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State of Robotics 2015

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What's going on with robots? What's coming next? From drones to autonomous vehicles, service robots, social robots or toys, here is a fairly broad overview.

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State of Robotics 2015

  2. 2. ROBOTICS Foreword This report shares our experiences in the space since the creation of the 'Robotics' track at HAX.
 The full “Hardware Trends 2016” report will be published next year. Comments are welcome! Thanks to HAX robotics founders and industry friends for their contributions, and to all robotics lovers out there who help make things happen. Benjamin Joffe ( Cyril Ebersweiler ( Duncan Turner ( Email: Apply: Twitter: @hax_co Intro
  3. 3. • What’s a robot today? • What happened in 2015? • What are the trends? • What barriers remain? • What’s coming next?ROBOTICS A few questionsIntro
  4. 4. Source: HAX State of Robotics, November 2015 ROBOTICS Intro The robots are coming! Drones Autonomous Vehicles Service Robotics RoboMing Tools + most major car makers (Toyota, Volkswagen, GM, Renault-Nissan, Hyundai-Kia, etc.) Robot Arms Cobots Robot Toys Lifestyle Robots Social Robots Robots are getting cheaper, smarter, more varied and reaching new industries. Others
  6. 6. ROBOTICS HAX definition A device that adapts to its environment thanks to autonomous movement and autonomous decisions What’s a robot?
  7. 7. ROBOTICS Not a robot Sorry guys What’s a robot?
  8. 8. ROBOTICS Barely a robot? • Most don’t adapt and make decisions. • Yet, they are gradually entering the field of robotics thanks to computer vision and adaptive algorithms. Drones 3d printersRoombas Factory arms What’s a robot?
  9. 9. ROBOTICS Platforms Several hardware and software “platforms” help the development of robotics projects: ROS: Robot Operating System
 OpenCV: open source computer vision library Developer arms: various of projects Anatomy of a robot
  10. 10. ROBOTICS Actuators • Actuators convert energy mostly into rotational or linear motion. • “Motors” are actuators, as are pneumatics, hydraulics, solenoids or shape-memory alloys and polymers (SMA/SMPs). Source: Anatomy of a robot
  11. 11. ROBOTICS Pneumatic & HydraulicDC linear actuator Stepper motorGeared DC motor Linear SMA “Classic” DC motor Solenoid Industrial servo Anatomy of a robot Actuators
  12. 12. ROBOTICS • How many senses can a robot have?
 Surely more than five! • A flurry of sensors have been made smaller, cheaper and better thanks notably to sales
 of smartphones and gaming consoles. • Sound: infra, audible, ultrasound • Light: IR, visible, UV, in particular for RGBD/LIDAR used for SLAM (simultaneous localization & mapping) • Touch: piezo/pressure • Smell: chemical • Other: accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, barometer, temperature, fingerprint, and many more! Sensors Anatomy of a robot
  13. 13. Multi-touch touchscreen display, triple microphone configuration, M8 motion coprocessor, 3-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, digital compass, iBeacon, proximity sensor, ambient light Touch ID fingerprint reader, barometer ROBOTICS Robots can thank Apple, Microsoft and Nintendo Sensors Anatomy of a robot
  14. 14. ROBOTICS Microcontrollers & Microprocessors • Microcontrollers and microprocessor are the onboard control, the “brain”. • They very in cost, size, power, community/ support, availability and complexity… • The options range from a chip to a development board or a full-blown computer. Source: Anatomy of a robot
  15. 15. ROBOTICS The brains Various ways to control Anatomy of a robot
  16. 16. ROBOTICS 2015 IN REVIEW
  17. 17. ROBOTICS Overall Trends • Faster, better, cheaper components • More startups, more funding • Robot-as-a-Service growing 2015 in Review
  18. 18. • More investments (sample) ROBOTICS More funding for robots • Funding for drones 2015 in Review
  19. 19. ROBOTICS Large players in the space2015 in Review
  21. 21. ROBOTICS Drones
