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Automated ticket booking ivr system empowered train management

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Automated ticket booking IVR system for booking the train tickets have not only benefited the train management authority, but have also increased the customer satisfaction. It has made reaching more people easier with its features of using the system without any internet connection.

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Automated ticket booking ivr system empowered train management

  1. 1. Automated Ticket Booking IVR System Empowered Train Management The Interactive Voice Response System has benefited many industries, with its abundant features. The Railway management can improve the customer service and satisfaction by implementing this IVR system. How Ticket Booking IVR Solution Works? • The user will make a call on a publicly defined number. • The IVR system will guide the caller through different interactive menus to select their journey tickets. • Once the birth or the seat is booked, the customer can pay the fare using secure payment options provided in the IVR itself. • The ticket will be generated. Based on the specific model, the ticket acknowledgment can be generated in a form of SMS or email. This can be used as a ticket during the journey. There are many benefits the customers and the rail management can leverage by this automatic ticket booking IVR Solution. Wider Customer Reach The IVR system doesn't require any internet connection or specific type of device on the customer end. Any simple phone will do the needful for ticket booking using this solution. This nature of the ticket reservation IVR solution makes it feasible to use by any audience from metropolitan city to a rustic village. Cost-effective for the customer and the Railway management The IVR solution doesn't cause any extra charges to their customers. It will cost only the minimum call charges or even less if the SIP based calling is integrated in the ticketing IVR system. The ticket booking IVR system is a software, which can be installed on the server. To access the admin panel, the management would require a system with normal configuration. No other addons, software or hardware required. This makes it cost-effective at the time of installation. As it can be managed by anyone with a bare minimum IT knowledge so management of it also doesn't require much money spending. At the same time, software is not subject to deterioration. Thus, maintenance of this system will not be heavy to the budget of the Railway Management. This makes it a cost-effective solution. Dynamic Interactive Voice Response System The ticket booking for the Railway would require multi level and dynamic IVR menu due to multiple options it need to offer. The ticket booking IVR system has the feature of generating the nested and dynamic
  2. 2. interactive response menu to cater this complex need of the railway ticket booking. Easy To Use Admin Panel The automated ticketing IVR software comes with the web based admin panel. It is designed with the concept of a GUI (Graphical User Interface). Thus, it is very easy to access and use. Adding or removing the interactive response menu items are as easy as adding the list of items in the word doc. Just a few simple steps and it's done. As it comes in a form of a web client. The railway management doesn't need to install any software to access it. It can be accessed from any system or even from a mobile via a web browser. There are many more benefits the Railway management can leverage from the automated ticket booking IVR software. The rail customers can be catered in a more interactive way by this solution. We offer custom ticket booking IVR solution development services based on custom requirements. To know more about it, please visit