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IDMP CEE Communications by Gergana Majercakova

IDMP CEE - Communications in progress

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IDMP CEE Communications by Gergana Majercakova

  1. 1. IDMP CEE - Communications in progress Regional Council Meeting, Bratislava 13-14 October 2013
  2. 2. IDMP CEE – become more visible • 1st IDMP CEE brochure Timeline: content and graphics agreed and prepared by 30nd October, print by 6th November, display at COP 19, Warsaw Electronic version on the GWP CEE website in November • Media and Public Relations 3 press releases planned for 2014 • • Workshop for journalists Key “water” stakeholders recognize their irreplaceable role in IWRM planning process
  3. 3. IDMP CEE – become more visible (2) • • • • • • Create a video about the programme Upload the video on GWPCEE website, YouTube, Facebook Share the video within the GWP regions, among the Country Water Partnerships Similar video done by GWP South America: Stronger event covering Communications officer will attend some of the most important events plus demo projects to write articles and photos Photo competition Attract young people Raise awareness of drought issues
  4. 4. IDMP CEE – become more understandable Website • Create IDMP CEE subpage • IDMP CEE brainstorming meeting GWP CEE Secretariat strategic meeting in November Study other Drought Management Programme communications strategies (WACDEP, etc.) Come up with a concrete plan for IDMP Communications Strategy for 2014 • 2nd IDMP brochure in late 2014 Go local – translate the brochure into 10 languages • •
  5. 5. IDMP CEE – sharing knowledge • Media and Public Relations Regularly sharing information on IDMP CEE related news in the region among the IDMP CEE countries, e.g. press releases • Monitor IDMP CEE in the news Monitor media coverage on IDMP CEE in our region (Google Alerts) and share it among the Country Water Partnerships • • Social Media and Knowledge Sharing tools Monitor and make more use of social media Exchanging short news or/and photos from field studies in demonstration projects, meetings with important stakeholder, etc. Please, share with us your ideas about communications related to IDMP CEE programme!