  22. 22. ROBOTICS Trends • Major investments in 2015. • Most are still glorified RC copters. • Effort is put on software for navigation, obstacle avoidance and some vertical applications like surveying & delivery. “Drones are still pretty dumb. The biggest obstacle right now is… the ability to avoid obstacles.” Chris Anderson, CEO, 3DR Drones
  23. 23. ROBOTICS Commoditization of hardware, some as cheap as $10 Drones for funDrones
  24. 24. ROBOTICS France’s Parrot released a series of mini-drones including an hydrofoil Drones for funDrones
  25. 25. ROBOTICS China’s DJI raised $105M and launched a $10M drone fund Drones for imageryDrones
  26. 26. ROBOTICS Drones for imagery 3DR raised $99M Drones
  27. 27. ROBOTICS China’s Yuneec raised $60M Drones for imageryDrones
  28. 28. ROBOTICS China’s eHang raised $52M Drones for imageryDrones
  29. 29. ROBOTICS France’s Parrot raised $35M Market cap is $290M (Dec 1, 2015) Drones for imageryDrones
  30. 30. ROBOTICS China’s XAircraft raised $20M Drones for imageryDrones
  31. 31. ROBOTICS Amazon unveiled its new Air Prime delivery drone Drones for deliveryDrones
  32. 32. ROBOTICS SF Express said to deliver 500 packages per day in Southern China Drones for deliveryDrones
  33. 33. ROBOTICS Alibaba tests drone delivery for its Taobao service Drones for deliveryDrones
  34. 34. ROBOTICS Long flight drone The Tailwing drone by Skyfront promises 4 hours of flight time with its hybrid-electric technology Drones
  35. 35. ROBOTICS Drones for inspection Collision-happy drone by Flyability Drones
  36. 36. • GoPro announced its own camera drone for 2016. • A flurry of other drone companies received angel, seed financing,
 and/or crowdfunded. • Many startups are yet to ship their first product.ROBOTICS Other dronesDrones
  37. 37. • Key players in the drone space have formed the Small UAV Coalition to inform policy makers and promote safety. • Members include Amazon, DJI, 3DR, Google, GoPro, Parrot and more ROBOTICS Drone IndustryDrones
  38. 38. ROBOTICS Drones for sports First-person view drone racing might become a thing Drones
  39. 39. ROBOTICS Autonomous Vehicles
  40. 40. ROBOTICS • Autonomous vehicles are now a mainstream topic. • On the road with Tesla autopilot. Google, Uber and car makers are also on the job. • Regulations making progress. Vehicles Trends
  41. 41. USA ROBOTICS Tesla released its autopilot feature Vehicles
  42. 42. USA ROBOTICS Google’s cars have driven 1.2M miles on the road, and 3M miles / day running scenarios Vehicles
  43. 43. USA ROBOTICS Komatsu autonomous trucks in Australia at a mine operated by Rio Tinto Vehicles
  44. 44. USA ROBOTICS Autonomous bus being tested in China Vehicles
  45. 45. USA ROBOTICS Driverless tractors are getting started Vehicles
  46. 46. USA ROBOTICS Robot car racing “In the future, all vehicles will be assisted by AI and powered by electricity, improving the environment and road safety.” Denis Sverdlov Founder of Kinetik & ROBORACE Races with autonomous cars will take place before Formula E on the same circuits Vehicles
  47. 47. ROBOTICS Service Robots
  48. 48. ROBOTICS Trends • Entering more industries • Robot-as-a-Service model • More companies & funding “Autonomous ground service robots today have the same kind of momentum that drones enjoyed 2-3 years back.” M.A. Shah, Co-founder, Simbe Robotics Service robots
  49. 49. Amazon bought Kiva for $775M. Over 15,000 robots are deployedROBOTICS WarehouseService robots
  50. 50. India’s GreyOrange raised $30MROBOTICS WarehouseService robots
  51. 51. ROBOTICS “Fetch” and “Freight” robots by Fetch Robotics pick and move things in warehouses WarehouseService robots
  52. 52. ROBOTICS inVia robots reach new heights WarehouseService robots
  53. 53. ROBOTICS Locus Robotics deployed 10 robots at Quiet Logistics Service robots Warehouse
  54. 54. ROBOTICS Savioke already has 30 “Relay” offering room service HospitalityService robots
  55. 55. ROBOTICS Robot waiters do their best to follow lines at this restaurant HospitalityService robots
  56. 56. ROBOTICS Hospitality This dinosaur robot works as a receptionist at Japan’s Hen Na Hotel Service robots
  57. 57. ROBOTICS Knightscope robots patrol premises SurveillanceService robots
