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The Third Labour

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The Third Labour

  1. 1. Alunne: Giulia, Elisabetta & Beatrice
  2. 2. <ul><li>It was an animal from the horns of gold and bronze hooves: it was a divine being. The dangerous and difficult aspect was not determined from its particular aggressiveness, but rather from the fact that it obligated the pursuer to push in disowned and hostile places, with more and more alive desire of the capture. Hercules chased it for a year, but he did not want neither kill it neither hurt it. Near the Ladon river, to the border of the Garden of the Hesperides, it began the afterlife. The hero captured it and returned to Micene. On the road of the return it had to be made excuses for the capture with Apollon and Artemis, who loved the hind, saying to have captured it for order of Euristheus. </li></ul>THIRD HARD WORK: The hind of Cerinea