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Art in Detail: Stories Of Aphrodite (Venus)

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Stories Of Aphrodite (Venus) (Paintings)

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Art in Detail: Stories Of Aphrodite (Venus)

  1. 1. You'll know Aphrodite when you see her. Sometimes she goes by Venus or Cytherea, but no matter what alias she's using, her smokin' good looks give her away every time. Half the time, she even walks around totally naked... yeah, she kind of sticks out in a crowd. For real though – and listen to us when we tell you this – you do not want to date Aphrodite. She's pretty to look at, but she is TROUBLE.
  2. 2. I love my mom!
  3. 3. Go ahead – bask in my glow ...
  4. 4. Art in Detail Stories Of Aphrodite (Venus) (Paintings)
  5. 5. Everybody likes this painting Botticelli did of me. I mean, it's pretty nice, but why did he have to put other people in it? 
  6. 6. BOTTICELLI, Sandro The Birth of Venus c. 1485 Tempera on canvas, 172.5 x 278.5 cm Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
  7. 7. I already knew I was the prettiest goddess, but it's still nice to hear someone say it!
  8. 8. RUBENS, Peter Paul The Judgment of Paris c. 1636 Oil on canvas, 145 x 194 cm National Gallery, London
  9. 9. My mom was like "Why are you stealing that honeycomb?" And I was like, "Why are you only wearing a hat?"
  10. 10. CRANACH, Lucas the Elder Cupid Complaining to Venus 1526-27 Oil on wood, 81 x 55 cm National Gallery, London
  11. 11. Ares (Mars): Aphrodite and I have a thing (which constantly ticks off her husband, Hephaestus). Aphrodite (Venus): Married to Hephaestus ... But what he doesn't know won't hurt him. ;)
  12. 12. BOTTICELLI, Sandro Venus and Mars c. 1483 Tempera on wood, 69 x 173,5 cm National Gallery, London
  13. 13. It's never nice to catch your wife in bed with another man – especially when that other man is Ares.
  14. 14. GUILLEMOT, Alexandre Charles Mars and Venus Surprised by Vulcan 1827 Oil on canvas, 232 x 182 cm Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna
  15. 15. … my fave boy
  16. 16. RUBENS, Peter Paul, After Venus Trying to Restrain Adonis from Departing for the Hunt (studio copy) - Oil on panel, 59 × 81 cm Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, The Hague
  17. 17. Dionysus ... He throws the best parties !
  18. 18. JANSSENS, Abraham Ceres, Bacchus and Venus 1605-1615 Oil on canvas, 183.8 x 235 cm Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu
  19. 19. This painting of spring is really famous – and there I am right in the middle!
  20. 20. BOTTICELLI, Sandro La Primavera (Spring) c. 1482 Tempera on panel, 203 x 314 cm Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
  21. 21. Art in Detail: Stories Of Aphrodite (Venus) (Paintings) images and text credit www. Music wav. created olga.e. thanks for watching oes APHRODITE (VENUS) Greeks call her Aphrodite, Romans call her Venus, but everybody calls her drop dead gorgeous. One of the most worshipped of Greek deities, Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, and procreation. As you might guess, Aphrodite has a pretty wild love life. She provides Olympus with more scandal and trouble than it could ever want. She is often vain, selfish, vengeful, and untrustworthy. Still, though, both god and mortal can’t get enough of Aphrodite's unearthly beauty and irresistible sensual charms. There's no one quite like her.
  22. 22. Name Aphrodite Nickname Venus, Cytherea Sex Female Current city Mount Olympus Occupation Goddess of Love, Sex, and Beauty Education The ocean taught me everything I know Parents Ouranos (dad) and the ocean (mom) Children Eros, Pothos, Anteros, Himeros, Harmonia, Aeneas, and many more (Hey, don't judge. I'm the goddess of procreation, what do you expect?) Friends Eros (My son is my fave friend) Dionysus (He throws the best parties) Enemies The whole Greek army Psyche, my daughter-in-law
  23. 23. Relationship status Married to Hephaestus. But what he doesn't know won't hurt him. ;) It's complicated with Ares Interested in You Activities Looking at myself in the mirror Helping mortals feel beautiful Shopping Seducing people Opening presents Swimming in the ocean surf Interests Sex, love, and romance Beauty Parties
  24. 24. BOTTICELLI, Sandro, The Birth of Venus Look at her, she is just about to step down on the shore from her shell. This Venus is just newly born but for a baby Venus she looks very grown up to me. She is just perfect, although a little bit modified: Botticelli extended her neck to make it look more graceful. This is called a plastic surgery in a Renaissance style.
  25. 25. RUBENS, Peter Paul, The Judgment of Paris Aphrodite (Venus), goddess of love, beauty and fertility, has roses (love symbols) in her hair, as well as pearls that recall the legend of her birth. She tells Paris that if he chooses her, she will make Helen (the most beautiful woman in the world) fall in love with him. Her bribe succeeds; Paris chooses her as the most beautiful goddess.
  26. 26. CRANACH, Lucas the Elder, Cupid Complaining to Venus Eros (Cupid) is the god of passion, desire, and (sometimes) love. He's Captain Mojo. When you hear a god described like that, you might think that any story he pops up in will end happily. Two people will meet, fall in love, skip through fields of flowers, make babies, and all that good stuff. However, this is hardly ever what goes down when Eros comes a knockin'. Instead, the mischievous little guy causes trouble everywhere he goes – sometimes, for no better reason than his own personal amusement.
  27. 27. BOTTICELLI, Sandro, Venus and Mars Ares is never too hard to find. Anywhere there's full-scale chaos – riots, bloodshed, murder, mayhem, the Super Bowl – you'll find the god of war ... or in bed with Aphrodite.
  28. 28. GUILLEMOT, Alexandre Charles, Mars and Venus Surprised by Vulcan Hephaistos, the god of smiths was the husband of Aphrodite, who later divorced her following her adulterous love affair with Ares. Aphrodite was never happy with the marriage having been forced to wed him by decree of Zeus, as a gift for releasing his mother Hera from the bonds of the cursed golden throne.
  29. 29. RUBENS, Peter Paul, Venus Trying to Restrain Adonis from Departing for the Hunt What do you get when the goddess of love gets with the hottest guy in the world? Trouble. Venus (Aphrodite) was the goddess of love, beauty, and procreation. As you might expect from a goddess of these things, she had a wild and crazy love life. Of course, even though Adonis was only one of her many lovers, the tale of their affair is one of most famous of all the goddess's romantic exploits. It seems like she just never got over that beautiful boy.
  30. 30. JANSSENS, Abraham, Ceres, Bacchus and Venus Dionysos, the god of wine who had a short affair with Aphrodite. Hera cursed the goddess to bear a horribly ugly child, Priapos, as punishment for her promiscuity.