  58. 58. Surveillance ROBOTICS Autonomous watchtowers by Insight Robotics detect fires using the heat signatures of forests Service robots
  59. 59. ROBOTICS OSHrobot by Fellow Robots is a sales assistant at a Lowe’s Hardware store RetailService robots
  60. 60. ROBOTICS “Tally” by Simbe Robotics counts Doritos and more RetailService robots
  61. 61. ROBOTICS Remote-controlled demolition robot by Husqvarna ConstructionService robots
  62. 62. ROBOTICS Commercial cleaning robot by Avidbots Industrial CleaningService robots
  63. 63. ROBOTICS Dispatch and Starship are two startups aiming for last-mile deliveries DeliveryService robots
  64. 64. ROBOTICS Bumber painting robot by Rational Robotics AutoshopService robots
  65. 65. ROBOTICS The sub-$1,000 robot by Roboming competes with market leader Double Robotics TelepresenceService robots
  66. 66. ROBOTICS Lifestyle Robots
  67. 67. ROBOTICS • Robots in the house! • Most are still very simple in terms of decision and movement autonomy, but they are improving and coming down in price. Life- style Trends
  68. 68. ROBOTICS iRobot sold over 14M Roomba worldwide Many others entered the market iRobot has a $1B market cap Life- style
  69. 69. ROBOTICS Dyson’t 360 Eye has more sensors to clean your floor Life- style
  70. 70. ROBOTICS John Deere, Husqvarna, Bosch, Robomow and many others sell autonomous lawnmowers Life- style
  71. 71. ROBOTICS WINBOT robots by Ecovacs clean your windows Life- style
  72. 72. ROBOTICS The AquaTrek robot by Moai cleans your aquarium and streams its content Life- style
  73. 73. ROBOTICS The first robotic kitchen developed by Moley Robotics in collaboration with Shadow Robot Company & others mimics BBC Master Chef Tim Anderson’s moves Life- style
  74. 74. ROBOTICS Following suitcase by Nua Robotics Life- style
  75. 75. ROBOTICS Life- style Robot wannabes • Some recent devices are abusively called “robots”. • They perform interesting tasks, and might evolve toward true robotics. Bartesian: Cocktails Brewie: BeerMomentum Machines: Burgers Teforia: Tea Auroma: Coffee
  76. 76. ROBOTICS Robot toys
  77. 77. ROBOTICS Trends • Lines between toys, tools and education are not always clear. • Edubots = gateway to personalized learning & getting children into coding? “Right now, robotics technologies cannot make robots serve people well, but they can make people play well.” Jasen Wang, Founder, Makeblock Toys
  78. 78. ROBOTICS Sphero raised $92M for its ball-shaped robots Toys
  79. 79. ROBOTICS Anki raised $105M for its AI-powered toys Toys
  80. 80. ROBOTICS Makeblock raised $6M for its robotics kit Toys
  81. 81. ROBOTICS Robi sold over $100m kits via a $20 weekly magazine Toys
  82. 82. Education ROBOTICS Robo Wunderkind is an educational robot for kids Toys
  83. 83. ROBOTICS The CellRobot by Keyi Technologies is the first “affordable” modular robot Toys Modular
  84. 84. ROBOTICS Mecamons by Reach Robotics are AR-powered battle robots Toys
  85. 85. ROBOTICS iPal by AvatarMind wants to play with and teach your kid Toys
  86. 86. ROBOTICS Petronics makes autonomous robots for cats Toys for Pets
  87. 87. ROBOTICS Social Robots
  88. 88. ROBOTICS Trends • Several investors and corporates fund social robot projects heavily. • Will 2016 be the year they break into the market? Social robots
  89. 89. ROBOTICS Softbank acquired France’s Aldebaran Robotics and established a $589 robotics JV with Alibaba and Foxconn in 2015 Social robots
  90. 90. ROBOTICS Jibo raised $38.6M Social robots
  91. 91. ROBOTICS France’s Keecker raised $1.15M Social robots
  92. 92. ROBOTICS France’s Buddy by Blue Frog Robotics Social robots
  93. 93. ROBOTICS Mabu by Catalia Health helps with your meds and reports to your doctor Social robots
  94. 94. ROBOTICS Robots by Hanson Robotics mimic human expressions Social robots
  95. 95. ROBOTICS Robot Tools
  96. 96. ROBOTICS • Semi/fully-automated tools. Not exactly “autonomous” but soon-to-be robots. • Desktop-sized and affordable Tools Trends
  97. 97. ROBOTICS Consumer 3D printers range from $100~$5,000 Tools
  98. 98. ROBOTICS Circuit board printer Tools
  99. 99. ROBOTICS Othermill desktop CNC by Other Machine Co Tools
