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Presenting AskMarkets at the TechCrunch/OpenCoffee event in Athens

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The keynote file of my presentation at the "TechCrunch goes OpenCoffee Greece" event, hope you'll like it.
The videos are missing though, slideshare does not support such a feature.
But you can find the embedded videos here:

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Presenting AskMarkets at the TechCrunch/OpenCoffee event in Athens

  1. Hello
  2. I have a lot to tell you
  3. but I do need to hurry, so I’d stick to just one thing:
  4. markets ...”markets” You probably know a lot of them...
  5. there are stock markets,
  6. betting markets,
  7. street markets. And they all seem to be so different,
  8. they look like apples and oranges somehow, right? Well, I'd say not. All markets, whether they concern
  9. stocks or...
  10. fish, they are essentially the same, at least to the extent that they...
  11. bring people together
  12. bring people together
  13. bring people together trigger conversations