAD AND CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITYThe Weatherhead School of Management is different from other business schools. We are bold in our ideas, creative in ourapproach, and adaptive in our interactions within a changing business environment. Our graduates are ready to addimmediate value to their organizations, their communities, and the world. On Case Western Reserve’s campus, located at theheart of University Circle, students find themselves in one of the densest concentrations of educational, scientific, medical andcultural institutions in the United States.Career Management Office11119 Bellflower Road, Suite 160Cleveland, OH