  100. 100. ROBOTICS The OpenTrons lab robot automates liquid handling Tools
  101. 101. ROBOTICS Computer-assisted power tool by Shaper Tools Tools
  102. 102. ROBOTICS Robotic arms
  103. 103. ROBOTICS Trends • Yaskawa, ABB, Fanuc & Kuka are world leaders. Chinese are growing. • Hobby arms are commoditizing. • Next step is a low-cost pro arm. “The holy grail of robotics is an industrial-grade sub-$5,000 arm” Robot arms
  104. 104. ROBOTICS Kuka makes popular industrial arms Robot arms
  105. 105. ROBOTICS Robot arms
  106. 106. ROBOTICS Robot arms
  107. 107. ROBOTICS Several hobby arms are below $2000 Robot arms
  108. 108. ROBOTICS 7Bot - $350 Makearm - $1,399 uArm - $279 Low-cost arms Dobot - $499 Robot arms
  109. 109. ROBOTICS Carbon Robotics is working on a low-cost industry-grade arm Robot arms
  110. 110. ROBOTICS A robot arm by ABB Robotics put to work as a bartender Robot arms
  111. 111. ROBOTICS Cobots
  112. 112. ROBOTICS Trends • Collaborative Robots (Cobots) physically interact with humans in a shared workspace. • Cobots can be autonomous, help humans, or require help. • The next step is to make them operable and even trainable by non-experts. Cobots
  113. 113. ROBOTICS Baxter by Rethink Robotics handles low volume, high mix production jobs Cobots
  114. 114. ROBOTICS Denmark’s Universal Robots love working with humans Cobots
  115. 115. ROBOTICS Nextage cobots by Kawada Industries join for morning calisthenics Cobots
  116. 116. ROBOTICS ABB’s two-armed cobot socializes at high level Cobots
  117. 117. ROBOTICS Other Robots
  118. 118. ROBOTICS Google acquired Boston Dynamics and Schaft Big Dog Atlas Schaft Others
  119. 119. ROBOTICS Tesla tendon-driven charger Others
  120. 120. ROBOTICS Amazon Challenge The winner moved 10 out of 12 objects in a 20-minute period Others
  121. 121. ROBOTICS Underwater robot OpenROV underwater exploration robot Others
  122. 122. ROBOTICS da Vinci surgical robot Over 200,000 surgeries per year from 3,000 locations Others
  123. 123. ROBOTICS Pet therapy robot The “Paro” baby seal robot by AIST behaves like a pet and helps patients relax Others
  124. 124. ROBOTICS Agribots • Harvesting, irrigation, pruning, weeding and thinning devices are being field-tested worldwide. • Automated spraying and seeding are done in Japan and Australia. • Cow milking is growing; nurseries are beginning to use pick-and-place robots. • Aerial observation robots along with in-field sensors might support the growing field of “precision agriculture”. Source: The Robot Report
 July 2014 Others
  125. 125. ROBOTICS Agribots Picking strawberries requires computer vision Others
  126. 126. ROBOTICS Other robots • Some fields of robotics are still confined to experiments and labs. • Among them: • Modular robotics • Biomimetic robots • Soft robotics Others
  127. 127. ROBOTICS Biomimetics Festo creates spectacular biomimicking robots Others
  128. 128. ROBOTICS EPFL develops adaptive robots inspired by nature Amphibious salamander robot Cat-like robot BiomimeticsOthers
  129. 129. ROBOTICS Reconfigurable robots Roombots are modular robot at EPFL They could power modular furniture Others
  130. 130. ROBOTICS Soft robotics Inflatable arm by Pneubotics Others
  131. 131. ROBOTICS “A robot is just as good as its grippers” - Robotics proverb Others Grippers
  132. 132. ROBOTICS Versaball gripper by Empire Robotics Others This “jamming gripper” used to be filled with ground coffee
  133. 133. ROBOTICS Festo FinGripperOthers Bends naturally around objects
  134. 134. ROBOTICS Others Biomimetic gripper The Dexterous Hand by Shadow Robotics uses 129 sensors, 24 motors and 26 micro-controllers
  135. 135. ROBOTICS Lightweight grippers with ceramic tendons by SAKE Robotics Others Lightweight grippers
  136. 136. ROBOTICS And finally… This robot solved a Rubik’s cube in 2.39 seconds Others
  137. 137. ROBOTICS 2016 & BEYOND
  138. 138. Will robots get their “Macintosh moment”? ROBOTICS 2016 & beyond
  139. 139. ROBOTICS • “Plug&play” hardware & software part will help more projects start. • Lower price & size of components
 will open new opportunities. A low-cost LIDAR, for instance, would be a boon to robotics. Some sub-$500 units are apparently on their way for 2016! 2016 & beyond
