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  1. 1. B Y V L A D A L U K U A N O V A7 « A » C L A S SAdvertising
  2. 2. DefinitionAdvertising is away a companyencourages people tobuy goods, services, companies and ideas,usually performed byan identifiedsponsor, andperformed through avariety of media. Advertisers influence our identityby making adverts.Many people agree that theyinfluence our identity and theyhave a huge impact on our life.They influence our identity byusing things such as techniques,stereotypes and targetingour audience.
  3. 3. Types of advertisingAdvertising happensin many differentways. Many productsare advertised ontelevision, althoughnot all channelspermit advertising.Billboards advertiseproducts on citystreets, these maysimply befreestandingbillboards or may bepart of streetfurniture such as abus shelter. Busesand taxis are oftencovered in adverts.Banana Republic’s advert
  4. 4. Adverts in newspaper and inside plane.Airlines sometimesallow advertisinginside their planes.Adverts also appear innewspapers,magazines and sportsprograms. Manystadiums have advertsset around them.Sports teams,tournaments,television programsand public eventssometimes havesponsors. Advertisingalso takes place onthe internet and TV.
  5. 5. TechniquesAdvertisers usemany differenttechniques to getpeople to noticethere adverts, oftenusing deliberatelyshocking orprovocative images.Once they havemanaged to makepeople notice theiradvert, they need tosell the product orbrand.Funny advert
  6. 6. They may try tomake the productlook appealing,however oftenadvertisers usehumour to getpeople toremember thebrand withoutactually promotingthe product. Pooradverts can damagesales or spoil abrands identity.
  7. 7. HistoryEgyptians used papyrus to make sales messages and wallposters. Commercial messages and political campaigndisplays have been found in the ruins of Pompeii andancient Arabia. Lost and found advertising on papyrus wascommon in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Wall or rockpainting for commercial advertising is another manifestationof an ancient advertising form, which is present to this day inmany parts of Asia, Africa, and South America. The traditionof wall painting can be traced back to Indian rockart paintings that date back to 4000 BC. History tells usthat Out-of-home advertising and billboards are the oldestforms of advertising.
  8. 8. 19th century Thomas J. Barratt from London has been called "thefather of modern advertising". Working for the PearsSoap company, Barratt created an effectiveadvertising campaign for the company products,which involved the use of targeted slogans, imagesand phrases. One of his slogans, "Good morning.Have you used Pears soap?" was famous in its dayand well into the 20th century. Under Barrattsguidance, Pears Soap became the worlds first legallyregistered brand and is therefore the worlds oldestcontinuously existing brand.
  9. 9. Thanks for watching