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Passion for projects - using prototypes to sell innovate and specify

  1. Using Prototypes to Sell, Innovate, and Specify HAMPUS JAKOBSSON
  2. @hajak Who am I?
  3. A communication tool to specify what is to be created that allows someone to experience something that does not (yet) exist What is a prototype?
  4. Example: Creating a workspace
  5. Example: Creating a workspace
  6. Example: Creating a workspace
  7. Example: Creating a workspace
  8. Example: Creating a workspace
  9. But in the digital world most don’t prototype!
  10. PRO TOT YPE W pr iz ot in fin od ar ot te pr d yp is uc m e ra sk im he t of e id ov c et tiv ag d ea O ie fidelity ch z e low cost high low feasibility certainty high high possibility to critique & change low high requirement of imagination little
  11. Iterate an idea fast, internally and externally, throughout the development process to validate direction Why to prototype?
  12. Pixar’s increasing number of storyboards 27,565 A Bug’s Life 43,536 Finding Nemo 69,562 Ratatouille 98,173 WALL-E
  13. The task is to create an experience that can be discussed!
  14. Fujitsu Dual Screen project Use case
  15. Video #1 Stop motion
  16. Video #2 Motion tracking
  17. Video #3 UI implementation
  18. Video #4 Real device
  19. Prototypes are like children; playful, dirty and for them two weeks feel like ages. They question things and make you open your eyes.
  20. Summary prototyping is communication rapid prototyping reduces cost, improves accuracy & quality prototypes can allow someone to experience something that does not exist
  21. Thanks! twitter: @hajak