  140. 140. ROBOTICS • Service robots will grow
 The “robot-as-a-service” business model will spread as well. It is, in fact, not so different from renting a Xerox machine
 or hiring a cleaning agency. • Non-robot devices will get smarter
 with computer vision and other sensors. 2016 & beyond
  141. 141. ROBOTICS Robots are still too dumb Most consumer robots are wired or remote controlled. Barely robots, in fact! “Better & cheaper chips are needed for path planning, inverse kinematics, image processing, object and face recognition, or collaborative automation.” “You can’t make an iPhone out of an Arduino” 2016 & beyond Dan Corkum Co-founder, Carbon Robotics
  142. 142. ROBOTICS Resolution is too low • Hobby-level steppers and RC servos are 100x to 1,000x worse than basic industrial robots. “It is like comparing a Game Boy to an HDTV” • This hurts accuracy, precision & repeatability. • Low-grade drivetrains add slip, flex & backlash. 2016 & beyond
  143. 143. ROBOTICS Safety is largely ignored Most consumer robots are not powerful enough to be a danger, but for how long? “A robot strong enough to do something you really want can also do something you really don’t want.” The issues and ethics of autonomous car collisions might apply to others robots living alongside humans. Better find how to avoid collisions! 2016 & beyond
  144. 144. ROBOTICS Plug & play hardware More technical bricks are still needed to made robotics easier. ROS makes a lot of hardware plug & play and is used by most startups focused on autonomous ground robotics Open source projects like ROS, OpenCV and Linux made robotics more accessible to mainstream software engineers. 2016 & beyond
  145. 145. ROBOTICS Interfaces still suck Better interfaces are required to allow non-experts to interact with robots “We need natural user interfaces.
 Think less along the lines of
 controlling with a joystick,
 and more like asking
 to complete a task.” 2016 & beyond Dan Corkum Co-founder Carbon Robotics
  146. 146. ROBOTICS Most investors don’t “get” robotics • The hardware/software stack of robotics startups is much more complex than apps or low-cost consumer hardware. “Oh! Raspberry pi and kinects - cheap!” …NOT • To attract funding, the startup’s business case also needs to be proven quickly. 2016 & beyond
  147. 147. ROBOTICS Robotics talent is lacking Robotics talent is not as readily available as full-stack web developers. Well-funded startups often resort to training in-house. 2016 & beyond
  148. 148. ROBOTICS Robotics talent war • Uber hired about a third of Carnegie Mellon University’s famed robotics center staff, about 50 people in the first half of 2015 alone. • Google hired Robert Rose, the engineering manager who led Tesla’s Autopilot group. 2016 & beyond
  149. 149. ROBOTICS Fear of robots? • Robots are often depicted as threats to our safety or jobs. Yet, their actions depend on their design and programming. • Robots are machines like cotton mills, washing machines and computers are.
 They can be workers, helpers, companions, pets, tools and toys. Measure of actual benefits and proper regulation can help public perception become more realistic. 2016 & beyond
  151. 151. Synthetic Biology SoftwareHardware Food Business HAX is a SOSV Accelerator
  152. 152. Shenzhen: HAX Accelerator Product / Market fit San Francisco: HAX Boost Product / Retail fit We invest in, accelerate and scale hardware companies The World’s First & Largest Hardware Accelerator
  153. 153. LIFESTYLE HEALTH ROBOTICS IoT ENABLEMENT ADVANCED MANUFACTURING HAX Tracks Global startups - 60% Americas, 20% Europe, 20% Asia 90 investments - 60% B2C, 40% B2B
  154. 154. ROBOTICS Robotics startups at HAX
  155. 155. ADVANCED MANUFACTURING LIFESTYLEROBOTICS Several startups on a “Fitbit trajectory” “Lego for robotics” “Polaroid” mobile case Circuit board printer $9 computer Smart lights Mobile blood testing HEALTH IoT ENABLEMENT LIFESTYLE
  156. 156. Upto$100k $100k-$1M Over$1M “Most active investor in crowdfunded hardware” - Techcrunch Vast crowdfunding know-how
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