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Byond M&A Talks: The Art of the Digital M&A Deal

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70% to 90% of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) fail. So why do companies spend more than $2 trillion worldwide on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) every year?

Selling or merging a business is not like selling a house. There are many obstacles to a successful business sale or merger. Much planning is needed to identify the obstacles faced by business owners, and overcome or minimize the effect of the obstacles.

You will learn:
* Why digital M&A is different from traditional M&A
* How to prepare for a successful digital M&A deal
* What are the steps for a successful transition
* Pitfalls to avoid when getting ready for inorganic growth

We will identify the trends of the M&A market and focus specifically on opportunities for the digital M&A market. We will discuss why mergers and acquisitions are so attractive to business owners, executives and investors, why digital M&A matters, why it is important to ensure your company is prepared to succeed, and how to prepare to survive a digital merger or acquisition.

About Byond
As trusted advisors who believe in making significant impact within any organization we work with, we guide executives, and business owners to build massive value for their companies, achieve positive business and personal outcomes, and smoothly transition to their next step in life.

We specialize in helping offline companies acquire and integrate online companies. We provide proprietary methodology, tools, experienced advisors and a novel service model that integrates an action plan to quickly and sustainably grow business value – averaging more than 25% per year. Visit:

Ask us how we can guide you to buy or sell a business.

Contact: Follow: @byondma

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Byond M&A Talks: The Art of the Digital M&A Deal

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  10. 10. What We Will Discuss • Why Digital M&A is Attractive • Why Digital M&A is a Double-Edged Sword • Why Reduce Digital M&A Failure • 7 Steps To Reduce Digital M&A Failure • Making Digital M&A Deal Synergies Count
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